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									                          Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
                                 67 Prospect Avenue, 3rd Floor
                                   Hartford, CT 06106-2980

                                Stacie J. Mawson, Executive Director

                              Commissioner’s Meeting of April 6, 2009


Members in Attendance:
Edward Peltier, (Executive Director of ASD, Ex-Officio)
Sue Pedersen (President, CCOSD, Ex-Officio)
Luisa Soboleski (Chairperson)
Mary Silvestri (Deaf Member/Parent)
John D. Garvin (Deaf Member)
James Donagher (Designee from DMHAS)
Bridget Kemmling (Designee from DOL)
Jeffrey Bravin (Deaf Member)
Mary Lynch (Hearing Impaired Member)
Matt Ranelli (Parent of a Child in Oral Education Program)
Gloria White (Deaf Member)
Jane Whitehead (Designee from DDS)

                      Stacie J. Mawson, Executive Director

Members Not Present:
Jacqui Kelleher, (Designee from DOE)
Raymond DeRosa (Parent of student in public school)
MaryAnn D’Addario (Designee from DCF)
Colleen Hayles, (Consultant for Hearing Impaired Programs, Ex-Officio)
Lucy Trusock (Parent of a student enrolled at ASD)

Vacant Positions:
Designee from DSS
Designee from DPH
Otolaryngologist-licensed to practice in the State of Connecticut
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Member

Interpreters:         Maryann Morehouse, Marie Ungaro

Cart Reporter:        Diana Huntington

Guests:               Michael Fiorino and Michelle Sangster, SPRINT Representative
Call to Order

Luisa called the meeting to order at 1:41 p.m. and announced the adjournment time of 3:30 p.m.

Mary Silvestri made a motion to accept the agenda as presented. Jim Donagher seconds the motion.

Mary Silvestri made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections. Jane Whitehead seconds the

I.     Executive Director’s Report

Stacie thanked the Commissioners of CDHI for showing support and responding to the Governor’s Bill
that stated CDHI would be terminated unless re-established in 2012.

Personnel: Approval was granted for three Temporary Worker Retirees to return to work. Sue
Pedersen, the only Certified Deaf Interpreter on staff has returned to work as well as the other two
interpreters affected by the suspension.

Agency Update: The agency has been asked to come up with a 5%, 7%, and 10% reduction plans
from Personal Services. Stacie will meet with the Department of Administrative Service Financial
team to discuss additional reduction to CDHI’s tight budget.

The Governor’s proposed budget for CDHI has been accepted by the Appropriations Committee. It
now needs to be voted on by the House and Senate.

The rate change and contract language for Interpreting Services went into effect on March 20 th. The
new hourly rate for interpreting services is now $46.00 per hour.

The First Responders Training is going well; Glastonbury is expecting 75 responders. The group has
been invited to the Fire Academy’s annual training in June.

Five companies have responded to the RFP for the Interpreting Software. Representatives from DOIT,
DAS Financial Team and CDHI are reviewing and evaluating the companies. The sooner this project
is completed the less risk CDHI has to losing the funding.

Governor Rell issued a directive to seize all spending. Purchasing has been suspended until next fiscal

House Bill 5672 – An Act Expanding Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids for Children, has moved
on to the Appropriations Committee. The Appropriations Committee will review the bill for fiscal
notes. There has been no activity since March 19th.

II.    Executive Board Report

Mary Silvestri, John Garvin and Luisa met for the Executive Board meeting. The Executive Board
members discussed ASL as a World Language in a Public School. Mary Silvestri will show a
PowerPoint presentation at the June Meeting.
Luisa shared her experience testifying at the Appropriations Hearing on behalf of the Commission. It
was a very positive experience. The Appropriation hearing was televised on CTN.

III.       Unfinished Business

Stacie’s office sent out a letter to Michael Meotti, Commissioner of Higher Education, to alert him that
in the next several years there will be a law requiring sign language interpreters to have a four year
degree. Currently the Community Colleges do not offer such programs.

A letter was also sent to the Governor’s office regarding 911 calls, Public Services Announcements
and captions.

The third letter related to the Coalition, explaining who we are and letting them know what a good job
Colleen Hayles is doing and thanking her for work and time spent her on CDHI’s Commission.

Stacie announced that the Department of Social Services has installed a Video Phone in Cathy
Blewett’s office.

IV.        New Business

Sue Pedersen reported that some clients are complaining that Department of Social Services are not
honoring their request for an Interpreter while clients are required to meet with the Social Worker’s in
person. Sue is seeking assistance from CDHI and its Commissioner’s to help resolve this problem.

Stacie will send letters to the Commissioners of the agencies with vacant positions requesting
replacements for the vacant members that left.

Northwestern Community College is looking for a representative from CDHI to be on their board.
Wade Terry is the Vice President of Career Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. CDHI has
only nine (9) employees. Stacie opened the request up to CDHI’s Commissioners.

Mary Silvestri recommended sending a letter to an organization of ENT’s requesting someone to sit on
CDHI’s Advisory Board.

Information shared by Jacqueline Kelleher prior to meeting. Results Based Accountability (RBA) is a
method used by the Appropriations Committee to measure state agencies meaningfulness and
importance of programs and services they provide. There are eight (8) questions each agency is
required to answer when preparing their budget presentations. Jacqueline Keheller is involved in the
RBA at the Department of Education and is interested in working with a small group from CDHI to
develop some of the measurements to evaluate the Interpreting and Counseling programs.

V.         Announcements

Jeff Bravin made several announcements:

          ASD will be hosting a social program on June 12th specifically for deaf or hard of hearing
           students. If you know of any students coming from a mainstream program, teenagers
           specifically deaf or hard of hearing who would like to come and socialize with students at ASD
           invite them. For more information contact Ed Peltier.
         ASD has a new Culinary Arts Center there will be an open house and food tasting.

         ASD Annual Golf Tournament on May 15th.

Sue Pedersen announced that CCOSD is planning their 40th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon.
CCOSD is also planning a Forum on September 26th during Deaf Awareness Week; additional
information will be announced in June.

VI.       Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 3:14 p.m. The next scheduled meeting is Monday, June 1, 2009.

Revised 6/1/09

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