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									  WOWWE…The WAVE has STARTED!!
WOWWE MEDIA is a 3 year old company based in The Woodlands, Texas, just north of
Houston, with 21 IT specialist employees focused on internet communication applications.
WowWe Media is also an ISP, currently building their own Server Data Center, which will be
connected to the Federal Fiber Optic trunk line. Being connected to the Federal Fiber Optic
trunk line is important, because it gives WowWe access to unlimited bandwidth for data
transmissions. For example, Fox News does their internet streaming video Sports News
Broadcasts on this same exact trunk line.

Being located on this trunk line can be compared to WowWe Media having the same IT
infrastructure and bandwidth availability as Yahoo or Google. The actual building structure is
totally secure: it is bomb proof, hurricane proof, fire proof, earthquake proof, and its location
will not be revealed.

The other benefit to us being connected to the Federal Fiber Optic trunk line is our cost per GB
of storage is greatly reduced, savings which we pass on to our customers. By the way, the
company is completely debt free and self funded.

Bill Starkey is a United States Air Force Academy graduate with a degree in Aeronautical
Engineering. He has 25 years under his belt with a very successful career as a leader in the
direct sales and relationship marketing arena, with earnings into 6-figures monthly. Bill co-
founded Connect, with partners Jim & Rod Canion of Compaq computers, and Ken
Carlton, the co-founder of Jet Blue Airlines. Bill is a family man with strong spiritual roots, Bill
has been involved with numerous philanthropic endeavors & is living proof that it is more
blessed to give than to receive.

WowWe is bringing you a suite of 4 products to handle all of your online communication
needs!! This product bundle is worth well over $100.00 per month!! WowWe is your one stop
shop for the best and most cost effective internet communication options ever released.

Your $19.99 per month bundle gets you 4 Major Value Communication Products: WowWe Life
Website, WowWe Video Email System, WowWe Web Conferencing, and WowWe Live
Video Streaming.

NOTE: The WowWe Life Website and WowWe Video Email System are available for use
now!! The WowWe Web Conferencing, and WowWe Live Video Streaming will be released

WOWWE LIFE WEBSITE: As a WowWe customer, you will receive a website
( that enables you to archive an unlimited number of videos, photos
and documents. This means that you can upload and securely store all your families' pictures,
videos and documents for safekeeping to protect them in the case of fire, theft or whatever
else may occur.

WOWWE VIDEO EMAIL SYSTEM: A Video Email System, which allows you to produce
videos up to 20 minutes in length, and send them to anyone in your email list in your contact
manager. Additionally, there is a tracking system for every email that you send out, that allows
you to see all the viewed statistics of your emails; you can see how many video mails were
opened, how many times each video email was viewed, who viewed it, and who forwarded it.
When you see that someone opened and viewed your video email, or forwarded to a friend,
you know they are interested, and a hot prospect.

WOWWE WEB CONFERENCING: WowWe is just about to release the next generation web
conferencing application that allows you to hold online meetings and webinars, similar to
GoToMeeting, but our system has many more features and is much less is expensive.
GoToMeeting has one Moderator at time, we can have 21 moderators each with small video
screens. You cannot see the GoToMeeting moderator, with ours, you will be able to view via
each moderators webcam, all 21 moderators simultaneously, all of which can talk to each
other, or the main group of participants, and each are able to take control of the white
board/presentation screen and present for the group, or collaborate visually amongst each

Now here's the kicker: WowWe web conferencing application can have an unlimited number of
participants on the webinar, all looking at the moderator(s), and listening in at the same time.
This is truly the ultimate collaboration tool. Just think of all the uses this application can have
from schools, universities, businesses, you name it, this will save money and increase
productivity massively.

WOWWE LIVE VIDEO STREAMING: This next product when launched will be huge, because
this is going to become one of the most widely used applications on the internet in the future.
And that is LIVE VIDEO STREAMING: This is where you can webcast via your cell phone and
be seen LIVE by tens of thousands of viewers via your WowWe Life website.

WOWWE HEARING IMPAIRED TECHNOLOGY: In the near future, all videos on the internet
will be required by law to meet the USA non-discrimination law for the hearing impaired. Check
out this link (Target Corp. hearing impaired lawsuit). With our VIDEO
EMAIL SYSTEM, in the future, you will able to send an email to anyone in the world in your
ENGLISH language. When they get your video email they will then be able to select one of 145
languages, click play, and have your audio message play in English, and simultaneously
transcribed into their own language in “close caption” text that they can read in their own
dialect. This will also be great for the hearing impaired. Just imagine the doors this opens by
allowing the average person to get their message across and be heard all over the world in
one of 145 languages . . . that's huge!

SUMMARY for Personal/Business Applications
The retail price for the entire suite of WowWe products is $99, which include the first month's
$19.99, and then $19.99 per month thereafter. Special wholesale pricing exists for companies
with 100 or more members.

In addition, there is a white label option, and the client can rest assured that the
customers/members/clients data base is encrypted and secured. To be clear, this means that
no employ at WowWe has access to customer's data. The level of security is the same level of
encryption that is used by major US. Banks.

We would like to have the opportunity to demonstrate for you how WowWe Media is able to:

* Significantly reduce your IT expenses.

* Provide your client/customers/members with a state of the art next online video
communications tools.

* Provide you, or your business, with a potential new revenue source.

* Simple!! Surprising!! Smart!! WowWe is the company that has the global solution to unlock
the full potential of your online communications.

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