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									FCM Homelessness Working Group and Survey Respondent
Submitted Documents, Contacts and email notes
FCM Quality of Life Reporting System Homelessness Working Group
Submitted Documents, Contacts and email notes
City of Ottawa                      From: Bonnie Dinning
                                    Ottawa Reference Documents &

                                  From: Monique Pougnet
                                  HIFIS List Definitions

                                  From: Lynda D. Zimmerman,
                                  -Four omnibus logic models that are
                                  used by the U. of O. performance
                                  -HRDC Reporting Template

                                  From: Lina Asfour
                                  Focus Group Contacts
                                  -Sharon Evans-Outreach Nurse from
                                  Centretown Community Health Centre
                                  -Judy Taylor-- Street Nurse from City of
                                  Ottawa's Public Health Department
                                  (724-4122 ext. 26129)
                                  -Cathi Savage Outreach Workers from
                                  Somerset West Community Health
                                  - Maura Volante (241-7913 ext. 406),
                                  Alliance Coordinator
                                  -Catholic Immigration Centre (232-
                                  -Hartwood House (241-5937)

                                  From: Weber, Paul
                                  HIFIS Dictionary
City of Calgary                   From: John Te Linde
                                  Cathy & Hadley Leipciger
                                  Research Associate with the Centre for
                                Community Studies (CCS) at The
                                University of Calgary
                                CCS has been awarded the
                                contract to do new research on the
                                homeless in Calgary for the Calgary
                                Homeless Foundation (CHF). The
                                project team consists of Dr. Kathleen
                                Cairns (Principal Investigator), Helen
                                Gardiner (Project Manager), and Tom
                                Briggs, Dr. Tom Strong, and Dr. Kevin
                                Alderson as additional team members.
City of Vancouver               From: Jill Davidson
                                Darryl Quantz
                                Institute of Heath Promotion Branch,
                                (604) 822-0820
                                Margaret Eberle
                                GRVD Research Team
                                (604) 254-0820
                                Verna Semotuk
                                Contact for any regional data
                                Senior Planner
                                Regional Development
                                GVRD - Policy & Planning Department
                                (604) 432-6384
                                Fax: (604) 436-6970
                                Charles Hodgson
                                BC Ministry of Children & Families
                                (604) 660-5437
                                Monica Kendel
                                BC Ministry of Community, Aboriginal &
                                Women (CAWS)
                                (250) 387-3616

                                From: Verna Semotuk
                                -HIFIS is administered by BC Housing
                                -GVRD_References list and GVRD
Regional Municipality of Peel   From: Robert Freeman
Ville de Montréal              From : Guy Lacroix
                               -Questionnaire sur les services en
                               logement pour les personnes sans-abri
                               – janvier 2002-Étude préliminaire
                               -Enquête auprès de la clientète des
                               ressources pour persones itinérantes
                               des régions de Montréal-Centre et de
                               Québec 1998-1999
                               -Ẻvénement satellite de la 6e
                               conférence mondiale, prévention et
                               contrôle des traumatismes
                               -Document synthèse Itinérance des
                               réflexions autour des enjeux actuels,
                               avril 2001
                               -L’Errance Urbaine
                               -Communiqué du Cabinet du maire
                               -Comprendre l’itinérance, 2002
                               -Bilan d’étape du programme IPAC
HRDC Homlessness Secretariat   From: Alison Hill
                               National Secretariat on Homelessness
                               (819) 956-8528
                               HIFIS Getting Started
                               HIFIS Site Prepareation Manual
                               HIFIS Complete Update
                               HIFIS Short Background
                               HIFIS Fact Sheet
                               HIFIS Current Status
City of Winnipeg               From: Karen Mitchel
                               -Winnipeg has only two main shelters,
                               theSalvation Army and Main Street
                               Project which we have provided
                               informationon. The other shelter is for
                               youth - Macdonald YOuth Services
                               which has only 8 beds and we have not
                               yet received a response from.
                               Winnipeg also has two women's
                               shelters for abused women, IKWE
                               primarily intended for Aboriginal
                               women and Osborne House. Both
                               directors were requested to complete
                               the survey and return the information,
                               however neither have done so yet. The
                                survey was also forwarded to the
                                Manitoba Family Violence
                                Prevention Branch in hope that they
                                could provide the information. I will
                                follow up on this -- sorry for the delay,
                                in obtaining complete data. In
                                Winnipeg, there is no one source that
                                has information related to the
                                Shelters, therefore it is difficult to
                                provide a co-ordinated response in a
                                timely manner.
                                -Main Street Project
                                -Salvation Army
                                -Osborne House
                                -Macdonald Youth Services
City of Regina                  From: Bruce Rice
                                -Regina Community Plan
                                A response to Supporting Community
                                Partnerships Initiatives
                                March 2001
                                -Regina Shelter Organizations and
Halifax Regional Municipality   From: Barbara Nehiley
                                Halifax Regional Municipality does not
                                track this info. We are not involved
                                with social housing programs at the
                                delivery end. We are working on
                                creating the capacity to do so. We can
                                get the info. I just do not know what
                                each group is tracking yet re
                                demographics. I forwarded it to the
                                Community Action on Homelessness
                                CAH Steering Committee Coordinator
                                for assistance

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