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 HISTORY DAY RUBRIC                     TOPIC: _____________________________________________

NAME(s): ___________________                                 FORMAT:
          ___________________           ___ Exhibit-Individual     ___ Exhibit-Group
          ___________________           ___ Documentary-Individual ___ Documentary-Group
          ___________________           ___ Performance-Individual ___ Performance-Group
          ______________________        ___ Research Paper         ___ Website

Historical Quality (60%)

____/10   Entry is historically accurate
      9 10 The information given is both accurate and comprehensive.
      7 8 The information is accurate, but limited.
      5 6 The information contains errors of fact and/or interpretation.

____/10   Shows analysis and interpretation
      9 10 The analysis and interpretation are clearly stated.
      7 8 The project gives the facts with some explanation and some implied analysis.
      5 6 The project is a report that gives facts, but little or no explanation or analysis.

____/10   Places topic in historical context
      9 10 The project explains what caused and what resulted from the topic covered and
           what else was going on at the time.
      7 8 The project explains what caused and what resulted and what else was going on at
           the time in minimal or limited terms. It may mention one, but not all aspects, or be
           limited in its analysis.
      5 6 The project sticks closely to the topic, but does not deal with either cause or effect.

____/20   Shows wide research and uses available primary sources
      17 20 The bibliography is impressive. Both primary and secondary sources come from a
            variety of printed, electronic, and oral sources, includes maps and graphs.
      13 16 The bibliography is what one would expect. It includes both primary and secondary
            sources, but relies heavily on one type of source. Uses maps and graphs.
      10 12 The bibliography meets the minimum standards for number of primary and
            secondary sources. Relies on secondary sources.

____/10   Presentation is balanced
      9 10 Several viewpoints are included and explained.
      7 8 The existence of other viewpoints are mentioned.
      5 6 The project focuses entirely on one viewpoint.
Relation to Theme (20%)

____/10   Clearly relates topic to theme
      9 10 The project shows a thorough understanding of the theme and clearly states the
           theme and its relation to the topic.
      7 8 The project uses the words of the theme and implies some connection.
      5 6 The project may have a connection to the theme, but it is not clearly stated.

____/10   Demonstrates significance of topic in history and draws conclusion
      9 10 The project clearly states the significance of the topic in history and draws
           conclusions that are clearly demonstrated and supported in the project.
      7 8 The project states the topic’s significance in history, but the conclusion lacks
      5 6 The project implies that the topic was significant in history, but does not clearly
           state the significance.

Clarity of Presentation (20%)

____/10   Project, material is original, clear, appropriate, organized, articulate
      9 10 The presentation, whether written or oral, is either original or adequately and
           accurately referenced, grammatically correct, organized, appropriate for a formal
           presentation, and interesting as well as informative.
      7 8 The presentation, whether written or oral, is generally acceptable but contains some
           or all of the following weaknesses: some statements are too closely paraphrased and
           should be referenced, has some spelling or grammar errors, lacks a clear organiza-
           tional pattern, uses words too slangy for formal work, and/or seems rather plodding.
      5 6 The presentation relies heavily on unreferenced quotes, contains several spelling
           and grammar errors, jumps around in an unorganized manner, and limits the
           narrative primarily to a listing of the facts.

____/10   Project is organized, has visual impact, correctly uses maps, photos, etc.
      9 10 Project generates a strong response, shows creativity, and attention to detail in
           straight lines, readable print, appealing and effective graphics.
      7 8 Project attempts something creative, lines are generally straight, print is readable,
           graphics are appealing and effective.
      5 6 The project is visually appealing. More attention could have been paid to layout,
           lines, print size and font.

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