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									Achieving Equality in
Performance Management

Mary Mercer

              the institute for employment studies

 Nearly forty years after the Equal Pay Act, the
  gender pay gap remains at 28%
 It is higher in the private sector
 The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s
  inquiry into the financial services sector has
  revealed gender pay gaps of up to 60% in
  annual gross pay and as much as 79% in annual
  incentive (bonus) pay.
How performance management plays its
part in inequality
 IES equality in performance review analysis:

   ● Organisations have found the outcomes from their
     performance reviews/PRP processes to be unequal

   ● Women in senior grades, people from BME groups,
     people with disabilities, people who work non-standard
     hours, people over 40 get poorer outcomes

   ● The seniority factor
Causes of inequality

 The performance management process
   ● inconsistent application of objective setting and
   ● link to PRP
   ● lack of quality audit
   ● lack of continuous feedback
 Skills of the manager and appraisee
   ● managers lack skill in giving feedback
   ● underdeveloped people management skills
   ● appraisees lack skill in giving feedback
Causes of inequlity

 Attitudes and behaviours
  ● seniority and professional background given
    undue weight
  ● (not) valuing management as a competence
  ● visibility to your manager and your manager’s
    manger is key to “getting on”
  ● in-group behaviours
  ● stereotypes of performance capabilities
The impact

 In the absence of proper measurement managers
  fall back on equating visibility, long hours and
  familiarity with good performance
 Seniority and having a complex role is confused
  with performing well
 Performance is therefore not assessed fairly nor
  against actual contribution
 Poorly implemented systems allowed negative
  attitudes and stereotypes to be applied
Some Solutions

 Properly implemented, monitored performance
 Management taken seriously as a competence
 Managers able to implement and to manage
  remotely or to reflect different patterns
 Know what issues you face – measure outcomes
 Remind managers about diversity at relevant
  times. Make it a core part of your performance
  management process
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  Institute for Employment
         Studies 2011

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