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Leiningen Versus by KMs2B3



             Leiningen Versus the Ants
                                              by Carl Stephenson

Here are the requirements for this reading assignment:

      1. Define the following vocabulary words and use each one in a sentence of your own. Remember to
provide a context clue so that the reader has a better understanding of the word you are trying to use.

                   peons            weir        alluvium fomentations            provender

                 obstinacy      saurians       dementia        tamarind         imprecations

                 mandibles foreboding             flout         cataract        annihilation

                  fervidly        dervish       pirouette        alacrity         vanguard

                  skirmish        cisterns       razing           havoc            gauntlet

      Listen to the entire story right here! Click on the two links below for Leiningen Versus the Ants!

                                     Part One Audio *** Part Two Audio

       2. Read the introduction beginning on page 548-549. Create your "prediction chart" using the
information on page 549.

     3. Read the story, Leiningen Versus the Ants beginning on page 550. Check the Audio Links if you want
to download the story in MP3 form.

      4. Based on the first page or so, describe what the main conflict is. Use specific examples from the story.

       5. On page 552, the author describes Leiningen's personality and his accomplishments. Describe him and
tell about his accomplishments.

     6. What seems to be the general behavior of the ants? Be specific. Give examples!

       7. Why do you think the workers trust Leiningen so much?

      8. Complete the Reading Check questions at the bottom of most pages. There are 10 of them.
     9. Research "plagues" and see what you come up with. Write a brief summary of the various kinds of
plagues and report on how plagues affect people, property, economy and survival. At least two to three

     10. What is important about the references to William Shakespeare's Macbeth? What does the play
Macbeth and Leiningen Versus the Ants have in common? (See page 560 for more information.)

       11. Name some other dangerous creatures from this story.

Using the information to the left, provide details to show the plot progression. Explain the key points in
the story by plotting the story on this diagram.

See pages IN2 and IN3 (At the beginning of the textbook) for much more information.

12. 100 points extra credit if you wish to answer the Review and Assess questions on page 570. Do not bother
to answer them if you are going to do them - just to do. Answer them well and provide examples for full credit!

CLICK HERE! (For the full story!)


catara Imagine you are isolated on a remote plantation in the crawling Amazon jungle and an immense army of
ravenous ants is closing in on you, swarming in to eat you alive. A deadly black army from which there is

As the story begins we are transported to the Amazon jungle and to a creeping, crawling terror as Carl
Stephenson told it in his famous story, "Leiningen Versus the Ants."

Assignment: Copy and paste the below outline into a Word document then complete the outline explaining the
three characteristics of Leiningen. Support each characteristic by thinking about and answering the questions
provided. Write the answers to the questions in complete sentences. Check for correct grammar, punctuation,
capitalization, spelling, unity (focus) and coherence (clarity). Attach your completed and proofed outline to the
front of this packet, turning in all hard copies of your work.

                                         Three Qualities of Leiningen

I. One characteristic Leiningen possesses is___________________
(When and how does he show this quality? How does this quality affect his behavior and actions? Is it a positive
characteristic, in your opinion?)




II. Another quality that Leiningen demonstrates is_____________________
(When and how does he show this quality? How does this quality affect his behavior and actions? Is it a positive
characteristic, in your opinion?)



III. Finally, Leiningen shows_____________________
(When and how does he show this quality? How does this quality affect his behavior and actions? Is it a positive
characteristic, in your opinion?)




                           “Leiningen Versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson

Map Assignment

                                  Create a Map of Leiningen’s Plantation

You will complete this assignment as a test in class. It will be an open book test. You must
prepare for the making of the map at home. Reread the story and find all of the descriptions of
the plantation that you can find and begin to practice drawing the map. For example, where is
the ditch? Where are the dam, the breakwater, and the petrol tanks?

In the short story “Leiningen Versus the Ants” the main character refuses to leave his wonderful
plantation during the invasion of killer ants.

Leiningen has created a plantation that he thinks can withstand all calamities. Even after being
warned by the District Commissioner, he risks the lives of his plantation workers in order to stay on
his land and protect his plantation. What was so incredible about the organization of his
plantation? Why did he think he was invincible?

Map Criteria

-the map done in class will be in colour, but your practice test does not

-the map must be on a regular size of white paper (8 ½ x 11)

-the map must contain all criteria that you know a map must have

-the map must demonstrate that you clearly understand the setting of the story. This will also
demonstrate that you understand the story plot as the ants make their way through the barriers in
the plantation.

-you will be marked on

      a) neatness and creativity of the map

       b) accuracy of the facts from the story. Tip: do this assignment with your book open in front
of you. It is difficult to understand the setting of this story so read it carefully!

Column1      Column2 Column3 Column4           Column5 Column6
placidly     wrought vanquished advent         hampering vista
do a bunk    ravenous primal       encompassed petrol     sickle
saurians     peril      yield      diverted    rampart perceived
             acts of
fend off     God        curt       imposing    besieged foe
blindgut     attributed tidings    girdle      stock      gave vent
conceivably dullards imminent quadrilateral destined imprecations
obstinacy abyss         denizens afford        hem        relapsed
imploring fate          pell-mell peons        uncannily dwindle
devastationsgrapple hindered plunderers herbage qualm
Column7 Column8 Column9               Column10 Column11
malaise     foreboding remorselessly aura       pirouette
voracious deluge        hordes        fervidly transfixed
blighters telegraphy coursing         hitherto slacken
cranium attainable dispatched         blights   barrage
flout       cataract demed            sparse    virtue
battalions clambered impelled         toiled    dispassionate
rival       reserves cascade          plight    myriad
outflanking shoals      simultaneouslytrice     futile
mandibles asunder annihilation dervish erred
Column12 Column13 Column14 Column15 Column16 Column17 dispersing inevitably ominous weir attained
draw his pay hastening contrary alacrity intermittent dumbfounded asset their claims in vain victualing pampas
stag fording bemoaning solitary eddied provender persecutors vanguard cisterns meditatively coherent milch
cows novel skirmishers preserve spoils fusillades foray inspired theatre air cordon forlorn toiling raze preceding
indifference brink impregnable fey bestir irresistible belied compensate electric torches prophesied pontoon
throng knitted sated

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