S2 O4 Food Bourne Illnesses And Cleanliness Issues Video Clip by 9vvBv56t


									I use a segment online from primetime live which goes through the top ten worst fast food places for food
bourne illnesses and cleanliness issues. Very eye opening and current, plus it is free!


Tami Flygare, NBCT, MAT
Family and Consumer Science Education
Fort Herriman Middle School
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I have an old video of a channel that did an undercover story of some restaurants and their poor
sanitation practices. It shows some of the bad practices of the employees, etc. It is a very poignant lesson
to the students about the importance of sanitation. The copy is so old I would like to get a more current
video. Does anyone have a resource for this? Perhaps a tv station that recently had the same type of
news and might be willing to sell a copy or something?
I would appreciate any information anyone might have for something like this. I didn’t have much luck
looking on the internet, maybe I needed to use different search words.
Wendy Barnes

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