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									NHSGGC Bereavement Action Plan Update July 2012.

Action Plan                                        Changes/Developments                                                            Timescale   Lead
Recommendation 1:                                  Rosslyn Crocket, NHSGGC Board Nurse Director is the corporate lead for          In place    Rosslyn
    Each board should nominate an Executive        Shaping Bereavement Care                                                                    Crocket
   Lead at Board Level to be responsible for the
   development and delivery of quality
   bereavement care within the service.
Recommendation 2:                                 A board wide steering group leads on Shaping Bereavement Care                    In place    Rosslyn
    Each board should identify a Bereavement      implementation across all care settings. This structure feeds into senior                    Crocket/Jan
   Services Co-ordinator to lead the              planning and management structures across NHSGGC. This approach reflects                     Whyte
   development of quality bereavement care        the importance and need for management and all staff to be responsible for
   and to promote partnership working.            supporting bereavement approaches within the size and complexity of
   Establish and further develop partnerships in The Bereavement Steering Group consists of representatives from across all        November    Jan Whyte
   the provision of board wide consistent and     delivery structures. Work is ongoing across NHSGGC with CRUSE                    2012
   quality bereavement support in all care        Bereavement Care Scotland, the six NHSGGC Hospices and local Carers
   settings for its population:                   Centres to develop, signpost and provide a range of approaches to
                                                  Bereavement support in each community setting. This will be collated and
                                                  added into an electronic directory of NHSGGC bereavement support. This
                                                  directory of NHSGGC Bereavement services will support, promote and
                                                  expand good practice. Comprehensive information will be available on the
                                                  Bereavement page of the NHSGGC Palliative Care Website which in turn is
                                                  linked to the Scottish Grief and Bereavement Hub and also NHS Inform
                                                  Bereavement Zone when this becomes available in the Autumn
Recommendation 3:                                 All current policies and procedures relating to care of the dying patient were   November    Jan Whyte
    Each board should undertake a review of all reviewed in Acute settings and is part of the Palliative Care Agenda in each       2012
   current policies and procedures relating to    CHP/CHCP. The Bereavement Policy is being drafted and will refer to and
   care of the dying patient, and care of the     link all NHSGGC policies relating to Death and Dying across all ages and care
   deceased, to ensure that they reflect good     settings. Draft Deaths in Hospital Policy has been subject to an Equality
   quality care and to assess and reduce any real Impact Assessment and following approval from the steering group in August,
   or potential negative impact of these          will be subject to Board wide consultation and approval.
   processes on those who have been bereaved.
Recommendation 4:                                 The draft Bereavement policy is under development in line with Shaping           November    Jan Whyte
    Each board should develop a policy on care Bereavement Care to support equitable good quality bereavement care across          2012
   of those who have been bereaved.                   NHSGGC. The draft NHSGGC policy will reflect best practice identified as
                                                      well as the principles of Shaping Bereavement care and will establish
                                                      corporate and local processes to:
                                                           ensure that bereavement care and support is provided on an equitable
                                                              basis across NHSGGC through piloting delivery models
                                                           emphasise the importance of NHSGGC staff education, training and
                                                           Ensure that clear and accurate printed information is given to those
                                                              who have been bereaved
                                                           ensure awareness raising , education and training to all levels of staff
                                                           support skills training for staff exposed to bereavement on a regular or
                                                              deeper basis
                                                      This is the current key piece of work for the NHSGGC Bereavement Group
Recommendation 5:                                     The bereavement booklet review is complete and updated bereavement             September      Jan Whyte
    Each board should review the quality of           booklets printed – all information and approaches are in line with the         2012
   printed information given to those who have        NHSGGC Accessible Information Policy. As there was a set number printed,
   been newly bereaved, and the consistency           an audit is being considered re distribution and use to determine future
   with which it is given to them.                    provision.

Recommendation 6:                                     The Bereavement Group is tracking progress on bereavement actions                             Jan Whyte
    Each board should develop a planned and
   consistent approach to bereavement                 1 Bereavement training in line with the 3 levels in Shaping Bereavement Care:    October
   awareness, training and education, which           modules completed to date: 494 by Acute staff and 64 by community staff          2012
   should be available, at appropriate levels, for    2 Advice for staff on communicating with bereaved relatives
   all staff.                                         3 Electronic Directory of all bereavement support available across NHSGGC

                                                      The Palliative Care MCN will continue to oversee the development of
                                                      bereavement work already implemented in all care setting across NHSGGC           Ongoing
                                                      through the Liverpool /End of Life Care Pathway. The MCN will also ensure
                                                      bereavement awareness and support is built into the new NHSGGC processes
                                                      for Anticipatory and Advanced Care Planning. This includes supporting the
                                                      use of a patient held plan such as My Thinking Ahead Making Plans.

                                                     All this work will take account of person centred care and the quality strategy   March 2013
                                                     to support
                                                    a whole system bereavement service mapping and provide local
                                                     bereavement signposting
                                                   A system for local bereavement support and coordination across care
                                                    settings to meet the needs of the dying and bereaved people in each locality
                                                   Algorithm for Bereavement Information and Training for staff linked to
                                                     KSF. This will include current and future modules available on Learn- Pro
                                                     and record their usage for service review and future planning.
                                                   Evaluations and reviews to assess user and staff involvement / experience
                                                     of the approaches developed

                                                  A Bereavement Awareness launch event is planned for November that will
                                                  initiate local processes to support bereavement awareness and an algorithm to
                                                  support staff in appropriate access to training and education.
Recommendation 7:                                  Bereavement Steering Group with HR involvement to review staff support            December   NHSGGC
    Each board should review its staff support     structures to ensure that support is available for staff who are distressed by    2012       BSG
   structures to ensure that support is available  experience of death or trauma in all care settings with particular arrangements
   for staff who are distressed by experience of for critical care services, and those who experience personal bereavement.
   death or trauma, and those who experience       Local Procedures be developed in each service as required by both the
   personal bereavement. Arrangements for          Bereavement Policy and the Deaths in Hospital Policy
   debriefing should be reviewed in critical care
   areas such as Intensive Care and Accident
   and Emergency.
Recommendation 8:                                  Bereavement Steering Group is working with HR involvement to ensure new           October    NHSGGC
    Recognising the exposure of staff to matters Policy is clear and appropriate to support NHSGGC staff. Bereavement                2012       BSG
   relating to death and dying, each health        Steering Group with HR input to ensure all service managers review
   board should consider the terms on which        individual staff support on return to work for those who experience personal
   staff return to work following personal         bereavement
Recommendation 9:                                  This development work will be led by the Bereavement Steering Group and           November   NHSGGC
    Each board should establish lines of           will build on a prior approach in partnership with Glasgow City Council. This     2012       BSG
   communication with other stakeholders           provided comprehensive bereavement information and links for carers
   including the Crown Office, Local               registering deaths to build on information provided in Acute settings.
   authorities, Funeral Directors, Registrars,     Partnership Event to launch all developments to be planned for November
   relevant third sector agencies and              2012. This will include representatives from all other local stakeholders.
   independent burial and cremation authorities.

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