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Wednesday 18 October 2006
Ashley Down Centre

Present:                  Keith Elliott (Chair), Jenny Bentley, Jan Bovill, Jenny Brown,
                          Chris Bullock, Stephen Godber, Roland Goddard, Diane Hale,
                          Wayne, Isaac, Robert Jones, Terina Lewin, Viv Manley,
                          Margaret Playle, Alison Rugg, Rob Sibley, Sue Simpson,
                          Nella Stokes, Judy Stradling, Hugh Street, John Taylor,
                          Graham Theedom, Richard Thorold, Kath Tudor, Hywel Vaughan
                          and Christine Vokins.

In attendance:                         Prue Griffiths  - Committee Services Officer
                                       Stuart Horn     - Premises Operations     )
                                       Sid Cameron     - LRC, Soundwell          ) Item 2 only
                                       Denise Vesdekis - Humanities, Soundwell )

1.       Apologies for absence:
Apologies for absence were received from Ian Booth, Shirley Cary, Les Caunce,
Keith Green and Ian Venn.

2.       Presentation – Customer Service

Nella Stokes introduced the Presentation informing the Management Forum that a
Customer Service Pilot Project has been running, led by Slavica Talbot of ABT,
supported by Rob Sibley and Nella Stokes. The aim of the project was to introduce
to staff the importance of Customer Service into day to day work throughout the
College, regardless of staff grade or position.

A Pilot Group had been established made up of staff from different grades and
different faculties and units. Three members of the group were present at the
meeting and gave a presentation ‘Recommending a Customer Service Strategy’.
This included:

        a Vision Statement;
        consistency in providing excellent customer service;
        goals and objectives;
        where we are currently;
        assumptions that are no longer valid;
        proposed action; and
        recommendations for rolling out a customer service strategy.

It was noted that following the success of the pilot project, other groups would be
established at different centres to develop a Customer Service culture throughout
the College.

Management Forum supported this approach, noting a Customer Service
group would be initiated at Ashley Down.

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3.       Minutes of the Meeting held on 20 September 2006

These were agreed as a true record.

4.       Matters Arising from the Minutes of 20 September 2006
4.1 RAG Rating Exercise of HR
It was noted that this exercise had been completed and a report would be made to
the College Organisational Development Group.

4.2 Long Service Awards
It was noted that an HR Policy on Long Service Awards was being considered by
Principalship. In the interim, Graham Theedom (GT) was co-ordinating an event to be
held at the end of each term for staff who have completed 10 or more years service
with the College. Faculties and Units were asked to liaise with GT.

Action: ALL

4.3 Marketing
It was noted that teams within Marketing and Learner Services have been consulted
about the proposal to merge the Units. Discussions about how the merger will be
developed were in the early stages.

5        Staff Engagement

Graham Theedom introduced a report entitled ‘Creating a “One Team” Approach at
City of Bristol College’. It was noted that this was a summary of a report that had
been presented to the College Organisational Development (COD) Group.

The report referred to the following actions required to become an outstanding

        introduce a Culture Change Programme including:
         - management style;
         - a united ‘one’ management team;
         - Human Resource development;
        moving to ‘outstanding’; and
        key external influences.

It was noted that progress has been made on actions identified in the report as

        a Year Planner has been produced and all faculties have been requested to
         display in every staff room;
        a Climate Survey was underway, with a closing date of 31 October;
        interviews have been arranged for members of an editorial group to produce a
         new staff magazine;
        staff have been invited to attend informal meetings to discuss developing values
         and behaviours;
        meetings with faculty and unit management teams were progressing; and
        a new Internal Communications Strategy has been drafted.

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The Management Forum noted that the Climate Survey was an opportunity for all
staff to provide information about their experience of working in the College and the
information will be used to help improve the way things work and, ultimately, to
improve the experience of students and staff. Feedback from the Survey and the
One Team Day will be used to develop faculty and unit action plans for engaging staff

The importance of the Customer Service Strategy was emphasised in creating a ‘One
Team’ approach.

The Management Forum received the report and endorsed the approach.

6.       Key Priorities

Keith Elliott informed the Management Forum that the College was perceived to be
one of the most effective colleges in the country. This needed to be maintained when
facing future challenges and he outlined the following key priorities:

        stabilise the funding and planning position:
         - ensure effective baseline budget;
         - plan to monitor and achieve contracts;
         - avoid diverting faculties from education delivery/quality.
        improve Quality and Self Assessment:
         - success rates not high enough;
         - need more rapid progress/ambition;
         - good to great;
         - secure Beacon position.
        Employers and Skills:
         - key area for change;
         - CRM project should help;
         - lack of clarity on plan to meet new challenges across the College;
         - how do we provide the whole service to employers given structure/variable
        14-19:
         - Diploma/Gateway;
         - South Bristol/other partnerships.
        Customer service and learner engagement:
         - incorporate equality and diversity;
         - customer service project will lead to more co-ordinated approach.
        Adult and Community Provision:
        HR Planning and Staff Engagement:
         - COD group to bring strands together.

7.       Finance and Planning
7.1 Update on 2005/06 Outturn
Jenny Bentley informed the Management Forum that the deficit position of £587k had
reduced to £380k due to changes in provision for expenditure.

It was noted that owing to the College’s success, in particular in recruiting 16-18 year
old students, an issue for 2006/07 would be managing the financial consequences of

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Jenny reported that baseline budgets had now been approved and grouped as

        Cleared and approved for release;
        Budget Managers required to adjust budget to breakeven or better before
         finalisation; and
        Deficit budget accepted, with plans in place to recover deficit during the year.

7.2 Action Plan
The Management Forum received a Financial Action Plan, which incorporated
suggested actions arising from group discussion at the previous meeting. The Action
Plan covered:

        improving the forecasting of income;
        improving budget setting and forecasting of costs; and
        identification of cost reductions;

The Management Forum also received a subset of actions, the objective of which
was to ensure completeness and accuracy of monthly management accounts and
improve information provided to budget holders.

It was noted that progress on the Action Plan would be reported to the College’s
Finance and General Purposes Committee and monitored by the Audit Committee
through Internal Auditor’s reports.

8.       Health and Safety Action Plan

Richard Thorold reminded the Management Forum that they had received details of
actions required to comply with the HSE Prohibition and Improvement Notices. It was
noted that spot checks would be taking place and Ian Venn and Margaret Playle
would be attending faculty meetings to advise on the system of purchasing COSHH

Action: IV/MP

9.       Quality

9.1 Ofsted Annual Assessment Visit
The Management Forum noted that the Ofsted Annual Assessment Visit would be
taking place on 7 November 2006.

Judy Stradling tabled a paper which outlined areas where the Inspectors may require
data/information and drew attention to the following:

        The Quality Standards Committee will be moderating the grades faculties have
         given themselves in their draft SARs;
        Retention – withdrawals need to be up to date;
        Benchmarks – CPR was available at College level and Subject Sector level;
         Proachieve was available for faculty level;
        Equality and Diversity – impact of E&D measures in last year’s SARs needs to
         be visible;
        ILPs (re key skills) – are course teams using them – has this had an impact on
         the way students are taught.

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9.2 Success Rates 2005/06
The Management Forum received papers which detailed the latest information about
College success rates 2005/06.

It was noted that action was required by faculties to improve the success rates, and
data collection problems needed to be addressed.

10. Reports
10.1 Areas
Due to time constraints it was agreed to defer this item. However, Diane Hale
reported that the College had been presented with a plaque from Bristol City Football
Club in recognition of its partnership arrangements.

10.2 College Catering
Richard Thorold informed the Management Forum that alternative options were being
considered to reduce the deficit in catering operations. One of these options was
possible out sourcing. A decision would be made by the end of November with an
implementation date of 1 January 2007.

10.3 Student Satisfaction
The Management Forum noted that the Student End of Course Questionnaire had
been circulated. It was further noted that the following areas needed to be addressed:

        Compliance – there were areas of the College where no questionnaires were
         returned. (An on-line version will be piloted);
        Student dissatisfaction with wider activities/healthy living – strategies need to be
         considered to promote what has so fare been implemented at the College.

11. Date of next meeting
Wednesday 15 November 2006 at 8.30 am in room 3C4, College Green Centre.

Wednesday 13 December 2006 will now be a Management Away Day – venue to be

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