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									Appendix A – Risk Assessment

  Strategic          Improvement             Risk Description                 Potential Impact                                    Risk Reduction Measures                                    Risk         Inherent
   Theme              Objectives                                                                                                                                                            Owner        Risk Score
Links to all       To build safe and         Welfare reform:            Changes being made by the UK           Officers are working with the WLGA and Society of Welsh Treasurers to        Assistant    Likelihood – 6
strategic themes   inclusive communities.                               Government to benefit                  understand the financial implications of the welfare reform changes,           Chief
                                             The UK Government is       entitlements mean that demands         particularly changes to Council Tax Benefit which take effect from April     Executive     Impact – 4
                                             introducing a number       on some services are likely to         2013.                                                                       Performance
                                             of significant welfare     increase at the same time as the                                                                                                   Total - 24
                                             reforms over the next      council’s resource base reduces.
                                             four years. There is                                              BCBC will monitor the impact of the welfare reforms on citizens in terms
                                             still great uncertainty    From April 2013 there will be a        of their needs across the range of council services and will develop
                                             about the implications     limit on the total benefit a working   proposals for dealing with changes in demand.
                                             of the changes for staff   age person can receive. BCBC
                                             as well as concern that    will have to impose that cap           Officers will ensure they are fully apprised of UK Government and Welsh
                                             the changes will put       through Housing Benefit                Government plans in respect of the reforms to ensure we understand and
                                             extra demands on           deductions.                            can deal with the staff implications of moving from Housing benefit (etc)
                                             council services that                                             to Universal Credit.
                                             support vulnerable         Universal Credit will replace
                                             people.                    existing benefit streams from
                                                                        October 2013 with full
                                                                        implementation expected by 2017.
                                                                        The benefit will be primarily
                                                                        administered by DWP although
                                                                        BCBC may have a role in face to
                                                                        face support for claimants.

                                                                        Single Fraud Investigation
                                                                        Service. BCBC staff employed on
                                                                        welfare benefit investigation will
                                                                        work as part of SFIS from 2013.

                                                                        From April 2013 the applicable
                                                                        maximum rent will be reduced
                                                                        depending on the number of
                                                                        bedrooms required.

                                                                        The absence of detailed
                                                                        implementation plans from
                                                                        national governments in respect of
                                                                        these changes makes it difficult for
                                                                        BCBC to plan and deal with staff
                                                                        implications or additional local
                                                                        service requirements which could
                                                                        arise from the changes.

Corporate          To improve the way we     Implementing a new         Job evaluation is likely to add        Job evaluation is being approached jointly with the Trade Unions and is      Assistant    Likelihood – 5
Governance         work to ensure            pay and grading            about £3.6m to pay base budgets.       being managed as a project.                                                    Chief
                   effective and efficient   system:                                                                                                                                        Executive     Impact – 4
                   use of our financial,                                Meeting liabilities may necessitate    £3.6m per annum has been transferred from corporate budgets to              Performance
                   technological, physical   The council must           further spending reductions in         staffing budgets on a recurring basis.                                                      Total - 20

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

  Strategic      Improvement              Risk Description                  Potential Impact                                    Risk Reduction Measures                                  Risk        Inherent
   Theme          Objectives                                                                                                                                                            Owner       Risk Score
               and human assets.          modernise its pay           service budgets.
                                          structure in compliance                                           Formal consultation with the Trade Unions and employees on the
                                          with the equalities         Uncertainty could have an             Council’s proposals for a new pay and grading system commenced in
                                          agenda and equal pay        adverse affect on staff.              September 2011. Further pay modelling is being undertaken during the
                                          legislation.                Performance standards might           extended formal consultation period.
                                                                      drop and service levels
                                          There is a threat to the    deteriorate.                          The results of decisions made by other Authorities are monitored to
                                          budget because of the                                             ensure relevant lessons are learnt.
                                          costs associated with
                                          job evaluation and                                                The council has engaged with governing bodies and a series of further
                                          potential additional                                              briefings will take place in April.
                                          pension fund

                                          Agreement can not be
                                          reached with school
                                          staff without the
                                          support of governing

Young Voices   To help all children and   School                      Insufficient progress may have a      Continue to implement a phased schools modernisation programme but          Corporate   Likelihood -5
               young people achieve       modernisation:              negative impact on pupils’ learning   within a revised timetable.                                                  Director
               higher attainment by                                   and wellbeing.                                                                                                     Children    Impact -4
               improving learning         At this stage funding                                             Maintain strong programme and project management arrangements.
               opportunities and          will not be available       This is because:                      There is a track record of delivering projects to time, cost and quality.                Total - 20
               making them more           until 2014/15 and will        There is a link between
               accessible.                run for six years, rather       attendance, attainment and        Procurement through the South East Wales Schools & Capital
                                          than three years from           the school environment.           Programme Contractor Framework.
                                          2011/12.                      There will be a mismatch in
                                                                          the supply and demand for         The production of sound feasibility studies, business cases and funding
                                          If there are any further        places in different schools       bids.
                                          reductions to Welsh             due to a rising school
                                          Government 2014-15              population.                       Maintain good links with Welsh Local Government Association and Welsh
                                          capital budget as a           Deterioration in the state of      Government.
                                          consequence of the              school buildings results in
                                          next Spending Review            inefficient use of resources      Review catchment area boundaries to ensure supply meets demand.
                                          there may be a further          due to increased running
                                          reduction or delay in           costs                             Provide temporary accommodation
                                          21st Century school           Potential health and safety
                                          funding which would             issues                            Ring fence capital receipts.
                                          delay school building         Of an inability to maximise
                                          improvements.                   opportunities to move             Repayment of Prudential Borrowing will need to be met from savings
                                                                          services closer to                within the Directorate.
                                                                          communities via multiagency
                                                                          hubs located in community         Regular health and safety audits will enable the council to prioritise
                                                                          focused schools                   improvement works and respond to emerging issues.

                                                                                                            Funding has been secured for Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen.

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

  Strategic          Improvement             Risk Description                  Potential Impact                                      Risk Reduction Measures                                      Risk         Inherent
   Theme              Objectives                                                                                                                                                                 Owner        Risk Score
Strong             To implement better       Adult Social Care           36% of people aged over 85               To reflect demographic change the medium term financial strategy               Corporate    Likelihood – 5
Communities        integrated health and                                 receive a service. The increasing        includes growth in each of the next three years. Offsetting this are plans      Director
                   social care services to   If the council does not     impact of demographic change will        to achieve savings over the same period from service remodelling and           Wellbeing     Impact – 4
                   support independence,     change how services         lead to an extra cost of between         efficiencies. The 2012/13 budget provides an increase of £851,000 or
                   health and wellbeing.     are delivered it will not   £700,000 and £1m per annum               2.29%.                                                                                        Total - 20
                                             be able to meet the         over the next 10 years.
                                             challenges brought                                                   Modernisation is being driven forward and the council is moving towards
                                             about by a growing and      Failure to remodel services will:        a service model that aims to work with service users so that they
                                             ageing population,                                                   maintain/recover their independence.
                                             higher public                  Restrict the council’s ability to
                                             expectations and                respond to assessed needs.           To meet the challenges ahead a framework for the care of older and
                                             difficult budgetary             Vulnerable people will not           disabled people is being established with ABMU Health Board. The
                                             settlements.                    receive the assistance and           Bridgend Care Partnership will oversee the delivery of services that
                                                                             support that they need to live       enable people to live independently and be protected from harm.
                                                                             as independently as possible.        Services which support independence include:

                                                                            Result in inefficient services          The development of a 6 bed residential reablement service at a Local
                                                                             that do not make the most of             Authority home for older people in Brackla
                                                                             available resources.
                                                                                                                     Enablement focused homecare
                                                                            Mean that the council does not
                                                                             meet the publics’ expectations          The continued successful promotion of telecare. The number of
                                                                             and consequently the                     installations has increased to more than 1,000 and 94% of people
                                                                             reputation of the council will           report that using this service has made it easier for them to manage
                                                                             suffer.                                  at home.

                                                                                                                     The 39 Extra Care flats have been completed and are fully occupied

                                                                                                                     The development of a 30 bed residential care facility for people with
                                                                                                                      dementia, that meets CSSIW best practice guidelines.

                                                                                                                  Difficult, sensitive but necessary decisions will have to be taken about
                                                                                                                  how long term homecare and residential care services are delivered.

Links to all       To improve the way we     Using resource              If there is a shortfall in savings the   The council has a medium term financial plan for 2012-15 which outlines        Assistant    Likelihood – 4
strategic themes   work to ensure            effectively:                council might fail to balance its        where £12.7 million revenue budgets reductions will be made so as to             Chief
                   effective and efficient                               budget and achieve its medium            minimise the impact on front line services, whilst retaining the council’s     Executive     Impact – 4
                   use of our financial,     If the Council fails to     term financial plan in 2012-13,          strategic vision and ambition for the County Borough.                         Performance
                   technological, physical   secure the recurrent        2013-14 and 2014-15.                                                                                                                   Total - 16
                   and human assets.         savings which it has                                                 The council has also seen reductions in its capital funding from Welsh
                                             identified in its Medium    A shortfall in savings may               Government and the capital programme for 2012-13 reflects the
                                             Term Financial Plan it      necessitate the unplanned use of         resources available. The property strategy will be reviewed during 2012-
                                             may have to use             reserves to bridge the funding gap       13.
                                             reserves and or cut         which would reduce the Council’s
                                             services to balance its     ability to deal with other financial     It is important that expenditure is kept within the overall approved budget
                                             budget. Cuts may be         operational and strategic risks.         and that longer term proposals continue to be developed.
                                             necessary to core

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

  Strategic      Improvement              Risk Description                  Potential Impact                                      Risk Reduction Measures                                   Risk        Inherent
   Theme          Objectives                                                                                                                                                               Owner       Risk Score
                                          services                   Similarly a shortfall may result in       The council has mature political relationships which have assisted as
                                                                     the need to make unplanned cuts           Councillors, of all political groups, work together making difficult
                                          As a result the Council    to services which put vulnerable          decisions, developing the budget and minimising the impact of savings.
                                          has had to consider its    people at risk.
                                          resources very                                                       Strong leadership is being demonstrated throughout the council to deliver
                                          carefully and to make      Failure to meet the savings plans         the required savings.
                                          difficult spending         would also damage the reputation
                                          decisions. This will       of the Council with citizens,             CMB are working closely with Cabinet to contain spending pressures in
                                          carry on over the next     particularly if the level or quality of   services and explore further options.
                                          few years as the public    services was affected as a result.        The CMB Programme Management Board oversees high risk corporate
                                          finance outlook                                                      priority programmes, such as our:
                                          continues to be bleak.
                                                                                                                     Business Efficiency and Innovation Programme;
                                                                                                                     Healthy Living Project
                                                                                                                     Health and social care integration
                                                                                                                     Porthcawl Masterplan
                                                                                                                     Regional school improvement service

Young Voices   To help all children and   Educational                More schools identified as                Good use of information about strengths and weaknesses of schools in        Corporate   Likelihood – 4
               young people achieve       attainment:                requiring monitoring and                  supporting, monitoring and challenging them. The “School Secure”             Director
               higher attainment by                                  intervention through inspection,          system will be used to capture performance data and help deliver             Children    Impact – 4
               improving learning         There has been a dip       with concern and eventual special         support.
               opportunities and          in performance for         status.                                                                                                                             Total - 16
               making them more           some indicators of                                                   Collaboration and partnership working between schools and shared
               accessible.                educational attainment.    Potential for a decline in                intelligence on funding matters.
                                          If school standards and    examination results, PISA scores
                                          pupil attainment do not    and other accreditation.                  Development of initiatives to enhance pupil tracking and pupil target
                                          improve there are                                                    setting.
                                          significant risks to the   Potentially fewer quality learning
                                          emotional wellbeing of     opportunities for students resulting      The development of a regional education service (JES) to improve
                                          young people, the local    in poorer educational attainment.         outcomes for learners, provide high quality consistent services and
                                          economy and a range                                                  provide regional, collaborative solutions to key issues – Sept 2012
                                          of council services as     An increase in the number of
                                          young people leave         young persons not in education,           Increase delegated funding to schools to 80% by April 2012 and 85% by
                                          education ill-equipped     employment and training.                  April 2014. Bridgend was the 3rd highest delegator of funding in Wales
                                          for employment.                                                      (78% compared to Wales’s average of 75%) in 2011/12.
                                                                     Greater numbers of young people
                                                                     with worse emotional health.              Greater support to Governing bodies.

                                                                     Less capacity for provision for           School modernisation programme.
                                                                     pupils with learning difficulties.
                                                                                                               Implement the School Effectiveness Framework and strategies for
                                                                     Potential for parents to complain         literacy and numeracy, making use of the “Basic and Key Skills Builder”
                                                                     and/or take cases to SEN                  system (BKSB).
                                                                                                               Rigorous monitoring of progress through the Quarterly Business Review
                                                                     Potentially poor inspection               process.
                                                                     outcomes and loss of reputation.
                                                                                                               Leaner systems, joint commissioning and shared service arrangements.

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

  Strategic          Improvement             Risk Description               Potential Impact                                    Risk Reduction Measures                                      Risk         Inherent
   Theme              Objectives                                                                                                                                                            Owner        Risk Score
                                                                      Possible intervention by the Welsh
                                                                      Government.                          Support schools in the practicalities of working more efficiently so that the
                                                                                                           impact of scarce resources is maximised.

                                                                                                           Service plans to include consideration of the consequences of reductions
                                                                                                           in funding.

                                                                                                           High quality staff training.

                                                                                                           The schools ICT strategy will deliver an improved learning experience.

                                                                                                           Continue the review of the school funding formula to identify
                                                                                                           shortcomings and the potential for improved targeting of funds at
                                                                                                           essential services.

Links to all       To support and invest     Impact of the            There could be further job losses    Bridgend County Borough Council is part of a Redundancy Response                 Corporate    Likelihood – 5
strategic themes   in our communities to     recession:               and business failures in the local   Team comprising of representatives from the council, Careers Wales,               Director
                   promote economic                                   economy if the UK and European       Job Centre Plus and the Welsh Government. The team offers a range of            Communities    Impact – 3
                   growth, physical          If the economy           economies continue to under          advice and benefits to those affected by redundancy. Interagency
                   renewal and               continues to perform     perform.                             collaboration with the ReAct programme has resulted in 1,310 individuals                        Total - 15
                   sustainability.           badly pressure will be                                        receiving training and 211 being placed with new employers between
                                             placed on council                                             October 2008 and June 2011. The committed expenditure is £2,494,822.
                                             services which support
                                             local businesses and
                                                                                                           £1.6m of Local Investment Fund grants have been approved for small
                                                                                                           and medium sized enterprises by the end of 2011.

                                                                                                           Supporting the business community via the Business Forum.

                                                                                                           The council’s Apprenticeship programme offers 6 places. This will
                                                                                                           increase to 8 in September 2012.

                                                                                                           Increasing footfall in town centres through strategic, high quality events,
                                                                                                           supported by proactive marketing.

                                                                                                           Increasing the attractiveness of town centres through regeneration.

                                                                                                           Drawing down resources in the Western Valleys regeneration area to
                                                                                                           invest in strategic sites, employment, skills and projects.

Strong             To develop and            The impact of            Homelessness often represents a      The council is taking a proactive/ prevention approach to the issue of           Corporate    Likelihood – 5
Communities        support sustainable       homelessness:            culmination of several problems,     homelessness by helping residents find solutions to their housing needs.          Director
                   and affordable housing                             such as debt and relationship                                                                                        Communities    Impact – 3
                   solutions for those who   Homelessness may         difficulties. For many,              The Work Wise review will improve the response to homelessness
                   are homeless or in        increase because         homelessness leads to increased      presentations and increase the emphasis on prevention and support.                              Total - 15

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

 Strategic     Improvement   Risk Description                 Potential Impact                                    Risk Reduction Measures                                  Risk    Inherent
  Theme         Objectives                                                                                                                                                Owner   Risk Score
             need.           economic conditions        stress, depression, and isolation.
                             have resulted in stalled   It is a time of change and             The Housing options team prevented 93 cases of homelessness in
                             housing projects, job      uncertainty for adults and children.   2011/2012. There will be greater focus on this area with discretionary
                             losses and a UK            It can lead to a need for other        support to persons so that they do not become homeless. Actions
                             Government review of       costly service interventions.          include:
                             welfare benefits. This
                             may result in a greater    The use of bed and breakfast                 Provision of rent in advance of payment
                             dependence on the          accommodation results in high                Payment of bonds
                             council to provide         costs both in terms of finance for           Interim payments if there are delays or shortfalls in housing
                             temporary                  the council and the wellbeing of              benefit
                             accommodation for          individuals. Households with
                             residents. The position    dependant children using B&B is        Tenancy support services.
                             will worsen if interest    reducing with 9 “households” up to
                             rates increase.            the end of December 2011,
                                                        compared with 15 for 2010/11.          Raise awareness of Housing Benefit changes via landlord forums,
                             At the same time the                                              information leaflets, letters to customers and open days.
                             Supporting People          The number of completed new
                             Programme is going         properties in the County Borough       Agreement of a new Common Allocation Policy will help make best use
                             through significant        has declined from 550 in 2006/07       of existing social housing.
                             change as a result of      to 261 in 2010/11.
                             the national review.                                              An increased focus on bringing empty properties back into use will also
                                                        Fewer properties are being             help to increase housing supply.
                                                        improved because the Housing
                                                        Renewal Area programme is
                                                        reducing. The grant has reduced        There is a review underway of Supported People Services. Collaboration
                                                        from £1m to £600,000 per year.         in the Western Bay area is continuing irrespective of the national
                                                                                               uncertainty. Demonstrating readiness to operate on a regional basis will
                                                        In 2010/11 there were 501              reduce delays in delegating funding to Councils.
                                                        homelessness presentations of
                                                        which 234 were people in priority      Capital funding is being split between private sector renewal and
                                                        need. As at 31st December 2011,        Disabled Facilities Grants.
                                                        there have been 356
                                                        homelessness presentations of
                                                        which 166 were priority need.

                                                        Changes to Housing Benefits
                                                        might result in increased rent
                                                        arrears and evictions leading to an
                                                        increase in the number of
                                                        homelessness cases. This would
                                                        impact on the welfare of citizens,
                                                        the council’s Housing Options
                                                        Team, the homelessness budget
                                                        and other welfare services.

                                                        Unless resources can be
                                                        reallocated within the Supporting
                                                        People programme there might be
                                                        increased repeat homelessness.

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

  Strategic      Improvement              Risk Description                Potential Impact                                    Risk Reduction Measures                                     Risk         Inherent
   Theme          Objectives                                                                                                                                                             Owner        Risk Score
Corporate      To improve the way we      Collaboration with        Successful collaborative working       There is evidence that partnership working and good collaborative             Assistant    Likelihood – 3
Governance     work to ensure             partners:                 is essential for the efficient         arrangements permeate all the main risk areas.                                  Chief
               effective and efficient                              delivery of quality public services.                                                                                 Executive     Impact – 4
               use of our financial,      If the council does not                                          Bridgend County Borough Council is represented on the Public Services        Performance
               technological, physical    undertake                 Collaboration forms part of the        Leadership Group.                                                                           Total – 12
               and human assets.          collaborations where      grant eligibility formula for
                                          they offer enhanced       determining the level of Outcome       The outcome agreement is monitored through Quarterly Business
                                          service quality,          Agreement Grant. This is worth         Reviews.
                                          resilience or cost        £1.3m to Bridgend. Maximum
                                          saving it will not        scores cannot be delivered unless      The Bridgend Local Service Board is led by the council and has a strong
                                          maximise cost             outcomes are delivered through         and positive record of facilitating collaborative working. Its partnership
                                          effective, tangible,      collaboration. If not achieved         agreement, the “Bridgend Compact”, will provide a framework for building
                                          improvements to           funding will be lost.                  productive relationships between the different sectors and agencies.
                                                                    There will be a loss of reputation     The Local Service Board is developing a multi-agency neighbourhood
                                                                    with the public and Welsh              management model to tackle long term issues.
                                                                    Government if the council fails to
                                                                    work effectively with others to        Memorandum of Understanding with Vale of Glamorgan Council.
                                                                    meet the rising demand for public
                                                                    services from increasingly             Partnership working with ABMU to deliver a model of integrated care for
                                                                    stretched resources.                   older people and people with a physical disability or sensory impairment.

                                                                    As we move towards multi-              Education and Social Services programmes and consortia are in place to
                                                                    agency working, there is potential     deliver collaborative improvements.
                                                                    for service instability whilst
                                                                    transformation takes place.            Potential for greater collaboration with South Wales Police.

                                                                    Budget reductions have the             The South East Wales Transport Alliance promotes and develops
                                                                    potential to affect collaboration      regional transport strategies and projects.
                                                                    where they result in restrictions of
                                                                    spend to single-agency priorities.     The procurement process for the regional anaerobic digestion facility is
                                                                                                           proceeding. It is planned that this will be in place by 2014. A recent
                                                                                                           decision by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council supported by
                                                                                                           Bridgend County Borough Council makes participation possible in a
                                                                                                           regional residual waste facility by 2018.

Young Voices   To work in                 Supporting                The wellbeing and safety of            Ongoing support to families with complex needs via the continuing             Corporate    Likelihood – 3
               collaboration with         vulnerable children       children might be compromised.         implementation of the “Connecting Families” project.                           Director
               partners to meet the       and young people:                                                                                                                               Children     Impact – 4
               different needs of all                               The number of Looked After             Implementation of the multi agency 4-5-6 model and Integrated Working
               children and young         If the council fails to   Children might increase.               Framework.                                                                                   Total - 12
               people and provide         develop high quality
               them with the best start   early intervention and    There is increased pressure on         Implement locality working by 2013/14 so that services are closer to
               in life                    preventative services,    expensive level 3 and 4 services       children and young people. The first hub will be set up in 2012/13.
                                          including multi- agency   for children and young people with
                                          locally based support,    complex needs.                         Integrated data system (DRAIG) for the collection and validation of data
                                          then needs amongst                                               on individuals and families.

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

  Strategic     Improvement            Risk Description                  Potential Impact                                    Risk Reduction Measures                                      Risk         Inherent
   Theme         Objectives                                                                                                                                                              Owner        Risk Score
                                       children and young          Less able to react quickly to
                                       people may become           referrals.                             Enhance Looked After Children provision:
                                       more severe and                                                        Work experience opportunities
                                       complex. This will          Deficiencies in specialist support         BCBC apprenticeship scheme
                                       place greater demands       affecting universal services.              Proactive educational planning
                                       on level 3 and 4                                                       Training for designated teachers in schools
                                       services that support       An increase in the proportion of           Permanency plans
                                       vulnerable children,        young people identified as not in
                                       young people and their      education, employment or training.     Increase number of BCBC foster carers for children with complex needs.
                                                                   A less skilled and flexible            Joint commissioning and negotiating of costs.
                                                                                                          “Just Ask Plus”, an Integrated post 16 service has started to prepare care
                                                                   Increased social and economic          leavers for independence.
                                                                                                          Effectively use commissioning of core funded services and services
                                                                   A loss of reputation to the council.   supported by the Families First Fund.

                                                                                                          Agree and implement ‘Families Together’ - Bridgend’s family support
                                                                                                          strategy, including increased provision of “Flying Start” places.

                                                                                                          Monitoring impact of reconfigured children’s’ homes

Strong        To build safe and        Disposing of waste:         Failure to achieve                     The May Gurney contract is delivering increased recycling rates that will      Corporate    Likelihood – 3
Communities   inclusive communities.                               recycling/composting targets           enable the council to meet its recycling and landfill targets in the medium     Director
                                       The EU Waste                could result in:                       term. A long term strategy was presented to Cabinet in November 2011.         Communities    Impact – 4
                                       Framework Directive
                                       promotes waste                 Inefficient use of resources as    The procurement process for the regional anaerobic digestion facility is                      Total - 12
                                       prevention and                  Waste goes to landfill sites       proceeding and a facility to deal with food waste should be in place by
                                       increased recycling.                                               2014, providing everything goes to plan.
                                                                      Penalties of £200 per tonne if
                                       Welsh Government’s              we fail to achieve landfill        Neath Port Talbot has commenced a procurement process for the sale of
                                       waste strategy                  allowance targets                  the MREC, with a guaranteed contract for Neath Port Talbot and
                                       ‘Towards Zero Waste’                                               Bridgend councils to dispose of their waste. This will allow Neath Port
                                       sets challenging            Increased recycling has a knock        Talbot and Bridgend councils to participate in the procurement of a
                                       targets. From 2012/13       on effect to the contract              regional residual waste facility by 2018, although some uncertainties
                                       there is an obligation to   requirements of MREC.                  remain.
                                       recycle/compost 52%
                                       of waste and this will                                             In the short term, improved recycling rates will be achieved by education
                                       rise to 70% by 2025. If                                            and communication to increase participation, but difficult decisions will
                                       new services do not                                                have to be made about how improved services are funded.
                                       deliver improved
                                       performance the
                                       environment will be
                                       affected and fines will
                                       be imposed on the

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

  Strategic       Improvement            Risk Description                 Potential Impact                                     Risk Reduction Measures                                    Risk         Inherent
   Theme           Objectives                                                                                                                                                            Owner        Risk Score
Strong          To build safe and        Maintaining                Failure to maintain infrastructure      Resources for road maintenance are allocated on a hierarchical basis:        Corporate    Likelihood – 3
Communities     inclusive communities.   infrastructure:            will result in the council not          Principal (A Class Roads), B&C and unclassified roads. Resources have         Director
                                                                    meeting its statutory obligations.      been targeted at A roads and performance indicators demonstrate the         Communities    Impact – 4
                                         If there is harsh          A poor quality highway network          impact. The % of A roads in poor condition has reduced from 8.3% in
                                         weather combined with      leads to increased third party          2007/08 to 6.1% in 2010/11. However in the last year the % of non                           Total - 12
                                         funding constraints and    liability claims, a loss of             principal roads in poor condition increased from 11% to 12%.
                                         the subsequent             reputation, a possible adverse
                                         reactive approach to       impact on economic activity and         The updated Highways Asset Management Plan was considered by
                                         infrastructure             reduced quality of life for citizens.   Scrutiny Committee in August 2011. When adopted this will inform the
                                         maintenance, there                                                 council’s long term budget strategy and will help to target resources
                                         may be an increase in      Further budgetary pressures could       appropriately.
                                         the number of roads in     occur due to unpredictable
                                         poor condition, more       weather patterns and the                The Highways maintenance budget has increased by £600k since 2009
                                         repairs being required     worsening condition of the              and further growth of £200k in 2012/13 and £100k in 2013/14 has been
                                         in the future and the      infrastructure. This will lead to an    approved to deal with street furniture (lighting, traffic signals etc).
                                         council might fail to      increased requirement for
                                         meet its statutory         emergency repairs.                      The Welsh Government’s capital highway maintenance grant has been
                                         obligations.                                                       withdrawn, but a new Local Government Borrowing Initiative has been
                                                                    Reductions in funding will restrict     introduced, which will provide funding of around £6.8m over 2012-15 for
                                                                    delivery of the improvement             highway infrastructure improvements. Project Management principles will
                                                                    programme.                              be put in place to ensure this is effective.

New             To support and invest    Supporting                 Town centres are suffering in the       A response to the Communities First consultation is being prepared and       Corporate    Likelihood – 4
Opportunities   in our communities to    regeneration:              current economic conditions.            a bid for monies under the new programme will be made.                        Director
                promote economic                                    Without regeneration they will not                                                                                  Communities    Impact – 3
                growth, physical         If we fail to regenerate   be attractive places to visit or able   Capital schemes are commencing, funded through the Convergence
                renewal and              our towns and more         to compete with retail                  Programme in Bridgend, Maesteg and Porthcawl.                                               Total - 12
                sustainability.          deprived areas there       developments in neighbouring
                                         will be no long lasting    centres such as Cardiff.                The council’s regeneration match funding source, SRF, is being used to
                                         economic,                                                          support existing grant funded schemes but there are many competing
                                         environmental and          Existing capital schemes will be        priorities for funds.The fund will reduce from £807,000 in 2010/11 to
                                         social change to           affected if there are cost over-runs    £380,000 in 2013/14
                                         improve the quality of     on these projects. There is no
                                         life for residents.        provision to fund unforeseen            Alternative sources of funding are always being sought to support
                                                                    works.                                  Regeneration.

                                                                    If insufficient consultation and        Bridgend
                                                                    communication is carried out, the
                                                                    schemes may result in public            European Convergence funding of £3.5m, plus Welsh Government
                                                                    discontent, complaints and              targeted match funding of £4.2m and just over £1m from the Heritage
                                                                    negative publicity.                     Lottery Fund and private sector investment has been awarded for the
                                                                                                            next phase. The council will be required to invest £510k of match funding
                                                                                                            from within its capital SRF budget.


                                                                                                            Phase four of the regeneration of Maesteg continues with £2.2m Welsh

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

  Strategic         Improvement              Risk Description                 Potential Impact                                      Risk Reduction Measures                                     Risk         Inherent
   Theme             Objectives                                                                                                                                                                Owner        Risk Score
                                                                                                                Government funding including support from the European Regional
                                                                                                                Development Fund and the Western Valleys Strategic Regeneration


                                                                                                                CDF Ltd has been appointed as a preferred bidder. Their proposal for
                                                                                                                phase one is to develop a new Tesco Superstore. Works to the harbour
                                                                                                                are at design stage.

Corporate        To improve the way we       Equal Pay Claims:       If the council is unable to defend         A comprehensive record of all claims received is maintained.                   Assistant    Likelihood – 3
Governance       work to ensure                                      most of these claims the council’s                                                                                          Chief
                 effective and efficient     Agreement has been      reserves and revenue budget will           Expert legal advice is being obtained on a joint basis with other Local        Executive     Impact – 3
                 use of our financial,       reached with claimants. be affected.                               Authorities and all necessary information for the defence of claims is        Performance
                 technological, physical     Offers of compensation                                             provided to them.                                                                             Total – 9
                 and human assets.           have also been made
                                             to non-claimants within                                            An earmarked provision has been built up from which claims are being
                                             the same service                                                   settled.
                                             areas. Some may
                                             choose not to accept                                               At the Council’s instigation, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration
                                             the proposals and                                                  Service (ACAS) will provide support to non-claimants when they receive
                                             lodge further claims.                                              their settlement offer.

Healthy Living   To improve physical         Management of              Without appropriate council/client      The council maintains a critical role as a strategic commissioning body.       Corporate    Likelihood - 2
                 and emotional               Leisure Centres and        management:                             Considerable investment of time has been made in ensuring that the              Director
                 wellbeing by promoting      Swimming Pools                                                     council has procured a partner organisation that has the experience and        Wellbeing     Impact - 4
                 and supporting active                                   Customers will be at risk of          capability to deliver on its priority outcomes.
                 lifestyles, participation   The Council has              worse service where pricing,                                                                                                        Total - 8
                 and learning                procured a partner           programmes and quality of             Management and monitoring of the contract will enable the Council to
                                             organisation,                service delivery do not meet          shape the partnership and influence it in a way to ensure that its priority
                                             GLL/HALO, to manage          priority needs and this will result   outcomes are delivered.
                                             its leisure centres and      in diminished usage of the
                                             swimming pools for the       facilities and a less healthy         The service specification and the management and monitoring of the
                                             next 15 years, starting      population.                           contract is based on an agreed outcome framework. This will ensure
                                             on 1 April 2012.                                                   capital investment, sustainability and delivery against a range of health
                                                                         Buildings might not be properly       and social indicators.
                                             Failure to effectively       maintained and returned to the
                                             manage and monitor           council at the end of the             The council will establish a performance management framework to
                                             the partnership              contract in an appropriate state.     ensure adequate reporting from the partner organisation including to a
                                             arrangement will result      At that time the, cost of             Partnership Advisory Board with representatives at a senior level from
                                             in the Council’s desired     retaining and renewing them           the partner organisation, the council, Sport Wales and the NHS.
                                             objectives of reduced        may be unaffordable leading to
                                             annual revenue costs,        building closure.                     Regular performance reports will also be made to Overview and Scrutiny
                                             increased investment                                               and Cabinet as required.
                                             and better health and       The reputation of the council
                                             social outcomes not          would be damaged. This might The council will have a crucial ‘intelligence’ role based on engagement,
                                             being achieved.              impact on its ability and appetite consultation and survey work, to understand local needs and priorities
                                                                          to undertake future projects of    and transfer them into commissioning plans for the partner to deliver.

Appendix A – Risk Assessment

 Strategic   Improvement   Risk Description       Potential Impact                       Risk Reduction Measures                                      Risk    Inherent
  Theme       Objectives                                                                                                                             Owner   Risk Score
                                              this sort.
                                                                     In the unlikely event of contract failure the council has ensured measures
                                                                     are in place in the legally binding contract to quickly provide alternative
                                                                     service delivery and continuity of service in our core set of leisure centres
                                                                     and swimming pools.


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