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									Champions for Health
   Training Day
     Thursday 5 July 2012
 10.00am – Setting the Scene
Setting the scene
• Update on Champions for Health – the campaign
  and the programme.
• Outlining role of Key Contact.
• Opportunity to develop your organisation’s
  recruitment and involvement plans.
• Overview of the campaign’s communications
  strategy and launch plans.
• Introducing the Model for Improvement.
• Final questions and queries.
Who’s here?
•   Members of the Steering Group
•   Members of the Working Group
•   Key Contacts
•   Members of the 1000 Lives Plus team

Today is an opportunity:
• To build relationships and links for this work.
• Raise the issues and find the answers together.
• Extends our advisory group.
Measuring success
• A greater understanding of Champions for Health
  and the reasons for it.
• Good conversations and networking with
• Inspired by the potential for the campaign – and
  how it links with work already taking place in
  your organisation.
• Mapping out your plans for your organisation.
• Being part of a wider team – committed to
  delivering Champions for Health.

• Why ‘Champions for Health’?
• Support
   – Directors of Public Health
   – Public Health Wales
   – Welsh Government
   – 1000 Lives Plus
• Two aspects
   – Campaign
   – Training programme
Five health areas
The project will incorporate five drivers:
     • Drink safely
     • Take regular exercise
     • Eat healthily
     • Stop smoking
     • Achieve ideal body weight
Survival Function According to Number of Health
Behaviours in Men and Women Aged 45–79 Years
without Known Cardiovascular Disease or Cancer,
Adjusted for Age, Sex, Body Mass Index and Social
Class, EPIC-Norfolk 1993–2006

                                                    Khaw K-T, Wareham N, Bingham S,
                                                    Welch A, et al. (2008) Combined Impact
                                                    of Health Behaviours and Mortality in
                                                    Men and Women: The EPIC-Norfolk
                                                    Prospective Population Study. PLoS
                                                    Med 5(1): e12.
• To equip health workers with the knowledge and
  skills to become more effective role models and
  advocates of public health messages.
• To improve the health of NHS Wales staff.
• To support organisations seeking gold and
  platinum award status for Well Being at Work.
Why now?
• The Olympics is a once in a lifetime opportunity
  to launch a major project.
• Building on the back of the Olympics and ‘taking
  on the baton’ this project is designed to engage
  NHS Wales staff.
Why now?
• ‘Together for Health’ has an emphasis on all NHS
  Wales staff becoming more involved in public
  health and on the public taking more
  responsibility for their own health.
• Staff in the NHS are the biggest resource available
  for influencing patients and the public.
“It will require action on many fronts not just in the
   traditional health sector. We must improve the
   health of everyone in Wales. The people of Wales
   themselves will need to take more responsibility
   for their own health and for that of their family
   and community. We will give them all the support
   we can to do this …I invite the people of Wales to
   join with us in creating a Wales where health
   really does match the best anywhere.”
                                Together for Health
Benefits to staff
Staff will feel more confident if they have the:
•     Knowledge to impart.
•     Skills to intervene effectively.
•     Right to intervene.
•     Moral assurance that they themselves are
      practising what they preach.
Campaign goal
• To recruit 1,000 NHS Wales’ members of staff,
  across the seven health boards and trusts, to
  undertake a six month health challenge.
• Each person will be required to select two
  healthy behaviours and over the six month
  period seek to improve their health through
  applying a series of interventions.
Key dates
• Campaign launch – recruitment phase
  – Wednesday 15 August 2012 (following the end of
    the Olympics)
  – Six week period to recruit 1,000 individuals
• ‘On your marks, get set, go!’ – action period
  – Monday 24 September 2012
• End of Campaign period
  – End of March 2013
Champions for Health
   Training Day
    Thursday 5 July 2012
 10.30am – The Opportunity
 Champions for Health
    Training Day
      Thursday 5 July 2012
10.45am – Getting the message out
Key messages
• A healthier you means a healthier Wales.
• Improving and maintaining good health is everyone’s
• By improving your health you can influence your
  patients, colleagues and communities to do the
• Simple lifestyle changes will keep you – and your
  patients – on track for a healthy life.
• This is your chance to take up the baton for a
  healthier Wales.
Supporting messages
   •   Drink safely
   •   Take regular activity
   •   Eat healthily
   •   Stop smoking
   •   Achieve ideal body weight
• Website/s
    – Intranet:
    – Internet:
•   Campaign support materials
•   Media relations
•   Social media
•   Celebrity support
• A Guide to Champions for Health, which will provide an
  introduction to the campaign, its aims and objectives and
  guidance on taking part.
• Branding – the campaign logo in a number of different
  formats, suitable for various kinds of use.
• Promotional materials – an introductory leaflet to the
  campaign, providing details on how to take part (including
  Frequently Asked Questions) and a powerpoint presentation.
• Template material, including press releases, organisation news
  items, case studies.
• Photographs.
Celebrities signed up
•   Darren Campbell - Olympic Gold Medallist Sprinter
•   Nicole Cooke - Olympic Gold Medallist Cyclist
•   Chris Corcoran – comedian and broadcaster
•   Jonathan Davies - former Wales, Wales & Great Britain Rugby League
    player, now TV pundit
•   Tom James - Olympic Rower – Men’s 4s
•   Robert Jones - former Wales Captain and British & Irish Lions player, now
    TV/radio pundit
•   Wynne Lewis – Welsh tenor
•   Simon Richardson - Paralympic Cyclist
•   Paul Thorburn – Former Wales skipper
•   Rhys Williams - Olympic 400 metre hurdler
    More to follow – do you know anyone who could support
    your organisation?
• Developing the
  Champions for Health
• Any names?
 Champions for Health
    Training Day
      Thursday 5 July 2012
11.45am – The role of a key contact
Role of a
Key Contact
•   Recruit staff to take part in the campaign.
•   Contact person for campaign within organisation.
•   Contact person for the campaign team.
•   Promote the campaign through organisation’s
    internal structures.
•   Build strategic relationships.
•   Identify key work already taking place and link.
•   Liaise with organisation’s communications team.
•   Disseminating information across organisation.
Allocated spaces on an
organisational basis

 Health Board/Trust                     Allocation


 ANEURIN BEVAN HB                            140



 CWM TAF HB                                  100

 HYWEL DDA HB                                105

 POWYS TEACHING HB                           30


 VELINDRE NHS TRUST                          30


 Selected Participants                       30

 Total                                      1000
Key Contact
• Taking forward the campaign in your
• Meet with your communications team.
• Start recruiting now!
• Arrange a local launch.
• Join us for the launch on Wed 15 August.
• Start populating with local information.
• Using social media.
• Working and learning together.
Thank you

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