COLLATERAL VERIFICATIONS

  Aircraft Valuations                                                                  Aircraft Technical
  Aircraft Valuation Spreadsheet                                                       PrePurchase Inspections (Letter of Intent inspections, Formal PrePurchase
  Aircraft Market Letter                                                               Inspection, Full Records Audit/Inspections, Aircraft Redelivery Acceptance
  Aircraft Appraisal (Desktop Appraisal)                                               Audit/Inspection, End/Begin Lease Audit/Inspection
  Certified Aircraft Appraisal (Extended Desktop Appraisal)                            Heavy Check Technical Representation
  Certified Aircraft Appraisal (Full Desktop Appraisal)                                Heavy Check Invoice Auditing & Review
  Certified Aircraft Appraisal with Full Records Audit                                 Maintenance Program Bridging
  (Comprehensive Desktop Appraisal)                                                    Maintenance Workscope Authoring
  Portfolio Valuations (EETC, Securitizations, Operator Fleets)                        Computer Maintenance Tracking Software & Maintenance Planning
                                                                                       Document Audits

  Publications & Research                                                              Lease Management
  Turbine Aircraft Guide                                                               Monthly utilization calculations
  (Leading Commercial Aircraft Values Guide)                                           Annual Escalation Advisory (LLP, Engine OH, Airframe & Landing Gear SR/MR
  Commissioned Industry Studies                                                        hour/cycle cost)
  Research Papers                                                                      Lease contract compliance
  Free Monthly Values Newsletter                                                       Lease Modifications (sub leases, extensions, early returns)
                                                                                       Maintenance Reserves (Supplemental Rent invoicing, draw down claims)
                                                                                       Placement, Redeployment & Disposal strategies
  Inventory Services                                                                   Advisory
  Certified Inventory Appraisals                                                       Completion and Refurbishment Management
  Analysis & Obsolete Parts Reduction                                                  Conference Speaking Engagements
  Software, eCommerce Listings & IT Support                                            Contract Terminology & Preparation Assistance
  Repair & Overhaul Management                                                         FAA DAR & DER Services
  Warehouse Reorganization                                                             Lease Negotiations
                                                                                       Market Analysis
  Sales                                                                                Maintenance Event Forecasting and Lease Review
  Aircraft Listing Services                                                            Repair Station Certifications – Part 145
  Aircraft Leasing and Sourcing Services                                               STC Certifications (Advisory & Management)
  Financing and Insurance Consulting
  Aircraft Repossession and Relocation Services
  Inventory Sales (Full service off site or on site consignment)
Collateral Verifications is a leading global provider of unbiased third party financial, technical, management and sales services specializing in
aircraft and aviation assets. We offer a full spectrum of solutions covering the entire aviation asset life cycle. As a proven performer of complex
distressed aviation asset recovery services, CV has successfully managed international commercial leases, reorganized & sold military part
inventories; valued Eastern European MRO’s and repossessed & marketed commercial airliners.

                “We take on every project as if it is our money at risk and our careers on the line”
    Commercial Aviation & Aircraft Valuation          Aircraft & Parts Sales, Repossessions                      Technical Services, Lease Management,
                  Services                                        & Remarketing                                 Inspections/Audits, Inventory Appraisals

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                     Norwalk, CT                                        Nashville, TN                                            Orlando, FL
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               203.461.1966 International                         615.618.0341 International                              407.758.7130 International

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