The Significance of 30 days in the Zoroastrian Calendar by sc4l6H0


									The Significance of 30 days in the Zoroastrian Calendar

Dadar Ohrmazd Roj
Mithra : Dehad Daheshni Dadar Ahura Mazda = Dadar Ahura Mazda ni bashksheso, hamu pamye. May I
receive Your Grace & Blessings, as follows?

1. Be benevolent contributor to others.

2. Speak truth: I quote: ‘The ancient Persian people taught their sons to ride horses, shoot bows & speak
the truth. The Persians considered it disgrace to lie or to be in debt’. I unquote: See The World book, Persia,
Ancient, p.297

3. With my righteousness and good actions, I speed up my spiritual progress.

4. I humbly present to others with my ingrained humility and power of tolerance.

5. My straight forwardness and humbleness impact the positive feelings upon others &      eradicate negative

6. Give me thy power, so that I change the destiny of people from darkness of ignorance to divine light of

Behman Ameshaspand Roj
Mithra : Manashni manidan-e- Behman Ameshaspand = Behman Ameshaspand jeva paropkari mithra
dharavnara, hamo thaiye.

I invoke Behman Ameshaspand, Who sits on the Throne, to the Right side of Dadar Ahura Mazda. Behman
means ‘Vohu Mano’ a good mind (bhalu man). How can I produce a good mind ? With the help of Asho
Spitam Zarathustra’s teachings of “HUMATA” i.e. “MANASHNI” i.e. GOOD THOUGHTS. What are the ‘good
thoughts’ ? The thoughts when flowing in to my mind ‘must’ be well ‘tuned’ with the wisdom of Lord Ahura
Mazda. Then, the second phase is “HUKHATA” i.e.” GAVASHNI” i.e. Good Words and the last phase is
“HAVARASHTA” i.e. ” KUNASNI” i.e. Good Deeds.

The second path is very important to contemplate on Behman Ameshashpand = Vohu Mano, the Benevolent

He who serves animals (Gai, Gospand), servers the purpose of Vahu Mano and in return ‘Blessed ‘ by the
Lord of Wisdom, Dadar Ahura Mazda.

The original Behman Yest was made disappeared by our Sahibs as the people started misusing it, before the
migration started from Iran to India and rest of the countries of the world in general, in 7th century A. D.

The Behman Yest and the 21 Nashks are safe in ‘Koya Kam’.
Ardibehest Ameshaspand Roj
Mithra : Hu - Goftaary Ardibehest Ameshaspand = Ardibehest              Ameshaspand Saachu bolvu, bolo thi
satyasang patharvani ghati, ha mune bashkjo.

He who invokes The Ardibehest Amashapand, must speak the truth and the utterance of his words spread
positive vibrations of high caliber in the atmosphere.

He who invokes the Holy Fire, is blessed by Ardibehest Ameshaspand with children and bring abundance
prosperity in his house. He does not suffer from any disease, as he invokes the Ardibehest Amesahaspand
through Holy Fire.

Aa-Aryema Isyo is the powerful tool given in the Ardibehest Yest. Those who pray for 4 times, strengthen
their faith in Zoroastrian religion and are benefited in many ways.

Last but not the least, the Ancient Persians -Zoroastrians always used to speak the truth. The proof is found in
the World book Encyclopedia -see Persia, Ancient p.297, I quote ‘ They taught their sons to ride horses, shoot
bows and speak the truth. Further, The Persians considered it a disgrace to lie or to be in debt’. ” Unquote”.

Sheravar Amesashpand Roj
Mithra : Hu, Kerdari Sheravar Ameshaspand = Supreme Authority and Power. Sheravar Ameshashpand bhali
kardani- karni thi satya sang patharvani Gati, ha mu ne bashkjo.

Sheravar Ameshapand is related to metals and minerals. Those people involved in these profession, like Gold
smith, Copper smith, Iron smith and others, should be honest and transparent to their customers in order to
receive their rightful profits which ultimately bring prosperity to them.

Any metallic object should be well maintained in order to prevent rust, etc.

Spendarmad Ameshsahspand
Mithra : Pur Manishni Spendarmad Ameshsahspand = Spendarmad Ameshashpand = Bountiful Wisdom

Kamel – Mithra (Sampurna Namantai ane Bardast karwani shakti, hamu ne bashkjo).

Spedarmad is related to our Mother Earth. May we gain spiritual power on our ‘Stouts’ prayers = Avesta,
Gathas, Vandidads, etc.    (Vibratory force of prayers which produces the highest positive quality which
works for the benefit of man kind and keep the atmosphere pure and holy). May we also posses the highest
quality of humility and simplicity.
Khordad Ameshashpand Roj
Mithra : Shirin -e- charva Khurdad Ameshashpand = Mithas tatha salesai ( Ahireman bi sharmai jai tevi
layakat, hamune bashkjo).

Khurdad Ameshashpand = Perfection, Plenty.

May I ask to Thee, ? Grant me perfect character in my behavior so that even my staunch enemy, bows
before my spotless character and action of my good words.

Amardad Ameshashpand
Mithra : Baromandi Amardad Ameshashpand= Amardad Ameshashpand faldrupta; darek badi mathi, neki
ugadi shakvani shakti, hamu ne bashkjo.

Amardad Ameshashpand = Immortality, Vegetable Kingdom.

May I gracefully posses thy power to uplift the poor and the needy people. May thou help me to transform
a sinner to a graceful person. May my actions bring the fruitful results.

Dae-pa-Adar Dadar Roj
Mithra : Dahesni Dae Dae-pa-Adar Dadar = Dae Dae-pa-Dar Dadar ni niyamato, hamu pamaye.

The Creator of Adar – Holiest of Holy fire.

The Creator of Water

The Creator of Sun

The Creator of Moon

The Creator of   Tester Tir Yezad (Stars).

The Creator of Gosh Yezad – The Protector of children and protect human beings from negative (evil) forces.

Adar Yezad
Mithri a : Raeh- Vaskhan Adar Yezad = Adar Yezad = Ruhona Ansho na aavi malvathi, wadhta bhan nau
vadharo, hamara Ruvan au ne bashkjo.

We pray to Adar Yezad, the Holiest of Holy Fire to infuse the Ruvani Ansho (Light atoms) into our loved one’s
souls which they require to understand the process of life cycle for further spiritual advancement.

In Ahunavad Gatha, it is clearly mentioned that every matter on this earth shall be turned into light
particles. No one and no matter on earth shall remain aloof. This is the ordain of Dadar Ahura Mazda.
Ava Yezad Roj
Mithra : Padiaavi Avan Ardvesur Banu = Avan Yezad huviyat mathi paaki zagi, hamu ne bashkjo.

Ava Yezad = River of life, Special Domain = Motherhood

Khorshed Yezad Roj
Mithra : Shahi- Safarzi Khurshed Yezad = Khurshed Yezad Padshah jevi motai, hamune bashkjo.

Khurshed Yezad = Shining Sun – Solar Energy.

Khurshed Yezad, the Sun is the manifestation of symbolic Creation of Dadar Ahura Mazda. We the
mortals with limited intelligence, could endeavor to comprehend His objectivity of Creations.

Mohor Yezad Roj
Mithra : Gau- Chitra Vakshan Maha Yezad; Mohor Yezad = I worship Thee, Oh ! Lunar Lord, because, Thou
speedily, transforming my physical atoms(tan na anasro) to light particles. These physical atoms which are
scattered in to vegetation, Gai Gospand, etc. are to be extracted by Divine Power which are ultimately,
merge into a soul for further spiritual advancement to Dadar-re- Gehan Din.

Teshtar Tir Yezad Roj
Mithra : Radi-Ravai Tir Yezad = Tir Yezad Sakhavat nau pravah, hamu ne bashkjo.

Teshtar Tir Yezad = The Supreme and the brightest Star in the Sky, Created by Dadar Ahura Mazda to look
after the well beings of all that exists in the Universe. Some examples like, Canis Major: A constellation of
the Southeast of Orion, contains Sirius; Ursa Major, a constellation out side the Zodiac that rotates around
the North Star, Vega, also one of the brightest Star in the constellation Lyra. Pleiades, a Star cluster in the
constellation Taurus and other stars which are in the South all are working under The Teshtar Tir Yezad.

No human beings, animals, creatures, vegetation, etc. can exist without the water. Hence, rainfall is the most
essential part of all lives that exist on the earth and elsewhere. Hence, we invoke the Teshtar Tir Yezad to
bring the sufficient rain. Farmers who till the lands and all of us who depend upon the water, need the
rainfall for the life sustaining purpose.

Gosh Yezad Roj
Mithra : Parikhtar bim Gosh Yezad = Gosh Yezad ni marfarte kharabi thi- dur- rehnara, hamo thaiye.

Gosh Yezad = Life principle, Safety and propagation of animals.
Gosh Yezad protects the children. Looks after the health of birds, animals and humans. Gosh Yezad drives
away evil forces from us. Gosh Yezad strengthen the friendship between the two persons or parties, based on
ethical values.

Dr. Haugh, Martin,(1827 – 1876), the Oriental scholar, who had compared Gosh Yezad with the Milky

Dae-pa-Mehr Dadar Roj
Mithra : Dahehsni Dae-Dae-pa-Mehr Dadar = Dae -pa-Mehr Dadar ni bashksihso, hamo pameye. The Creator
of Mehr (Mithra). Human Welfare.

1. Mehr Yezad= Friendly amity. Justice and Truth. Cosmic Light.

2. Sarosh Yezad = The Voice of Conscience. To Protect mankind; intermediary between GOD and man.

3. Rashna rast Yezad = Truthfulness. Ultimate Justice.

4. Farrokh Farvardin = The Guardian Spirit. To Protect and Guide the souls of men.

5. Behram Yezad = Victory – success. To smite the enemy.

6. MINO RAM = Joy and Cheer. All occasions of rejoicing.

7. Govad Yezad = The Good Wind. Sailor’s helpmate.

Mehr Yezad Roj
Mithra : Dad-ashnavashni Mehr Yezad = Insaaf thi snbhalvani shakti, hamu ne bashkjo.

Mehr Yezad = Truth, Justice and Promise.

Mehr Yezad is the embodiment of Cosmic light. Mehr, Sarosh and Rashna Rast Yezads deliver the justice to
Zoroastrian souls, only, when they reach to Dadar-re- Gehan Din, through the process of Dokhmenashini
which is the Unique process of disposal of dead bodies.

Between the two parties, by any means, if one of the parties, breach the promise, then, Mehr Davar Yezad
punishes that person, who breaches the promise.

Solar system is maintained by Mehr Davar Yezad in the sense, there is a ‘ cool’ atmosphere (3500K) in the
Sun which ‘keeps balancing’, i. e. maintaining the optimum temperature of the Sun, in order to protect the
living beings in the Solar system. Thus Sun emits light on the earth, energy giver, remove darkness and
germs killer and last but not the least life Sustain-er on the earth.
Saroash Roj
Savthi Buland Yezad, Asho Saroash Yezad hamari Pasbani Karo.           Saroash Yezad the most powerful Yezad
amongst all the Yezatas. Protect us !

Mithra: Farman Panahi Saroash Yezad-’ Saroash Yezad Kudrat saath nu taabe daari nu raskhshan hamune
baskhjo’. Meaning: Saroash Yezad protect my submission to the will of Ahura Mazda. This statement is to be
contemplated in a proper perspective. Let us begin with our Kushti prayer:

The first knot we tie on our waist:   reiterates that Ahura Mazda is my GOD.

The second knot we tie : Asho Zarathustra is my Prophet.

The third knot we tie : I strongly believe that Mazdayasni Zarathosti is my religion.

And the last but not the least, the fourth knot we tie : Mithra is : I will be faithful to my GOD AhuraMazda,
my Phrophet Asho Zarathustra Spitam and my Mazdayasni Zarathosti Dean (Religion), through out my life.

If you understand these simple but very significant Kushti knots and absorb in your mind and heart in your
daily life, I am sure that no Zoroastrian would go astray from the teachings of Asho Zarathustra. Thus, he
requests. Asho Saroash Yezad Sahib to sustain his bondage between his soul and AhuraMazda.

Now, when we say that ‘Saroash nahi puge’ that is : Who is the unfortunate ‘soul’ after his /her death does
not receive the protection from Asho Saroash Yezad Sahib?

The answer is as follows:

1. During his/her life time did not wear Sudra Kushti or worn them intermittently as per soul’s wish.

2. Did not believe in Dokhmenashini method which was bestowed upon us by Asho Spitam Zarathustra, the
only unique method for the disposal of dead. But believed in ‘Aaramgah’ or burial or cremation or any other
method, would not receive the ‘ Saroash ni Panah’ .

3. The priests who performs such rituals over the dead souls which are opted other than the Dokhmenashini
and spreading ‘Aasmogi’ for monetary benefits are very unfortunate, not to receive the ’Saroash ni Panah’.

4. Those who propagates inter caste marriages and there after accepting either spouses and their children in
to the Zoroastrian fold by irrelevant methods are deprived of ’Saroash ni Panah’.

5. Those who have not preserved their seeds ‘Buniad Pasbani’ are deprived of ’Saroash ni Panah’.

6. Those who have partially accepted or not accepted whole heartily, Zoroastrianism and attending burial
places (Dargahs), Pirs, Shai, etc. are deprived of ’Saroash ni Panah’.

7. Those who eat Pork are deprived of ’Saroash ni Panah’.

A Zoroastrian who’ misdeeds’ under these circumstances is deprived of ’Saroash ni Panah’ or ‘pasbani’ or
protection after his / her death.
Rashne Roj
Rast-Ravashni Rasna Rast Yezad- ‘ Rasna Yezad Rasti ma Aagal wadhvu Hamu ne Baskhjo’ Meaning : Help
me to follow the path of righteousness and just.

In brief, I endeavor myself to describe the journey of a Zoroastrian soul from Gaiety (earth) to Dadar-e-
Gehan Din where only Mazdayasni Dad-e- Zarathosti Din prevails.

According to our ‘Mathravani’ a Zoroastrian soul is blessed by Asho Spitam Zarathustra for forward journey to
Dadar-e- Gehan Din.

1. The Urvej-e- Zarathustra (Ruvani ansho melve aapti shakti) which is one of the spiritual qualities
(exercising power) of Asho Spitam Zarathustra Sahib, helps that soul (in other words extraction of atoms are
to be returned to that soul during forward journey.

2. Avan -Niyash/Yest : In the end of the text, we recite (while facing towards South), Dadare Gehan, Dine
Mazdayasni, Dad-e- Zarathusti. Nemset-e- Ashom saveste ardhve sur anahite. Asone* Ashem Vohu -1.

Mithra: Ava ardhve sur banu mai tamara hazar nala mathi (channel), Koi pan ek nala marfate, Dadare Gehan,
 jeya, Din-e- Dad-e- Zarathusti chhe, tya mane pugarjo – I request to Avan Yezad Banu Mai, that out of
your thousand fold channel, allow my soul to pass through one of them to Dadar-e- Gehan, where only
prevails Mazdayasni Zarathusti Din of Dadar Ahuramazda.

3. We futher recite : Ardhvim suram anahitam ashonim ashe ratum yezmaide.

Ashem 1.

Mithra: hu urvaro ne namu chhu ke Mazda ni karamathi mahra Ruvani ansho, paccha melve aape chhe.

On the day of Chharum (fourth), at 4 a.m. before dawn, the flight takes place(with the Sarosh ni Panah). A
Zoroastrian soul reaches the destination as mentioned above in exactly 36 minutes crossing the ‘Dakhus’
mentioned in Mehr Niyash. The ‘Dakhyus’ – our constellation, then Milky way, Spiral Galaxy, Andromeda
Galaxy, Nebula Galaxy and entering in to the Dadar-e- Gehan, where Mehr Yezad, Sarosh Yezad and Rasna
Yezad present for giving a final judgement.

This worthy judgment day happens only when soul accepts Dokhmenashini method.

Farvardin Roj
Mithra: Niru- Ravashni Farokh Farvardin-’ Farokh Farvardin Niru ni Kudrat na chalan-e- badhe – badh
chhalave ( Frarsho – kereti jaldi lave), aevi Niru ni shakti taraf aagal vadvanu – hamune bashkjo.

Niru means Radiance ’ Har – nek Fareh’ = ‘ Tamam bhalu Khore dharavnar (namata bhanavu), Ek Panahma
sarva vayapak NUR ( the 33rd name of Ahura Mazda).

It is mentioned in Ahunavad Gatha by our Holy Prophet Zarathustra, that each and every particle or atom on
this earth would be transformed in to light with the ulterior motive of Frashogard. Hence, we the human
beings should work selflessly together, with the help of Ameshaspands, Farestas, Anushe Ravans, in order to
bring the Frashogard as early as possible.
Ushta-no-zato athrava yo Spitamo Zarathustro – Farvardin Yasht Karda 24

At the birth of Athravan Spitam Zarathustra, all Nature rejoiced and exclaimed: ” Bless are we that the
Prophet Spitam Zarathustra is born !”

Behram Roj
Mithra : Pherozi – Andukhtar Behram Yezad _ Fateh melavnar hamune banave !

In Avesta we invoke as Vehram Yezad.    In Behram Yasht ‘Kardo’ 16, recite as follows:

‘Amemuch verethreganemuch aafrinami, THRE Patar, THRE Nipatar…. up to THRE Framarezen’. And not as
‘Dva’ as return in all of the books. In Avesta Dva means TWO and Thre means THREE times in English
language. The correct usage is ‘THRE’. This way your ‘stoat’ will be very much effective in order to eradicate
diseases. ‘Kardo’ 16 and ‘Kardo’ 17 are very effective to root out evil effects and diseases.

Note: The real day is Tuesday to invoke Behram Yezad Sahib and NOT Friday as many Zoroastrians believe it.

The ‘STOAT’ colour is Blue when you recite Behram Yasht.

I cite my real story: My late mother was very staunch believer in Behram Yazad Sahib. In 1968, I was giving
my S. S. C. exam(11 Standard) and on Behram Roj, it was Mathematics paper and after completing my exam
i came back home. We both were sitting at the table and roughly calculating the marks of Mathematics paper.
Suddenly the overhead tube light which was fitted with brackets to the ceiling wall fell down on the ground
with a loud thud. Thus spreading pieces of glass all over the place, but by His Grace of Ahura Mazda, we
were unhurt. Not a single piece of broken glass hit our skins. Thus we were saved completely on the day of
Behram Roj.

Ram Roj
Mithra: Ramashni Astuaad Mino Ram Yezad. ’Kehtvadad ni Minoi kushali ma hamune ubha raakhe.

Mino Ram Yezad day is the best for ‘Shadi Ramashni’.

Khetvadad occurs only, when a male and a female souls of origin, merged together to become unique . This
can be happened by attaining 180 ‘Aspandis’ .

Without Dokhme nashini process, no souls could attend the ‘Khetvadat’ at Dadar-e- Gehan din.

Govad Roj
Mithra: Arvand Tavana Govad Yezad: Govad Yezad shetabi anne takat- Urvaan Ruhani ma -teni Uru ni gati
hamu ne bashkjo.

When I finish up my cycle of life in this world; Govad Yezad, render thy speed to my Urvaan, so that I reach
my destination at the earliest and without any hindrance given to my soul, to Dada-re- Gehan Din.
Dae -Pa- Din Roj
Mithra : Daheshni Dae Dae-Pa-Din Dadar: Dae Dae-Pa – Din- Dadar ni Ne-aamato, hamo pamiye.

1. May Dadar Ahura Mazda bestow wisdom upon me.

2. May Dadar Ahura Mazda bestow Radiance (Khore), upon me.

3. May Dadar Ahura Mazda enlighten me about my Mazdayasni Zarathusti Dharma.

4. May Dadar Ahura Mazda aspire me to work towards the ‘uplift’ of poor people.

5. May Dadar Ahura Mazda uplift my soul to the highest ‘peak’, where I sustain my position.

6. May Dadar Ahura Mazda bestow upon me Your blessings to serve the needy and the poor people.

7. May Dadar Ahura Mazda, merge my soul in to ‘Kehrap’ .

Din Roj
Mithra: Danesh ni Aafruzi Din Yezad : Din Yezad Dahpan ni roshan-jamiri- Hamune bashkjo.

Din Yezad Sahib bestow upon me thy blessings, so that, the packet of energy which flows into my mind in the
form of thoughts bring enlightenment to me, that is the wisdom to act.

Note: Physicists have now recognized that our thoughts are consisting of energy. We can translate our
thoughts into kinetic energy and other forms of energy.

Ashishvang Roj
Mithra : Khure Ana duzi Mino Ashishvang : Khore nau Jathto, Hamu ne bashkjo.

Mino Ashishvang Banu mai, bestow upon me the ‘Radiance’.

Give me wealth and prosperity.

Hoshang Padsha, Shah Jamshed Padsha, Shah Faredun -e- Athravan had fulfilled their wish by invoking Banu

Ashtad Yezad Roj
Mithra: Hunar – Ambarashna Ashtad Yezad : Ashtad Yezad hunar nau jathto- Zarathosti nezad aukad ne
lagati ane chhajti, Ruvaan-darausti karavti kala-viklanau tatva, hamune bashkjo.

Oh! Ahura Mazda, I praise Testar Tir Yezad, Vayu Yezad, Irani Khore (Radiance), Ahunavar, Ashem Vohu,
Avasta manthravani, Hom Yezad ni kriya (ceremony) and Mazdayasni Zarathosti Din.
Mino Asman Roj
Mithra: Avir – tukhshai Mino Asman- Uncho udyog = Selfless & optimum quality, one should have for service
to humanity & social service. Service to human beings and HIS creation is the service to HIM which goes
beyond the caste and religion, beyond the boundaries of neighboring countries and beyond the human race
of the world.

Zamyad Roj
Mithra: Gah- Payandi Zamyad Yezad = Insaniyat ni unch pahedi upar jaga melvine tekvi rakh vani ghati,
hamune bashkjo.

According to the Darwin’s theory the’ evolution of man kind’, man has emerged from the ape. To refine man
and his aping habits, GOD has given him a human form (body), with the brain to think & wisdom to act. If he
uses his wisdom, he makes progress in his chosen path and leads his soul further to the path of spiritual
progress. Thus adapting virtues in his life called-’ Insaniyat’ (Farsi or Persian), ultimately, attaining the bliss.

Mino Marespand Roj
Mithra: Hu-Negerashna Mino Marespand = Mino Marespand Bhali negaha (Pota -thi Ashoi ma utarta
hajatmandoni da-da, levani shakti, hamune bashkjo).

Bestow upon us blessings, worthiness and capacity to serve my fellow human beings, having desire to serve
them in distress.

Mino Aneran Roj
Mithra : Frarreh – tana Mino Aneran = Mino Aneran jad tanana khak ni ushi meaning : Tan Kehrap ma ma-le
shake, tevi khatravat- nuri halat, hamune bashkjo.

Mino Aneran= Boundless Radiance

Highest Heavenly influences protecting man kind = the ‘Kehrap’ (Astral body in layman’s term) which is form
of Radiance.

All Zoroastrian souls after passing through “Dokhmenashini” process, with the completion of 4 days ritual
ceremonies, reaching towards Dadar-e- Gehan Din.

The unfortunate souls, who have opted either cremation or ‘Aram Gah’ or burial or any other irrelevant
method which are forbidden in Zoroastrian religion meet their extreme fate.

A soul after attaining 72 ‘Aspandi’ born in to Zoroastrian religion. The Navjote ceremony begins at the age
of 4 up to the age of 9. The significance of 72 THREADS KUSHTI endorsed the above statement. After
passing through millions of re- cycle births, a soul does attain the 72 ‘Aspandi’. Further, this has been
substantiated in the holy GITA by Shri. Krishna that a soul has to undergo re-birth by millions of times
before attaining the ‘Nirvana’. To understand ‘Dharma’, needs wisdom and submission of self towards
HIM. Ignorance is not the bliss in Zoroastrian religion, but it is a sin to remain ignorant and ultimately it leads
to oblivion. One must not act against the ‘Dokhmenashini’      and must not act against the tenets of

‘Ne -to chhai na kuchha ni kani phekai jaso, koi tamune madad nahi kari shakshe. Tamara vahlao ni madad
nahi mali shahkshe, dasturo pas-se kriyao karvsho, aa badhu phokat ma jashe. Zarthosti Din virudh jaso, to
tamaru aavi banu samujo’.

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