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									Charlemont Board of Assessors Meeting Minutes

Date:          March 23, 2005
Present:       Nancy J. Finn, Carol A. Rice and Michael E. Kane

The meeting was convened at 6:20 p.m.

The Board reviewed and approved the minutes of the March 9, 2005 minutes. The minutes of the
February 23, 2005 meeting were not e-mailed to the website due to the new computer not reading the
disk on which they were copied. The Assessors will be asked for direction; this should not recur since
the minutes are now being prepared in the new system.

The rough draft of the 2004 Annual Report was reviewed and approved. The final copy will be
prepared and the Assessors will come to the office to sign it. The listing of valuations of real estate has
been run but the personal property amounts need to be typed on it. Both are due in a couple of weeks.

The Assessors’ Town Policy was read and approved. It will be submitted to the Board of Selectmen.

The request to include an additional $500 in the Assessors’ FY 2006 budget request for the annual
interim year adjustment was verbally approved by the Selectmen. The Selectmen also reported that
they will support the Assessors’ warrant article to request that a minimum valuation for personal
property be set at $2,500. That warrant article and an article for renewing membership in the
Community Software Consortium will be prepared for the next meeting so that the Assessors can sign
the cover letter.

Kirsten Shirer from the Springfield Department of Revenue came to the office on March 15 and
converted the C.A.M.A. data to the newer computer. She left the FY 2005 valuations so that there
would be one year’s “history” and then rolled the data over for FY 2006. She will come back to finish
the work; the CD and manual for the new printer could not be located (later found in the “pending” file).
Ms. Shirer will return in mid-April to finish the data conversion. It is useable now to update with FY
2006 data. She also made a copy of the FY 2005 data to be available on the CSC website. At the
present time, the only material there is a link to the Town website. In order to get into the C.A.M.A.
software, a name and password are necessary; Mrs. Purinton assigned the name spelling and
passwords. Jodi Walsh came in after work on March 21 to transfer the non-C.A.M.A. data and internet
to the new system. She also connected the laser printer. We will need to get Norton Antivirus since
our current protection is only good until the end of May. Ms. Walsh will submit her bill; Mrs. Purinton
was given permission to approve the bill if it is between meetings. The old C.A.M.A. system has FY
2005 data and is still connected to the pinwriter. No updates can be made in it and it will not be
useable at the end of FY 2005.

Mrs. Purinton spoke with one of the Heath Assessors at home regarding property in Charlemont and
Heath that recently sold and is classified under Chapter 61. The Heath Assessors are assuming no
change in status of the land since they were not notified. Mrs. Finn requested that another letter be
prepared to the new owners asking their intentions regarding the land. Mrs. Purinton will contact her
when the letter is ready to be signed.

The research information found at the Court House on March 21 was discussed concerning another
parcel of land on Avery Brook Road. A letter will be prepared to the owners letting them know what
was discovered and enclosing a copy of the tax map of the property. Two of the abutters were shown

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the new unrecorded plan; they said their boundaries agreed with our tax maps, not the unrecorded
plan. If time allows, more research will be done at the Court House. All of the materials submitted by
the owner will be kept on file for future reference.

The second motor vehicle excise commitment for 2005 and the eighth commitment for 2004 were
received; only two weeks was given to prepare them for the Tax Collector and for her to get them into
the mail. Jeffrey and Jeffrey was called; the next time, more time will be allowed since much hand-
typing is involved. The Board reviewed and approved three excise abatement applications and signed
the certificates. The monthly list of 1997 excise abated in February, 2005 in the amount of $21.87 and
the monthly list of 1998 excise abated in February, 2005 in the amount of $43.75 were voted and
signed by the Assessors.

Mrs. Finn signed the form letter to accompany the Return of Forest Products Cut forms to be mailed to
all Chapter 61 land owners.

Mr. Kane signed a letter to the owner of a recreational vehicle who did not sign the form of list. Since it
is a document, it needs to be signed; he also was requested to include a copy of the registration to his
recreational vehicle.

The building permit and occupancy permit summaries for February were reviewed. They will be filed
for future reference.

The Massachusetts Municipal Association sent a letter and information regarding the process for
closing loopholes that allow certain businesses to not pay their fair share on personal property
assessment. The Board requested that the information be kept on file but no one was appointed to be
local expert and to spearhead local resolutions.

Mayflower Valuation, Ltd., sent a letter outlining their services. Although we do not need those services
at this time, one of the partners is a person suggested as an option if our current consultant situation
should change at some point in the future. The information will be kept on file.

A notice downloaded from the D.O.R. regarding Amendment to G.L. c 63, s 38N, DOR Certification of
the Economic Opportunity Area Credit will be kept on file for future reference.

Each Assessor received the March 2005 M.A.A.O. NewsLetter and details for the Annual Spring
Conference to be held in Sturbridge on April 13 and 14. No one plans to attend the conference.

The COMPreport for January was reviewed. Mr. Kane brought in MLS listings for Charlemont
properties for our information.

Miscellaneous ads and offers were reviewed and will be recycled.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

                                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                                      Gloria Jean Purinton



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