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   June 2009                                                                                                                                                                    Issue 46
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                                                     President's Message
                                                     Ravi Meda

                                                     The month of August was a busy month for the Society as Mandir had
                                                     many events. On August 5, Upakarma was conducted very early in the
                                                     morning at 6:30 AM to facilitate office goers. Sri Varamahalakshmi Pooja
                                                     was also celebrated on August 7 at 7:30 PM.

                                                     Swami Anantacharyaji from Brindavan came to our Mandir and gave
                                                     pravachan on Krishna Leela from August 8 thru August 13.

In This Issue                                        Swami Adyatmananda of Sivananda Ashram, Ahmadabad conducted yoga
                                                     classes from August 13 thru August 22. Both Swami Anantacharyji and
                                                     Adyatmanandaji participated in the Janmaashtami celebrations.
President’s Message
                   Sri Krishna Janmaashtami was celebrated on August 14 and by all measures
                   it was a great success. One of the highlight of this event was the abishek for
Chairman’s Message
                   the Uthsava Murthy of Lord Krishna performed by Swami Anantacharyaji,
                   Swami Adyatmanandji and by our Panditji to the background of vedic
   Walk-A-Thon     chanting by the Veda Group (Vedas are taught by Mr. Chandran Iyer).
                   After the abhishek and alankar for the Murthy, it was taken in the newly
 Upcoming Events   built palki for three parikramas around the outside of the temple. Many
                   people followed the palki and rejoiced by signing and dancing during the
                   parikrama and this particular event was well appreciated by many devotees.
   __________      Various groups and individuals sang kirtans and bhajans and performed
                   dances during the evening. The addition of live radio coverage hosted by
                   Pandit Vashist of Spice FM from 10 PM thru mid-night gave an additional
                   punch to the program. He asked questions relating to the Janmaashtami
                   and gave away four prizes to those who first answered the questions
                   correctly. At mid-night, Laddu Krishna appeared after due poojas and
                   abhishek and Mr. Rakesh Punj carried the baby Krishna on his head in a
                   basket like Sri Vasudeva did. This was an ecstatic moment and nearly 500
                   people were in attendance at that time. During the entire evening, some
                   estimates indicate that about 2,000 people went through the Mandir.
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 Sri Ganesh Chathurthi was celebrated on August 23 starting with the Ganesh Havan at 9:30
 AM followed by the Ganesha Pooja which also included abhishek of the Ganesha Murthy.
 The tall clay Ganesha murthy, which was made by Smt. Ranjini Devender, was also
 worshipped along with the Uthsava Murthy of Ganesha. Several people did the Ganesha
 pooja and our Panditji was at his best during this pooja. The Uthsava murthy was taken in
 the palki for three parikramas around the outside of the temple and nearly 150 people joined
 this ceremony to the tunes of the bhajans, kirtans and dances.

 The palke ceremony was initiated in our Mandir by our Pandit, Sridhara Jayatheerthachar,
 and it has become a hit event in both the celebrations. On a survey on the use of palki, it
 appeared that this new introduction was very well appreciated by many devotees and many
 indicated that this is the type of change they were looking for.

 Town Hall Meeting was held on August 30 from 12 Noon to 1 PM. No new ideas came
 forward as the entire meeting was dominated by one single issue that concerned on the
 increased membership for the seniors. Should you wish to give suggestions on other topics,
 please do so by filling out in the form that is kept near the front office.

 This year our Society will be publishing the Deepanjali. We request you to submit articles
 related to the Hindu religion (about 2 pages or less) to the office (soft copies via e-mail, along with a small picture of you. Cost permitting we may publish the
 picture along with the article. The editorial board decides on which articles to be published
 based on their criteria. Also, your assistance in getting advertisements will be highly
 appreciated. Please contact the office for the tariffs or any other issues relating to

 Two jagrans were held in the Mandir and it was well attended.

If you like to advertise in this newsletter, please contact Meera Murli @ 403-208-5999
 Chairman’s Message:
 Pratap Varshney, Chairman, BOT

 Hari-om and Namastey to you all.

 What we see here today at the Hindu Society of Calgary is not a creation of recent years;
 it has been a long and continuous developmental process to be where we are today. It
 has been an exciting journey of 35 years. In 1974, the Society was formed, at a time
 where one could count the number of Hindus in our city on two hands. We were very
 few in numbers and did not have a place of our own where we could sit and pray. A
 church was rented for our Sunday Pooja and Havan. 1974 was special on a personal note
 as well, as it was the year I immigrated to Canada. Our 35 years of history are full of the
 memories of contributions of our founding and continuing member’s dedication by
 “Tan, Man, and Dhan” (contribution of physical, mental and financial resources). The
 original Mandir was built in 1989-91 and Bhagwanji Pran Pratishtha and Yagyashala’s
 Pratishtan was established in August 1991. It was a great achievement for the Hindus of
 Calgary, since it showed with certainty the possibility for us to unite and come together.
 Later, it was felt that we needed to expand to serve the increased number of Hindus in
 Calgary. A large expansion to double the space of the original Mandir was completed in
 1998-1999. That was again possible by the contributions and dedication of the Society’s
 members. Their generosity is also a reason why the Mandir is able to operate loan-free.
 We have come so far to this date with our numbers increasing annually, and it is felt that
 we need a larger facility to accommodate the growing number of Hindus in Calgary and
 the surrounding areas. We are working on plans to further expand the facility and with
 God’s grace and your contributions, we can again further expand to fulfill the need of
 the Hindus of Calgary. This generation’s effort will be cherished by our next generation.
 It is also important that we pass our heritage to our next generation, our children.
 United, we can achieve what we want and accomplish great results. Our Mandir is a
 symbol of dedication and devotion and a total reflection of our rich culture and religion.
 On behalf of the Board of Trustees, let us all pledge to continue to serve our society and
 maintain the Unity among us.

Those interested in submitting articles, birth, death or marriage announcements, please contact Meera Murli @ 403-208-5999

On Saturday, July 25th, Mr. Subash Kalia (VP Resources), with the help of Mr. Darshan Narang
(Board of Trustees) successfully accomplished a Fund Raiser Walk-a-thon at the Calgary
Bowness Park. A net amount of $16,000 was raised through this event, thanks to all those who
donated towards this cause. The funds raised will be utilized towards Mandir expansion.

The Walk-a-thon started early in the morning at 8 AM, with few enthusiastic walkers headed by
Mrs. Vinita Uppal (Secretary, BOT) starting the event. Snacks, sweets, tea and refreshments
were provided to everyone. After 9 AM there were more than 150 who participated in the walk.
Special Walk-a-thon t-shirts were provided to all participants. Hindu Society would like to thank
Mr. Kumar Sharma and Kay Sharma who sponsored the t-shirts. Around noon time, lunch was
provided by Surya Restaurant (Mr. Ramji) and Hindu Society expresses its thanks and
appreciation to him.
Hindu Society would also like to thank all those who donated and volunteered to make this event
a success. We plan to have such fund raising events in the future also and request your
cooperation and support. Below are some pictures from the Walk-a-thon.

More pictures at:

Events in September 2009

Sunday, 6:    HV classes begin                       Sunday 27:                            Saraswati Puja
Saturday, 5   Pitr Paksh begins                      Monday 28:                            Vijaya Dashami/Dushera
Friday, 18:   Sarv Pitr Paksh
Saturday, 19: Vishnu Sahasranama
Saturday, 19: Navrathri begins Lakshaarchana starting 8:30 AM
Saturday 26: Durga Ashtami
Saturday 26: Mata Ki Chowki
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