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									Talking Points: “Save Our Homes” Events
March 15, 2011
The “Save Our Homes” events are part of a national day of action and
are taking place on the same day as the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and
Urban affairs meets in Washington, D.C., to discuss the fate of homeowners. Events
are taking place at OFA campaign offices across the country, at the biggest banks,
and in front of homes facing foreclosure across the country.

Participants will ask President Obama to replace Ed DeMarco, the acting director of
the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and make Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac change
their policy to provide relief to the ten million Americans struggling with mortgage

      Government-controlled mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hold
       60% of all mortgages and its far past time they provide some needed relief.
      Ed DeMarco refuses to allow underwater homeowners to adjust their
       mortgages to reflect the true value of their home.
      Homeowners are struggling to make ends meet. Helping them means saving
       their homes, stabilizing the market, and helping to get the economy back on
       track for everyone.
      President Obama must replace DeMarco and make sure Fannie and Freddie
       provide relief to the millions of Americans struggling with mortgage debt.
      President Obama should stand with the 99% and replace Ed DeMarco

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