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					                           Bulldog Bulletin
                                           Empire Elementary
                          9450 W. Cherokee Rd. *Duncan, Oklahoma * 73533
                            Josh Skiles, Principal Teresa Dewey, Secretary (580) 255-4150
                                                     April 1st, 2009
              Very Important Persons!!!!!!
          Ms. Wilson—Chase Barnes, J.J. Gregston                                       Coming Events
        Mrs. Red Elk-J.J. Bumpas, Kenzie Retherford
         Mrs. Rouse—Ashlie Chandler, Gunner Neeld                                                       th

              Mrs. Boyles—Eli Scott, Kindel Holt
                                                                             September 17 : Chuck Milner Assembly
                                                                         September 24/25 : Parent/Teacher Conferences
          Mrs. Milton –Brianna Stuck, Rilyn Martin                                          th
                                                                        September 28 : Tommy Franks Traveling Museum
 Mrs. Rochell—Devin Freeman, Austin Williams, Jackson Carrio
           Mrs. Prindle—Jaci Price, Nathan Turner                       JH Football:
       Mrs. Raney—Jeremiah Sanchez, Madison Harris                                     nd
                                                                        September 22 @ Wilson
        Mr. Malcom—Shelby Freeman, Kevin Womack                                   th
                                                                        October 6 vs. Rush Springs
           Ms. Brumley—Sara Roy, Gracen Carroll                         HS Football
         Mrs. Womack—Kage Phipps, Baylee Charlson
                                                                        September 18 @ Bray
       Mrs. Garlinger—Dillon Gibbons, Blanca Gonzalez                   September 25 Wilson

    Mrs. Nicholson—Nick Estes, John Ferris, Austin Stuck                October 2 @ Elmore City

               Mr. Armsworthy/Mrs. Bevans—
                                                                        October 9 @ Rush Springs
                                                                        JH Softball
        Mrs. Giles—Courtney Brooks, Desaree Cotter                                               th
                                                                        September 17-19 @ Velma
                                                                        September 21 vs Ringling
                                                                        September 22 @ Ryan
         Bulldog Charm Bracelets are Back!                              HS Softball
This year we are continuing our bracelet program, students can
                                                                                       th         th
                                                                        September 17 -19 : Comanche Tournament
                                                                        September 21 : vs Ringling
  earn certain bulldog charms depending on the “word of the                            nd
                                                                        September 22 @ Ryan
  week”. Last
 Visit us at: week’s word was “RESPECT”, so students were
 able to earn the “RESPECT” charm. This will students will be
              working on the “HONESTY” charm!

                                                                               Happy Birthday
                                                                                                 (Month of August)
                                                                        Kylan Wylder                      Jacob Gauthun
            Bulldog Blastoff Schedule                                   Savana Braswell                   Dylan Ensminger
Sept.           1st     6th Grade: Mr. Armsworthy                       Abygail Tadlock                   Mcray Weber
                                                                        Matthew Craig                     LeeAnn Arrington
                 8th:   2nd Grade: Mrs. Prindle                         Trey Nunez                        Brittney Jones
                15th:   5th Grade: Mrs. Nicholson                       Jessi Richardson                  Brianna Reed
                                                                        Dakota Curtis                     Brennan Cox
                22nd:   1st Grade: Mrs. Milton                          Stephen Dawson                    Devin Freeman
                29th:   4th Grade: Mrs. Garlinger                       Valory Leanos                     Joshua Linker
                                                                        Holden Bailey                     Chase Barnes
Oct.            6th:    1st Grade: Mrs. Rochell                         Caleb Thacker                     Kiersten Collins
                20th:   4th Grade: Mrs. Womack
                27th:   Kinder: Mrs. Boyles

           Great Expectations!

         Expectation 1: We will value one another as unique and
                           special individuals.
           Expectation 2: We will not laugh at or make fun of
        another person’s mistakes nor use sarcasm or putdowns.
        expectation 3: we will use good manners saying, “please,”          Read the newsletter, clip and return
                               “thank you,”                                  the coupon and your child will be
              and “excuse me” and allow others to go first.
                                                                          eligible for a free Sour Belt this Friday
           Expectation 4: We will cheer each other to success.
            Expectation 5: We will help one another whenever
                                                                                      (September 18th)
           Expectation 6: We will recognize every effort and              Name ________________________
                                applaud it.
         Expectation 7: We will encourage each other to do our            Class ________________________
        Expectation 8: We will practice virtuous living using the
                             life principles.
                                                                            Classroom News:
       Empire District News
                                                                   Mrs. Boyles Cool Kindergarten Class
                                                                We are learning our fourth letter this week! We
                                                               started with the letter Mm, and then moved on to
                                                               SS, Rr, and now we are learning the letter Tt. We
                                                               will be making Tooth puppets, Paper plate turtles,
                                                               and lots of other fun and creative things that start
                                                               with the letter T. Our color for the week is RED!
                                                                We have a wonderful book that we started today
    Homecoming Candidates Announced!                          about the color word. Don’t forget to wear RED on
  The football homecoming game will be on                     Thursday! Our shape this week is the rectangle. We
                                                              are also working on the concept of more and fewer,
       September 25th, against Wilson!
                                                                 and also picture and bar graphs. We also love
 This year’s football homecoming candidates                              graphing things that we can eat!!
                    will be:                                       Mrs. Brumley’s Terrific Third Grade
                 Kaylee Price                                  In Math we are learning place value and ordering
               Nicole Johnson                                 numbers, and in Reading we are doing a book study
                 Ellora Couch                                                   over Freckle Juice.
                                                               We are studying kinds of sentences in Language,
                 Kezaih Cook
                                                               and living things in Science. We are going to be
                JaCee Rather                                   getting 'living pets' in our classroom next week to
                Leitasha Scott                                                  observe and study.
                                                               Mrs. Nicholson’s Wonderful Reading Class

                                                                 Our class will be doing the Bulldog Blast Off
                                                                 on September 15. Our program will celebrate
                                                                      Constitution Day on September 17.

                                                               Our humanities class finished our first project. It
                                                              will be displayed in the hall. All of our projects will
                                                                                  be displayed.
Please do not drop your child off before
7:30am. Our teachers do not begin duty until                                Fund-Raisers
7:30 and our cafeteria does not serve
breakfast until then.                                         The Pre-K Coca-Cola truckload fundraiser will
Thanks,                                                       be going on from September 21st-25th.
Empire School Administration

    In a few weeks we are going to have some discarded
   books for sale. The prices will be 10, 25, and 50 cents.    Our P.T.O. meetings will be on the
                                                               first Monday of each month, starting
    The Book Fair is scheduled for November 2nd-6th and
    the profits will be used to purchase books and book        at 3:30. Our officers for the year are:
   repair supplies. We will need some parent volunteers               President: Shelly Webb
   to help. This year each volunteer will be allowed one
    $5 book as a “thank you” for working. Let Mrs. Lentz
                                                                  Vice President: Michelle Medlin
                    know if you can work!                        Secretary/Treasurer: Kelly Porter

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