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									Greater Augusta Bioscience Region

August 2010 Leadership Conference
Savannah, Georgia

Presented by:
Julian W. Osbon
President & CEO, Osbon & Associates
Project Leadership Team Leader
August 25, 2010
The Vision

 “The Greater Augusta Bioscience Region
  will be a premier site for the development
  and commercialization of bioscience-
  related innovations, and will possess a
  workforce capable of growing and
  developing those innovations within the

The Teams: Home Team

Member Name        County Affiliation
Ashley Banks       Lincoln County
Mike Carrington    McDuffie County
Ed Geddings        Wilkes County
Sue Parr           Richmond County
Troy Post          Columbia County
Ashley Roberts     Burke County

The Teams: Core Team
Member Name              Affiliation
Home Team Members        All six counties
Dr. William Bloodworth   President, Augusta State University
Clay Boardman            President &CEO, Augusta Capital, LLC
Patricia Booker          Judge, Augusta Richmond County
Dr. George Bradley       President, Paine College
J. Truitt Eavenson       Region VP, Georgia Power
Terry Elam               President, Augusta Technical College
Dr. Peter Buckley        Interim Dean, School of Medicine, Medical
                         College of Georgia
Robert Osborne           Exec. Vice President, Georgia Bank & Trust
Monty Osteen             Pres. & CEO, Financial Holdings of Augusta

The Main Goals:
 A functioning and sustainable industry network that
  actively supports the continuous development of the
  region’s bioscience workforce.
 A large pool of available healthcare & bioscience
  workers with clear, definable & measurable skills.
 Profiles & career pathways will have been developed
  for the most critical bioscience-related jobs.
 Work Ready will have a greater profile throughout the
 All counties will be Work Ready certified.

The Work Plan:
1. Establish an active and sustainable industry network
   to promote and support bioscience-related workforce
   efforts in the region.
2. Market careers in the biosciences to current & future
3. Develop job profiles and career pathways for in-
   demand bioscience jobs.
4. Raise the regional profile of Work Ready.
5. Meet, exceed, & maintain Work Ready Certification
   goals & targets in all six counties of the region.

The Game Plan- An Overview:
Work Plan          Action Steps               Progress Report
1: Establish an    Gain commitments of        Prayon, Inc. endorsement,
active, sustain-   support from industry      testimonial, & WR
able industry      leaders                    Newsletter feature; Sept. 21
network.                                      I.N. Kick-off scheduled;
                                              Attend GA Bio Summit in
                                              Atlanta Oct. 28 – invite
                                              Home Team to exhibit
2: Market          Presentations made in 6    Attend GA Bio Summit Oct.
careers in the     schools about bioscience   28; exhibits will be displayed
biosciences to     careers.                   for Augusta students to
current & future                              expose them to bioscience
workers.                                      careers on Nov. 17 & 18

The Game Plan- An Overview:
Work Plan           Action Steps                  Progress Report
3: Develop job      Complete bioscience-          Completed 2 for Medical
profiles & career   related job profiles (3 ST;   College of Georgia Health,
pathways for        6 LT)                         Inc., with 2 others in
in-demand                                         progress
bioscience jobs.
4: Raise regional   Gain commitments from         Coordinating with Core and
profile of Work     employers to advertise        Home Teams; developing
Ready.              “Prefer Work Ready” (6        comprehensive industry
                    ST; 18 LT) and “Require       database; created
                    Work Ready” (2 ST; 6 LT)      consistent “Talking Points”
                    on job applications           presentation to be used
                                                  with employers; proposed
                                                  ad to be placed in Georgia
                                                  Trend magazine for Oct.

The Game Plan- An Overview:
Work Plan               Action Steps                 Progress Report
4: Raise regional       Hold luncheons to            May 21, 2010 joint
profile of Work         promote Work Ready (2        luncheon held with area
Ready.                  ST; 6 LT)                    hospital & bioscience
                                                     executives; Sept. 21
                                                     Industry Network “Kick-off”
                                                     Luncheon scheduled
5: Meet, exceed, &      Maintain McDuffie &          Working with Burke County
maintain WR             Wilkes Counties              (very close to certification);
certification goals &   certifications; get 1 more   met with Home Team in
targets in all 6        county WR certified          May; Allocated $10,000 to
counties of region.                                  incentivize GED students
                                                     to earn GWR certificate

The Game Plan: Play by Play
 Action Step: Gain commitments of support and
  participation from industry leaders within the region’s
  bioscience industry.
 Progress Report: Received endorsement and
  testimonial from Prayon, Inc. Their success story also
  featured in the August 2010 Georgia Work Ready
  newsletter. Working through Core & Home Teams to
  gain additional support; Core & Home Team Meetings
  scheduled for Sept. 15, 2010; Industry Network Kick-off
  Meeting scheduled for Sept. 21, 2010. Attend GA Bio
  Summit in Atlanta on Oct. 28 – will invite Home Team
  members to attend & exhibit also.

 The Game Plan: Play by Play

 Action Step: Presentations made in 6 schools about
  bioscience careers.

 Progress Report: Plan to attend GA Bio Summit in
  Atlanta on Oct. 28; exhibits will be displayed for
  Augusta area students to expose them to bioscience
  careers on Nov. 17-18. Home Team members will be
  invited to exhibit and participate as well, in both Atlanta
  and Augusta.

 The Game Plan: Play by Play
 Action Step: Complete bioscience-related job profiles
  (3 short-term; 6 long-term).

 Progress Report: Completed 2 bioscience-related job
  profiles for Medical College of Georgia Health, Inc.,
  and currently working to complete 2 more for Medical
  College of Georgia Health, Inc.; Working through
  Home & Core Teams to communicate value of job
  profiling to bioscience-related companies.

The Game Plan: Play by Play
 Action Step: Gain commitments from employers to
  advertise “Prefer Work Ready” ( 6 short term; 18 long
  term) and “Require Work Ready” (2 short term; 6 long
  term) on job applications.

 Progress Report: Coordinating with Core and Home
  Teams; developing comprehensive, interactive
  bioscience industry database; created consistent
  “Talking Points” presentation to be used with
  employers; Industry Network “Kick-off” Meeting
  scheduled for September 21, 2010; proposed ad in
  Georgia Trend magazine to highlight biosciences.

The Game Plan: Play by Play
 Action Step: Hold luncheons to promote Work Ready
  (2 short term; 6 long term).

 Progress Report: Held joint luncheon with area
  hospitals and bioscience executives in May 2010;
  invited all Core Team members; Dr. Tom Cooper,
  healthcare entrepreneur was featured speaker;
  garnered a great deal of positive press about Work
  Ready in local TV & newspaper. Industry Network
  “Kick-off” Meeting scheduled for Sept. 21, 2010.

The Game Plan: Play by Play
 Action Step: Maintain McDuffie & Wilkes Counties
  certifications; get one more county WR certified.

 Progress Report: Added a Home Team member from
  Wilkes County Commission; held first Home Team
  meeting in May 2010; inviting Economic Development
  leaders to next Home Team Meeting; Working with
  Burke County (very close to certification) to raise
  private industry numbers; Allocated $10,000 to
  incentivize GED students to earn GWR certificates.

Greater Augusta Bioscience Region:

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