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									                                     Listening Guide
                                     Shared Reading

What does this video identify as the components of a Balanced Reading Program?

Shared Reading is described as a                    where all children can participate in a
sh         l                 activity regardless of d                  levels.

What 4 purposes does the video reference for Shared Reading?

A book chosen for Shared Reading should be considered according to the following
   1. Big book where children can see the print.
   2. Challenging but not too difficult so that children are able to meet the challenges
   3. Rhyme, rhythm, and repetition should be present to assist children in making
      predictions and joining in with the reading.
   4. The book should be captivating so that it holds up under repeated readings of the

                            5 Day Segment on Super Kids

Day One—Describe how the teacher does the following:
     Sell the story—

      Make predictions—

      Construct meaning—

      Enjoy the story—
Day Two—Describe how the teacher involves the students in:
     The story—

      Language Explorations—

      Vocabulary Development—

Day Three—Explain how the teacher accomplishes the following:
     Heightening children’s awareness regarding concepts about print—

      Further development of language skills—

Day Four—How is the above continued on D4:
     Concepts about Print—

      Language skills—

      Elements of fluency addressed—

Day Five—How did the teacher and students celebrate the big book they had been sharing
and reading during the week?

What can be done with the big book that was used for Shared Reading as well as the class
book that was made on Day Five?

     Basic Guidelines:
     Each day’s focus:
            Day 1—
            Day 2—
            Day 3—
            Day 4—
               Day 5—

Remember---Shared Reading is a literacy activity in which all children can p               .

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