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									                       2L Introduction – Short
Good Evening! My name is (name). I’m a (pin level) with Market America. On behalf of all our
Independent Distributors, I would like to welcome you to a most interesting opportunity.

Before this meeting is over you will see how you can benefit in three very important ways with
Market America:
          First, by introducing you to exciting product lines in our Mall without Walls, not only
           can you save money but you can earn money too.
          Second, by introducing you to America’s most powerful business opportunity today,
          Third, by associating with a unique group of men and women geared to personal and
           financial success.
There are numerous reasons why Market America is attracting so much attention, and
(today/tonight) we are going to explore the possibilities…
          You might want to earn some extra income or establish a plan for financial success.
          You might be considering a career adjustment or just simply want to diversify your
          And Market America is a great way to expand your social group and have a lot of fun.
Market America is an 11-year old, debt free, product brokerage company based in Greensboro,
North Carolina.
Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in all areas of business and
Market America is growing at a phenomenal rate of 20 to 30% per year.
Now, I would like to introduce (product presenters’ names) who will take you on a stroll through
our “Mall without Walls”.
            2L Introduction – Loren Ridinger
My name is (name) and I am a (pin level) with Market America, a company of which I feel
privileged to be a part. I would like to welcome you to a most interesting opportunity, Market
America’s UnFranchise®, a revolutionary system. It is one in which you will be able to benefit
in three very important ways.
          First, by introducing you to the incredible products in our Mall without Walls, not
           only can you save money, but you can earn money too.
          Second, by introducing you to America’s most powerful home-based business
           opportunity of the new millennium, and
          Third, by participating, you will associate yourself with a unique group of men and
           women geared to personal and financial success.
In addition, you will learn about One-to-One Marketing and Mass Customization, and how we
facilitate them through the use of the Internet.
There are numerous reasons why Market America is attracting so much attention. Today/Tonight
we will explore those possibilities.
But first, take a moment to ask yourself, “Why am I here today/tonight?” Perhaps there are
several reasons.
          You may simply want to earn some extra income or establish a plan for your financial
          You might be considering a career adjustment or a way to diversify your income.
          Market America is a great way to expand your social group and have a lot of fun. And
           if it’s not fun, it’s probably not worth doing anyway.
You know, we anticipate that the old saying “This one’s for you” will be true for you
today/tonight because this presentation is an introduction to people who want and deserve
financial independence. And, we’ll show you how to achieve it through Market America’s
UnFranchise® System.
There’s never been a better time than now to take control of your future by capitalizing on the
Information Age, the Internet, a maturing population, and changes in marketing trends and
buying habits. In fact, thousands of individuals are doing just that.
In fact, there’s a quiet revolution going on. Every 15 minutes another person becomes a Market
America Distributor or UnFranchise® Owner. They have all evaluated the plan and realized that
its unique and exciting opportunity is one that can definitely work for them.
Today the playing field has been leveled and it’s time to make your move. It’s time to leverage
existing information, technology and changes to your advantage.
Market America is the Direct Sales Leader through product brokering, one-to-one marketing and
mass customization, utilizing the latest Internet technologies. This is the marketing paradigm of
the 21st century.
We are a leader in an industry that is more than 40 years old and exceeds $80 billion in sales
worldwide. It’s a growing distribution channel that provides a home-based business advantage.
Now, through the processes I’ve mentioned, Market America has brought direct sales to a whole
new level.
Market America’s world headquarters is located in Greensboro, NC occupying our own $7
million state-of-the-art facility. It’s a 110,000 square foot building situated on a 33-acre campus
which permits for future expansion. We’re financially strong. The company has over 220
employees and 90,000 distributors and UnFranchise® Owners worldwide. We’re headed by a
management team with hundreds of years experience in business and marketing, and our team
members are recognized as some of the industry’s most respected professionals. We’ve
definitely positioned ourselves for explosive growth.
With mass customization, we provide a unique value to our customers, and as you will see today,
this is accomplished through building customer/supplier relationships and advanced information
technology. As a result, customized goods and services are provided in high volumes at a
competitive cost. So, our business is based on building relationships through our customer
managers and people who care about their customers as individuals rather than just statistics. In
order to accomplish this, we have tens of thousands of UnFranchise® Owners collecting
information on millions of customers, and we use the Internet to also make this happen. Our
objective is to establish a lifetime value with each customer by providing them with as many
products as they want and need – and we do it with our UnFranchise® Owners who have home-
based businesses.
John Paul Getty once said, “I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of
my own efforts.” Well, Market America does just that. You see, we provide you with a simple
yet powerful financial vehicle in which a lot of people doing a little can generate a lot of money
for a lot of people.
In addition, Market America offers you the advantage of working right from your own home so
you can spend more time with your family.
As we move into our 12th year, Market America is already reaching retail sales annualizing at
over $200 million a year. We have positioned ourselves for explosive growth and you can ride to
the top with us. It was also John Paul Getty who believed that in order to become wealthy, one
must do three things: First, identify a product that everyone wants and needs; second, duplicate
yourself; and third, be self-employed. Well, that’s exactly what Market America can provide for
you and much, much more.
[Introduce product speaker(s).]
                         2L Introduction – JR
Founded in 1992, Market America is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company based
in Greensboro, North Carolina, specializing in One-to-One Marketing and Mass Customization.
Market America’s growth has been phenomenal, with sales dramatically increasing annually
since the Company was founded.
MA’s mission centers on revolutionizing the way consumers shop for products and services as it
redefines the nature and perception of the direct sales industry. In doing so, the Company is
committed to providing high quality, market-driven products to end consumers through its
unique and innovative UnFranchise Business Development System, a system the average person
can actually and realistically implement. MA seeks to facilitate One-to-One Marketing utilizing
the power of the Internet to accelerate the process of Mass Customization and is the standard by
which other businesses are measured.
MA’s vehicle for individual success in the UnFranchise Business Development System: a
perfected standardized and uniform system that combines franchising with direct sales to
facilitate the duplication of individual business success. UnFranchise businesses have all the
advantages of franchising, but we have eliminated the franchise fees, royalties and geographic
boundaries. Each UnFranchise Owner manages an organization of Customer Managers who
collect data, while servicing their customers, on what those customers want. This information is
entered into the Company’s database. MA locates manufacturers who make the products desired
and then delivers them to the customer. This type of marketing is the wave of the future and is
called One-to-One Marketing, delivering mass customized goods and services. We teach people
how to make money doing this.
At the apex of MA’s UnFranchise Business Development System is its product brokerage and
one-to-one marketing concepts, which identify the highest quality, market-driven products
customers want. These products are on the leading edge of consumer trends and colossal markets
emerging from information supplied by Customer Managers and Preferred Customers.
The product brokerage concept, through MA’s Mall without Walls, positions the Company and
you for explosive growth and unlimited potential. You see, MA does not manufacture any of its
products. We simply identify the highest quality, market-driven products that are in high
demand. This information is obtained via the Internet from Preferred Customers and Customer
Managers. MA does not incur costs such as research and development, inventory, or advertising.
This allows us to put more value into the products. As a result, we will always provide products
and services that are very unique, innovative and competitively priced.
MA provides the products and service, creates the marketing materials, sales and administration
system and handles the shipping and distribution. Each product and service is carefully screened
for reliability and market appeal, and each manufacturer maintains responsibility for product
liability. This philosophy frees an Independent Distributor / Customer Manager to concentrate on
the development of their UnFranchise business and the servicing of their customers.
                              2L Product Script
Market America offers a wide variety of products and services made available through a
consumer friendly concept called the “Mall without Walls”. The Product Brokerage concept
positions the company, and you, for explosive growth and unlimited potential. Market America
does not manufacture any of its products. We simply identify the highest quality, market-driven
products that are in high demand. Market America does not incur costs such as research and
development, inventory or advertising. This allows us to put more value into the products. As a
result, we will always provide products and services that are unique, innovative, and
competitively priced.
Customers can purchase products of their choice through a Market America Independent
Customer Manager, by catalog, or through the convenience of the Internet.
The first anchor store is the Health and Nutrition store. This is the most popular store because of
the growing demand for products and services to help people feel better and maintain good
health, lose weight, or slow down the aging process. Some of the most popular products include
a breakthrough line of isotonic vitamins and mineral supplements. These supplements offer great
results through an effective delivery system superior to traditional pills ad capsules. The brand
name is Isotonix, named after the dynamic delivery system. From multi-vitamins and multi-
minerals, from superior antioxidants to digestive enzymes, Isotonix provides long-term solutions
for improved health. The most popular product is OPC-3, which is a super-powered antioxidant;
it has been know to help people with allergies, sinusitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia and the list goes
on. This product neutralizes free radicals that causes damage to the cells. Unique herbal
supplements are also offered for a variety of health issues. For example Lipitrim which is
designed to help naturally even out cholesterol levels. And last, but certainly not least, our
amazing anti-aging line, Prime Blends, is literally changing the way people are aging. The
unique formula of Ultra Prime stimulates the natural release of human growth hormone within
your body to leverage your own body’s power to reverse the aging process. If you are beginning
to notice signs of aging and you are not ready to accept these signs, then try the Prime Blends
family of products.
The second anchor store is our cosmetic store, featuring Motives®, a cosmetic system that is
totally customized to your face. Our certified Motives consultants provide custom color
foundation to match your skin color and tone perfectly. Next, you will receive a custom color
match to know what are the right colors to enhance your beauty naturally. Visit with one of our
consultants to personally experience the Motives® difference. Couple our cosmetics with our
Personal Care store featuring a wide variety of exquisite products that will pamper your skin and
hair. Experience Skintelligence®, a breakthrough system of skin formulations with the highest
quality ingredients for cleansing and moisturizing. And most exciting, our newest line called
Timeless Prescription™ which is our anti-aging skin care line approved by Dr Robert Goldman
and Dr Ronald Klatz, who are leading authorities on anti-aging medicine and research.
The Internet store is the ultimate information resource and is rapidly becoming a must for
everyone. The Internet has opened the door for a new service opportunity in which small
businesses can compete with the very large businesses. The product and service that is growing
tremendously in the Market America Mall without Walls is the distribution of custom websites
for small businesses. Market America has made owning an e-commerce enabled website
affordable, and offers total flexibility to business owners to make site changes daily, if desired.
The demand for custom websites is huge and is now available through Market America.
It doesn’t stop there. There is the Automotive store, Biotech store, featuring chemical-free
products for your home and business. The Environmental store, the Flower store, the Home Care
store, the Gourmet store, as well as our Pet store, featuring antioxidants for your pets. The
Market America Mall without Walls offers a tremendous variety of products for every shopper.
In addition, to make every effort to satisfy our customers’ needs, we have also added an Endless
Shopping Experience featuring over 700 partner stores such as Disney, Nordstrom’s, Hallmark,
J. Crew and many more all accessible through Distributor web portals.
Market America provides the market-driven products and services to keep your UnFranchise®
business profitable. You can specialize in one store or represent products from the entire Mall
without Walls. It’s your choice and your business. Try a Market America product today.
                          2L Closing Script - JR
You are probably wondering, “Is this company for real? Are the products within Market
America’s Mall without Walls® really that great?” When you check it out, you will find the
Company is, and the products are!
But most likely, the most important question you have is, “Can this work for me?”
At the same time, the person who brought you here is wondering if you are right for this business
– “Are you the right person?”
You see, the person who brought you here can only work with two to four individuals, and they
certainly don’t want to commit to working with the wrong person. You may think this person
wants to twist your arm and get you into this business, but nothing could be further from the
If he or she had to convince you, or “sell” you on this tremendous home-based business system,
then it’s certainly not going to work out, and the time and energy would have been wasted.
So, let’s try to answer those two important questions… “Can Market America work for me?” and
“Am I the right person?”
In any new job or new venture, you don’t know everything you need to know the first day. It
takes weeks, months, or longer; but you know that eventually, if someone teaches you, you can
succeed. It’s the same with Market America. Like any new venture, you’ve just been introduced
to a lot of new concepts, new terms and numbers, which can all be a bit overwhelming. But
remember, it all comes down to personally trying two or three products, test marketing some
products to a few individuals who could benefit from them, and identifying two people interested
in operating their own home-based business. This is done simply by getting people to evaluate
the business to see if they know the right people. An experienced UnFranchise® Owner will
explain the business opportunity for you. There is no pressure. They may or may not be
interested, but most everyone knows two people who would be interested that they can refer.
Also, remember that this is not $20,000 decision, or a $2,000 decision, or even a $200 decision.
Even if you wanted to pay the nominal subscription fee and purchase the necessary product and
tools to get started, it won’t do you any good unless you’re willing to follow the UnFranchise®
Business Development System and let us coach you towards success with this business.
What is ultimately comes down to it this: Do you want to rely solely on the 40-45 year plan to
reach financial independence, or do you want to implement the Market America 2-3 year plan?
The only commitment you need to make is to do it our way and follow the UnFranchise®
Business Development System and test it out. I like to call it a test market or trial run. Discover
whether or not it can work for you, or if you’re right for the business. At the end of the trial run
period, you will probably have two to four people who want to try the 2-3 year plan and people
clambering for the products. Then the decision will have been made for you. You will be a
success! It is already working for you.
The next step is simple: Tell the person who brought you here that you’re ready to sit down and
discuss the specifics to get started. Remember, this person is waiting to guide you and coach you
to success. The decision is yours.

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