2011 byrne millennium interlibrary loans by 0I7T01


Interlibrary loans

Donna Byrne
MilILL implementation at UB
ILL/DD Background

  • 2010 requests: 1846 copies, 177 loans
  • Utilise LADD for majority of requests
  • Local process entirely manual

Request workflow
    Manual & double handling of request data
    Labour intensive & time consuming
Preparation for automation

•   Project group brief
•   ILL module purchased/installed late 2010
•   Systems Librarian/ILL staff defined parameters
•   Site visit to University of Melbourne

•   Initially all requests keyed into MilILL
•   Then into forms as templates refined & tested
•   Soft launch ahead of changeover date
•   SFX forms came shortly after
         On time, & with existing staff
         No disruption to service provision
         Patrons happily adopted new process
Issues & Discussion
•   Form templates: how many?
•   Form templates: don’t mess with them
•   Author field information disappears
•   Use of status field
•   System maintenance
•   ISO ILL compliance

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