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									                                      Exemplary1 Application for Subscription / Modification of Retail Client’s Data to the Alerts Service

     Application for Subscription – Modification of Retail Client’s Data
                            to the Alerts Service

       New Client                                                      Modification of Client's Data1

Client Code:                                                      (To be filled-in by the Bank)

Family name:

First name:                                                       Father’s name:
Family name:
(in Latin letters)

First name:                                                       Father’s name:
(in Latin letters)                                                (in Latin letters)

Date of Birth:                                                    Profession:
                                                                  Number of
Type of Certificate:
Date of issue of
                                                                  authority of
Fiscal Registr. No:

Home Tel.:                                                        Work Tel.:

Contact Address:

Postal Code:                                                      City:

                                                Alerts Parameters

       Service Activation                                              Service Deactivation
Please fill-in the following tables with the mobile phone number2 and the e-mail address, at
which you wish to receive messages on transactions in your given accounts.
 Mobile Phone Number:                           (+30        )(                             )
 E-mail address:

    Preferred Message Language:                                                 (select one of the following):

      Greek                                                             English

 Hours of Non - Communication3:
Set the hours during which you do not want any alerts to be sent.
      Sms                                                               e-mail
    From:              (HH)   To:                (HH)              From:                   (HH)   To:               (HH)

    Additional Alerts of Group Services. The Alerts Service enables you to receive messages
     from the Bank as regards the facilitation and safety of your transactions and the offer of
     products and services of the Group.

     In case you do not wish to receive any additional information, please select (Χ):

                                                                                                              (client’s signature)

  Only the modified items are to be filled-in.
  Only for subscribers of Greek mobile telephony providers
  In case where a Non-Communication period is set, the messages concerning transactions made within such period shall only be sent after
the elapse of such period.
                                                          Exemplary1 Application for Subscription / Modification of Retail Client’s Data to the Alerts Service

                                                                      Bank Accounts
  In any case of addition, modification or deletion, please check ( or Χ) the corresponding field.
  Please fill-in the AΤΕBank accounts on which you wish to be informed and select (with  or Χ)
  the alert types and the message type (one entry per account and message type). In case
  of modification, please fill-in all notification data of the modified account, whereas in case of
  deletion, you only need to fill-in the bank account number.


                                                                                      Type of Alert


                                           Bank Account
                                             Number                Daily                   Full             Web Banking
                                                                                                                                     sms       e-mail
                                                                Modification              Update            Transactions


                                                                       Types of Alerts

  1. Daily* Modification of Account Balance, and of Total Debits and Credits.
           * The alert is sent at the end of each working day, if at least one transaction has been made
           in that day or at the end of the next working day (if transaction is made on weekend or on

  2. Real-time alert of all bank transactions of Account Debit & Credit** with up to 25
    sms per month of subscription & unlimited number of e-mails.
           Full            update includes, among others, the following types of transactions:
                           Payroll Payment through ATEBank accounts
                           Payment of Dividends and Interest Rates through ΑΤΕ Securities
                           Credits from Public Bodies and Third Parties
                            (e.g. tax rebate, payment of dividend-interest rates, subsidies)
                           Payments (of credit cards, cheques, loans, public utilities, third parties)
                           Incoming & Outgoing Deposits to the account
                           Deposit or rejection of cheques issued by other Banks
                           Withdrawal of cash from ΑΤΜs in Greece and abroad using ATEnet Debit Card
                           Purchases using ATEnet Debit Card
                           Completed Standing Payment Orders
                           Withdrawals or deposits at the bank tellers
                           Debits and credits from cash transfers

           **Transactions made in real time through ΑΤΕ Web Banking are not included

  3. Scheduled and queued transactions through web banking

                                                                                                                                            (client’s signature)
                                     Exemplary1 Application for Subscription / Modification of Retail Client’s Data to the Alerts Service
   Expenses Account
 Give your account, which will be debited every month for the expenses of the sms alert service.
 I hereby unreservedly authorize Piraeus Bank S.A., to collect the expenses of the service from
 my account no |___________________| of which I am the legal beneficiary.
 Terms of Service
1.      Using the ATEbank Alerts service, beneficiaries of ATEbank accounts may receive e-mail and/or sms
      messages on their mobile phone, concerning the movement of their accounts that are connected to the
2.      Subscription to the ATEbank Alerts service is made at the client’s cooperating ATEbank branch upon order
      of the beneficiary for the bank accounts on which they wish to be informed.
3.      The termination of the ATEbank Alerts service is made upon order of the client at any ΑΤΕbank branch.
4.      E-mail and/or SMS messages shall be sent to the personal e-mail address and the personal mobile phone
      number given by the client. The above contact points shall not be verified by the Bank.
5.      The beneficiary of the service is responsible for informing ATEbank Alerts of any change in such data, at
      any ATEbank branch.
6.      The beneficiary of the service shall not be able to respond to Alerts through e-mail and/or SMS.
7.      Each message shall be sent only once. If the beneficiary cancels or deletes the message, the latter may not
      be repeated.
8.      Type of alert: Daily Balance Modification of Account. For transactions made in weekends and holidays
      (from Friday afternoon/ previous day), the daily update is sent at the end of the next working day (along with
      the total movements of that day). For purchase transactions using ΑΤΕnet Debit card, the daily update is
      made after settlement-finalization of the transaction by the vendor and upon debit of the account. For days
      when no transactions have taken place no alert of Daily Balance Modification is sent.
9.      The Bank is not responsible for the delay or non reception of e-mail and / or SMS messages for reasons, for
      which it may not be held liable (technical problems of the beneficiary’s telecommunications provider, mobile
      phone being out of network, restricting settings etc.) nor for any losses, either direct or indirect, that may
      arise as per the above.
10.     The Bank may not guarantee confidentiality, completeness or timely reception of information contained in
      received messages.
11.     The service is charged with the subscription rate per bank account and per type of alert (maximum of 25
      sms messages sent for the «Full update» option and unlimited number of email messages) set in the services
      pricelist announced by the Bank (information to counterparties of the bank) and is paid in advance every
      month, regardless of any interruption of the service before the elapse of the month period. The current
      minimum charge is one (1) euro per account and per service (type) of alert by sms selected, every month.
12.     Subscription to the ATEbank Alerts service is automatically renewed every month and is valid as of the day
      of signature of the terms for unlimited period of time, unless the Client does not have sufficient balance to
      cover the month subscription in the given account to be debited for the expenses. In this case, the bank shall
      deactivate the dispatch of SMS messages up to the date of collection of expenses based on the irrevocable
      order of the Client. The service is reactivated for the next month right after the collection of expenses. Upon
      elapse of one month of failure to collect expenses, the Bank reserves the right to definitively deactivate the
      service. In case where the account debited for the expenses is charged for sms alerts on more than one bank
      accounts and if there is no sufficient available balance, priority shall be given to the first, second etc. bank
      account as these appear in the application for subscription.
13.     The beneficiary of the service authorizes, by application thereof, the Agricultural Bank and the Group
      companies, to keep in their records their personal data along with the above contact data, for the purpose of
      their information on the facilitation and safety of their transactions and the offer of products and services of
      the Group, unless they otherwise select in the corresponding field of their application.
14.     The Bank reserves the right to adjust these terms. In addition, the Bank may interrupt the service or
      reduce or expand the Types of Alerts and to modify the pricing of the ATEbank Alerts service upon timely
      information to the Client through announcements at the branches or on its website or through the alerts

      I confirm that the above data are complete and accurate                                  APPROVED
      and I declare that I accept them, as well as that I have                             PIRAEUS BANK S.A.
      read and understood the terms hereof which I accept
      explicitly and unreservedly.
                                                The Client
      Date …… …………
                                           (Stamp / Signature)                  For approval                        For control


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