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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Abraham Womack of Goochland Co, VA, continued

In an earlier post (http://rebgen.blogspot.com/2007/09/abraham-womack-bollings-quarter-
branch.html), I wrote how I found this deed record online:


Goochland County, DEED BOOK 4, Page 239
Aug 15 , 1743 from Ashford Hughes of the Parish of St. James and Goochland, to
Alexaander Wamack [incorrect!!!] of same, for 55 (Pounds), all that tract of land in
Goochland on the south side of the James River and bounded by Bollings Quarter Branch,
the branches of Muddy Creek, Womack, about 400 acres. Signed -Ashford Hughes. Wit-
Charles Raley, Fras Amoss, Thomas Dillon. Recorded Sep 20, 1743..

I saw the microfilm of the actual deed today and it very clearly says Abraham Womack,
NOT Alexander. It also says the land was on Womack's line.

Thus, Abraham Womack, son of the original Abraham (born circa 1644), owned 800 acres in
Goochland - 400 bought from Ahford Hughes, and 400 in an adjacent parcel in a land patent
dated 25 Aug 1731.

I also abstracted a 1747 deed of Abraham Womack to William Womack:

Goochland Co, VA Deed Book 5, p.352. 17 Nov 1747 - Abraham Womack Junior of
Goochland Co to brother William Womack for "natural affection" 100 acres on Bollings
Quarter Branch, "part of the survey that my father lived on". Wit: Richard Ligon, James
Ligon, Sarah Ligon. Acknowledged by Abraham Womack in Goochland Court 17 Nov 1747.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Iverson Womack/Wammack

Iverson Womack or Wommack or Wammack was intersting - born in Gorgia, moved to
Florida with this mother as a boy, fought in the Seminole Indian Wars and for the
Confederacy in the Civil War, then moved to western Pennsylvania where he worked the oil
wells, then finally to California, where he died in 1914.

Note that the 1880 Census incorrectly gives his birthplace as North Carolina, when he was
in fact born in GA. The census taker wrote the states of birth on the wrong lines for people -
the person before Iverson was listed as born in GA, Iverson as born in NC, and his wife as
born in PA. In fact, Iverson was born in GA and his wife in NC.

Here are some notes I gathered several months ago on this family:

Info I found tracing Nora Belle Wammack, dau of Iverson.

Marion Co, FL marriages

Iverson was in the Seminole Indian Wars - see

Iverson H Wammack - Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Ocala, Marion, Florida;
Roll: M432_59; Page: 118; Image: 231.

Iverson Wammick - Image Source: Year: 1860; Census Place: Not Stated, Marion, Florida;
Roll: M653_108; Page: 257; Image: 258.

Iverson Wammock - Image Source: Year: 1870; Census Place: Allegheny, Venango,
Pennsylvania; Roll: M593_1459; Page: 15; Image: 32.

I H Wammock - Image Source: Year: 1880; Census Place: Fairview, Butler, Pennsylvania;
Roll: T9_1109; Family History Film: 1255109; Page: 210.3000; Enumeration District: 40;
Image: 0069.

Iverson Wammock - Source Citation: Year: 1890; Census Place: Fairview, Butler,
Pennsylvania; oll: 89; Page: 1; Enumeration District: 15. This was the census for Civil War
Veterans, it says Iverson was a "Reble".

Ive Wommack - Image source: Year: 1900; Census Place: Fairview, Butler, Pennsylvania;
Roll: 623 1387; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 72.

Nora B Jones - Image source: Year: 1900; Census Place: South Fayette, Allegheny,
ennsylvania; Roll: T623 1371; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 501.

Nora B Jones - Image Source: Year: 1910; Census Place: Los Angeles Twp, Los Angeles,
alifornia; Series: T624; Roll: 80; Page: 101A; Enumeration District: 234; Part: 3; Line: 3.

California Death Records - Iverson H Wammock age 79, Los Angeles County, 22 Feb 1914,

I think Iverson's parents were James Wommack and Eliza P Smith.
James Womack, Eliza Smith, 13 Jul 1828, Jones Co, Georgia
See http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ga/jones/deeds/dd111wommacka.txt

Smith marriages in Jones Co, GA:
http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ga/jones/vitals/marriages/smith.txt - note that
there as an Iverson Smith, so perhaps a name that ran in the family.
I think James Womack was the son Carter Womack and Catharine LNU of Halifax Co, NC, a
ell-known line. In the censuses, James Womack and later Eliza lived near several Alsobrook
families n Jones Co, GA. These Alsobrook families were from Halifax Co, NC. James
Wammack from lsobrook's district of Jones Co, GA won land in both the 1832 GA Cherokee
Land Lottery, and the 1832 GA Gold Land Lottery.

I also took a look at tax records of Jones Co, GA at the GA state archives during the late
1830s. ames Wommack is near several Alsobrook families. In a couple of years, Wilson C
Alsobrook paid the poll tax for Thomas Wommack, James' brother. In Jones Co, GA deed
records James ammack bought land from Wilson Alsobrook; sold land to William Barron &
Isaac Harris.

halifax County, NC. Grantor deed Vol. 32, p. 168 - Abstract of Deed 8 Oct 1844, James
ommack of Jones County, GA. appts. Joseph (?) B. Rose, of Jasper County, GA. his atty. to
receive from Joseph Powell Atty. & ?? administrate of estate of Martha Wommack, all my
money, atc. due me from said estate.Halifax County, NC.

James' aunt Martha never married and left everything to nieces & nephews: Halifax Will
Book 4, page 197 - Will of Martha Wammock dated 15 July 1836; probated Feb. 1841. One-
eleventh art to each of the following: Jordan Wammack's children; William Wammack's
children; James ammack; Thomas Wammack; David Wammack; Kinchen Wammack; Asa
Wammack; Kinchen arris & children; Carter Harris & two children; James & Tempy
Alsobrook's children; Drew King's children

Not sure why Eliza Wommack was listed as head of household in the 1840 Census if James
was till alive in 1844.

WORD OF CAUTION: Early Georgia was like a blender for Womack families. What I mean by
hat is that several Womack families from very different lines might live in the same county,
ever make the assumption they are closely related. I think the 8 land lotteries held in
Georgia had a ot to do with this.

Womacks or their relatives won land all over the state and moved to new counties, often
near omacks from different lines. Jones Co, GA had at least 4 lines of Womacks prior to

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Womacks at Virgina DOT

I found some great old Womack records at an unusual site, the Virginia Department of
Transportation. These were done for the VA DOT by a historian, Nathaniel Mason Pawlett.

They are PDF files, and 4 of them mention Womacks.

Goochland County

Lunenburg County

Amelia County

Albemarle County

The ones for Lunenburg Co, VA show that Richard Womack "III" was there from 1746 to

The ones for Amelia Co, VA mention the "the Race Paths at Abraham Wawmocks". This was
Abraham, son of Thomas, son of the first Abraham Womack. This shows that the first
Abraham's descendants shared his love for racing horses.
Here is the most interesting one from Amelia:

22 August 1751 O. S., Page 351
Thomas Haskins is Appointed Surveyor of the Road that leads from Sailors Creek Bridge to
the fork of the Road a little above Sandy River Bridge and that his Tythes
AbrahamWawmock's John Gentry, Charles Causton, John Spradling, Benjamin Ruffin's
Tythes, Thomas Wawmock Abraham Wawmock jur and John Nash's Tythes on Sailor's
Creek, this Gang and William Wawmock's Gang are to meet and repair Sailors Creek
Bridge, And then from the Fork above Sandy River Bridge to Bush River Bridge and from
thence to Buffelow Road Mr. Nash's Hands is to Clear the Same and William King is
appointed Surveyor of the Said Road

Here we have 3 sons of Thomas and Mary (maybe Farley) Womack - Abraham Sr, Thomas,
and William. In addition, we have Abraham Sr's son Abraham Jr, and two son-in-laws,
Charles Cauthon and John Spradling, married respectively to Elizabeth and Mary Womack.

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Goochland Co, VA Deed and Will Indexes

While at my local LDS Family History Center tonight, I made the discovery that part of their
"permanent collection" of miscrofilm includes early records of Virginia counties such as
Henrico, Amelia, Prince Edward, and Goochland. They were closing in 30 minutes, so I only
got a glance of it all.

They had an index to Goochland Co, VA deeds and wills, which were recorded in the same
books, years 1728-1839. I copied all the Womack stuff.

        4 Jan 1731, William Kent to William Womack deed, 1-314
        24 Jan 1731, William Womack to James Holman deed, 1-317
         18 Sep 1735, William Womack to William Womack, Jr deed, 2-145
         17 Mar 1739, John Williams to William Womack deed, 3-329
         9 Jan 1740, William Womack and John Williams to Ralph Graves deed, 3-400(?)
         15 Aug 1743, Ashford Hughes to Abraham Womack deed 4-239(?)
         17 Nov 1747, Abraham Womack to William Womack deed, 5-232
         16 Mar 1762, William Womack will, 8-235
         17 Jul 1762, William Womack inventory, 8-255(?)
         25 Sep 1762(?), William Womack (what type of record?), 8-295(?)
         19 Aug 1771, Collam Bailey to Henry Womack deed, 10-148
         20 Jan 1790, Henry Walmack will, 15-377
         21 May 1790 Henry Womack and wife to Whitehead Ryan deed, 15-375

Some of the actual deeds and wills were there as well, and I had just a little time to peek at
a few.

The Henry "Walmack" will does not mention a wife, mentions daughters Athary Russell and
Lucy Lawrence and son Henry Walmack who gets all real estate. In a deed, right before the
will, Henry Womack and wife Ann sold land to Whitehead Ryan. This was Henry Jr selling
the land his father willed him.

I did not look yet at the 1743 deed from Ashford Hughes to Abraham Womack. At least two
poeople have transcribed this deed as saying Alexander Womack, not Abraham, so I need
to see the original.

I did look at the 1747 deed from Abraham Womack to William Womack. It actually says
Abraham Womack Jr to his brother William, part of the land their father lived on, on Bollings
Quarter branch. I will get a photocopy next week when the FHC is open again.

I also found these records on the web:


Goochland County, Virginia Deeds Book 4, 1741-1745

Page 346.
December 17, 1743 from Richard Parsons, and Lydia, his wife, of the Parish of St. James
and Goochland, to John Alexander of same, for 70 lbs, a certain tract of land of 200 acres in
Goochland on the south side James River on the west side Muddy Cr, being half of 400 acres
of land granted to George Briggs by patent dated Jun 20, 1733, which the said George
Briggs, by his Goochland will, gave to his sister, Lydia Briggs alias Parsons. The tract is
bounded by Bowler Cocke, new lines run by Robert Walton on the division of the said 400
acres. Signed Richard Parsons, Lidia (L her mark) Parsons. Wit - Francis Amoss, Isac
Hughes, Abram Womack, Miles Gathwrit, Joell Chandler, Recorded May 15, 1744.

Page 510
February 25, 1744 from Francis Amoss of Goochland and Parish of Southam, to Richard
Ligon of same, for 45 lbs, all that tract of land in Goochland on both sides of the upper
branch of Muddy Creek alias Little Muddy Creek, and bounded by Richard Parsons, Major
Bowler Cocke, James Terrel, containing 400 acres. Signed Francis Amoss. Wit - John
Alexander, Abrm Womack, Abrm Womack Jr. Recorded March 19, 1744. Judith, the wife
of Francis Amoss, relinquished her right of dower to the conveyed lands.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Thomas Womack and Mary Farley

One of the most accepted "facts" in modern Womack genealogy is that Thomas Womack of
Henrico Co, VA, son of Abraham Womack, Sr (who was born circa 1644) married Mary
Farley, daughter of John Farley, Jr.

I really question that.

How do we know that Mary Farley married Thomas Womack, son of Abraham Sr? Thomas
Womack certainly had a wife named Mary. Also, John Farley (Jr) named a daughter Mary
Womack in his 1754 will, so we have a Mary Farley who was married to a Womack. How do
we know Mary Farley was married to a Thomas Womack, and how do we know it was the
particular Thomas Womack, son of Abraham Sr?

Farley researchers put Mary's birth around 1707, while many Womack researchers put it
around 1690 or earlier. I think the Farley researchers are right.

Thomas Womack, son of Abraham Sr, had a son Thomas Jr who also had a wife Mary.
Thomas Jr was NOT the one who left a will in Chesterfield Co, VA in 1782; he WAS the
Thomas Womack who left a will in 1803 in Nottoway Co, VA (naming his wife Mary); there is
irrefutable proof of this in the probate records of his brother William Womack. So, maybe it
was Thomas Jr that married Mary Farley?? This jibes better with what Farley researchers
believe about when Mary was born.

Mary, widow of Thomas (son of Abraham Sr), died before Oct 1755, when her will was
presented in Chestefield Co, VA court. John Farley made his will 6 Apr 1754, and an
inventory of his estate was made 3 Jan 1756. So Mary Womack and John Farley died around
the same time.

If Mary was 65 (born circa 1690), and John Farley (Jr) was her father, he would have died
at around 85 or older, pretty unlikely, though not impossible - Abraham Womack Sr lived
into his late 80s.
If there is some documentation that Mary Farley was married to a Thomas Womack, and not
just some unknown Womack male, I would like to see it.

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The Fictional Abraham Womack

Over the years, researchers have invented Womack ancestors out of thin air to fill percieved
gaps in their family history. The most egregious of these is an Abraham Womack
supposedly born about 1666, son of the "original" Abraham Womack (born circa 1644).
This Abraham, born circa 1666, was also supposedly the one who died in 1733 in Henrico
Co, VA, rather than the Abraham born c1644. The reasoning for this is weak, as I will show

Note that I take the later end of when Abraham Womack could have been born. He gave his
age in several Henrico court depositions:

1643/4 - Abraham Womecke aged 35 years, deposition - June 2, 1679
1643/4 - Abraham Womocke aged aboute 35 years, Deposeth - June 2, 1679
1643/4 - Abrah Womecke aged 35 years or therabouts - 1679
1644/5 - Abraham Womeck aged abt. 42 - Augt. 1, 1687
1645/6 - Abraham Womeck , aged aboute 32 years - June 20, 1678
1644/5 - Abra. Womeck aged 33 years or thereabouts, Deposeth. - June, 1678
1641/2 - Abraham Womeck aged 49 years, makes a deposition. Augt. 1, 1691

The concensus seems to be he was born in 1644.

First, I would like to talk about a few other fictional Womacks, the supposed children of
William Womack, brother of Abrham c1644.

Anyone interested in this era should read Ann McDonald's proposal.

Ann is absolutely correct. In 1674, when Abraham got two-thirds of his brother William's
estate, and William's widow (who is not named, but was by then the wife of William Clarke)
got one-third, it absolutely means that William had no children. There was no estate left for
any children. Thus, the 1677 reference to a William Womack, deceased, with heir Mary and
Thomas, was a different William Womack, the so-called "mythical William Womack the
Immigrant", father of Abraham, William, Richard, John, and Thomas Womack. I do not think
he was all that mythical. He just lived and died in an era for which there are very few
surving records for Henrico, Co VA.

This is what the Virgina Archives says about Henrico:

Henrico: created in 1634 as an original shire, all county court records prior to 1655 and
almost all prior to 1677 are missing; additionally, many isolated records were destroyed
during the Revolutionary War, and almost all Circuit Court records were destroyed by fire in
Richmond on 3 April 1865.

Thomas son of William left a will in which he did not name wife or kids, but lots of other
relatives. Of the five sons of William "the Immigrant", only three had children. The sons of
each of these were William, Thomas, and Abraham (sons of Abraham); Richard and William
(sons of Richard); and William, Richard, John, and Abraham (sons of John). From these 9
Womack grandsons of William "the immigrant" there were approximately 2,500 Womacks of
various spellings in the US in 1850.

When I show lineages, I do so like this:
Alexander > Richard > Richard > *William*

This is for my ancestor, Alexander Womack, who died 1784 in Campbell Co, VA. He was the
son of Richard, son of Richard, son of William the immigrant, who I write like this:

Thomas > William > *William* is FICTIONAL.

The 1677 record was referring to:
Thomas > *William*

Back to the fictional Abraham Womack. There are three arguments for him.

1) Given that Abraham was born circa 1644, there is no way he lived to 1733, given
average life spans at the time.

2) A 1708 deed in Henrico in which an Abraham Womack, Jr gives land to son Thomas for
"love and affection".

3) Abraham's son Thomas supposedly married Mary Farley, but Farley researchers have her
born later (circa 1707) than most Womack researchers (circa 1690), so to make Mary Farley
born later, she must have been married to Thomas, son of Abraham (c1666), son of
Abraham (c1644).
I will address these three concerns one by one.

1) About Abraham's age - Some people did live to be that old. Infant mortality was high,
but if you survived childhood, you had a good chance of living into your 60s or 70s. Living
to 89 was unusual, but not unheard of.

2) The 1708 deed saying Abraham Jr gave land to Thomas - I have not seen the original to
see if it was transcribed correctly. I do know that I often have difficulty telling Junior and
Senior (or their abbreviations) apart. If it does really say Abraham Jr, chalk it up to a
mistake by the clerk recording the deed, a rather easy mistake to make. Such mistakes
happened all the time, you see them in census records where Womacks were recorded as
Wormoths or vice-versa, or even in old newspapers - one old Georgia newpaper referred to
Eli Womack and his wife Monica; it took me a while to figure they were talking about Eli
Warnock and his wife Monica Gray. Another thing that does not make sense about this deed
if it does say Abraham Jr, is that he gave land to son Thomas for "love and affection" when
this fictional Abraham Jr was only about 42, assuming he was born circa 1666. I have seen
plenty of "love and affection" deeds, and they almost always happened when the grantor
was pretty old, not in his 40s. If Abraham Jr was in his 40s, and Thomas in his 20s, Thomas
would have been working that land with his dad, not getting it handed to him on a silver

3) About the Thomas Womack and Mary Farley timeline - see my blog entry on Mary Farley
- http://rebgen.blogspot.com/2007/09/thomas-womack-and-mary-farley.html

Womack genealogy, like most genealogy, is chock full of theories that are presented as hard
facts. Documentation is awful. One of the points of this blog is to try to rectify that. Theories
are not bad, they can actually be very good, but there should be notes with the GEDCOM
file that explain that "this is a theory" and then lay the theory out.

The theory that Abraham Womack, Sr had a son Abraham born circa 1666, and it was this
son who left a will in Henrico in 1733, NOT Abraham Sr, is JUST PLAIN WRONG!

Womack genealogy is complicated enough without inventing Womacks who never existed.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Abraham Womack - Bolling's Quarter Branch - Follow the
School Bus

I have been trying to locate a land patent in Virginia granted to Abraham Womack, Jr.

This is from Roger Womack records (I use Roger's and Sam's records almost every day,
thank you so much for posting Womack info on the web!):

Patent Book 14, page 267 - 25 August 1731 - Abraham Wamack, Jr. - 400 acres -
Goochland County. "George The Second &c To all &c Know ye that for divers good causes
and considerations but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of forty shillings
of good and lawful money for our use paid to our Receiver General of our revenues in this
our Colony and Dominion of Virginia we have given granted and confirmed and by these
presents for us our heirs and successors do give grant and confirm unto Abraham Wamack
Junior one certain tract or parcel of land containing four hundred acres lying and being on
the south side of James River on the branches of Deep Creek in Goochland County, and
bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning at a corner white oak it being Thomas Mosses south
west corner and where he corners on the land of Daniel Croom thence on Crooms line south
ninety three chains to a corner white oak thence south four degrees east fifty six chains to a
corner ash in a branch of Bollings Quarter branch thence east twenty five chains to a
corner hickory near the said branch thence down the branch according to its meanders one
hundred and two chains to a corner gum at the fork of the said Bollings Quarter branch
thence north five degrees east one hundred and two chains to the line of Thomas Moss
thence on his lines according to their several courses to the place began at With all &c To
have hold &c To be held &c yielding & paying &c Provided &c In witness &c Witness our
trusty well beloved William Gooch Esqr. our Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief of our
said Colony and Dominion at Williamsburgh under the seal of our said Colony the twenty
fifth day of August one thousand seven hundred and thirty one in, the fifth year of our
reign. /S/ William Gooch."

Locating this patent was a bear. Finding Deep Creek was fairly easy. On my Delorme Atlas, I
found it flows into the James River in modern Powhatan County, a few miles east of the line
between Powhatan and Cumberland Counties. It flows northeast, actually starting in modern
Cumberland Co, but most of its length is in Powhatan. Unfortunately, the Delorme map did
not show a branch named "Bollings Quarter", though it did show several branches that it did
not give names to. None of the maps on the internet, including topozone.com, showed this
branch either.

A google search showed some interesting links. There are only a few hits for "Bollings
Creek" and two of them are for Womacks, which I will get to in a second. I found a
Powhatan County school bus route that mentioned "Bolling Quarter Road". I could not
find that road on mapquest, googlemaps, etc. However, I found some of the roads listed on
the school bus route, enough to determine that Bolling Quarter Road is a little north of the
town of Trenholm is northwest Powhatan County. So, I guess Bolling's Quarter Branch of
Deep Creek is near the road - the road probably goes over the creek. And I see on my
Delorme map there is fairly large branch of Deep Creek that is crossed by Duke Rd, and that
starts in a small lake above Trenholm.

Also, some branches of Muddy Creek are in that area. Muddy Creek flows north into the
James River, just inside Powhatan Co from Cumberland Co. Muddy Creek is mentioned in
one of the Womack deeds, below.

Now, for VA county formation around this area:

1) Part of Henrico until 1728 when Goochland was formed
2) Part of Goochland until 1749 when Cumberland was formed
3) Part of Cumberland until 1777 when Powhatan was formed
4) Powhatan to the present day

Abraham Womack, Jr in the 1731 patent was the son of the original Abraham Womack in
America, who was born circa 1644, and died in Henrico Co, VA before Oct 1733.

The terms Sr and Jr as used back then were different than we think of them today. They
just mean that there were two men in the same area with the same name, and Jr and Sr
were ways of distinguishing them. The terms did not necessarily imply a father/son
relationship. Also, a man who was called Jr in early life, might be called Sr later in life. I
have dozens of examples of this, and I could do an entire blog entry on this subject, since it
is such a big stumbling block for many modren researchers.

Another stumbling block is how loose people were with names - trust me, "Abraham" and
"Abram" were considered the same name back then.

Abraham in the 1731 patent was designated Jr because his father, also named Abraham,
was still living in 1731, and both Jr and Sr were living in Henrico, Co. After his father's
death, Abraham "Jr" would be called "Sr", first to distinguish him from his nephew Abraham
(son of Thomas) in Henrico, and later in Goochland to distinguishhim from his son Abraham.

See http://rebgen.blogspot.com/2007/09/abraham-womack-
of-goochland-co-va.html for corrections to the info below:

The next record to mention Bollings Quarter Branch is this:

Goochland County, DEED BOOK 4, Page 239

Aug 15 , 1743 from Ashford Hughes of the Parish of St. James and Goochland, to
Alexaander Wamack of same, for 55 (Pounds), all that tract of land in Goochland on the
south side of the James River and bounded by Bollings Quarter Branch, the branches of
Muddy Creek, Womack, about 400 acres. Signed -Ashford Hughes. Wit- Charles Raley, Fras
Amoss, Thomas Dillon. Recorded Sep 20, 1743..

This was my ancestor, Alexander Womack, son of Richard, son of the original Richard, and
thus the first cousin once removed of Abraham Womack who patented the land on Bollings
Quarter Branch in 1731. Alexander Womack was in Amelia Co, VA a few years later, near
other Abraham Womacks, Abraham son of Thomas and Mary, and his son Abraham. Note
that his land is adjacent to a Womack, who I believe was Abraham, son of the original

Next, I found this:


Source: Goochland Co. Virginia Tithe Lists 1735-47, transcribed and indexedand published
by A. Jean Lurvey, 1864 E. Page, Springfield, MO 65802. 1979.

page 4. Tithe List by Stephen Bedford 1746 [parish not named]

4 [tithes] Abraham Womack Jr.

4 [tithes] Abraham Wormack Sr., Thos. Wormack, Richard Wormack

page 6. Tithe List by James Holman 1746 [parish not named]

3 [tithes] Wm. Womack

page 8. Tithe List by Alexander Trent 1746 continued

3 [tithes] Wm. Womack

page 16. Tithe List by Jas. Holman 10 June 1747 continued
4 [tithes] William Wamack

Jean Lurvey is a well-known Womack researcher, who descends from Thomas Womack and
Sarah Owen.

The term "tithable" meant a person who was part of the labor force - free white males 16
and up, slaves or indentured servants of either gender 16 and up. Basically, everyone 16
and up except free white females.

It appears the tax collectors listed free white males by name in households but not slaves.
Thus, Abraham Womack, Jr appears to have had 3 slaves aged 16 and up since he had 4
tithes, one for himself, and 3 for his slaves. Abraham Womack, Sr had 4 tithables - himself,
sons Thomas and Richard (both 16 and up), and presumably a slave 16 and up.

The various William Womacks in 1746 and 1747 were probably William Womack, son of the
original Abraham (born c1644), and William's son William. These were the "Cherry Grove"
Womacks, and they had extensive records in Goochland and Cumberland counties.

Abraham (1731 lad patent) had a son William but he apparently lived in Chesterfield Co,

Goochland Co. DB 1?-352 17 Nov 1747, Abraham Womack to William Womack, his

(Benjamin B. Weisiger III, GOOCHLAND COUNTY WILLS AND DEEDS 1742-1749)
Reference to this deed from Abraham Womack to his brother is found in Cumberland Co. DB
1-62. Cumberland Co. was formed from Goochland Co.
DB 1-62 Jul 3, 1749 from William Womack of Dale Parish in Chesterfield County, to
Thomas Stratton of same, for 30 pds and for divers good causes, one tract of about 100
acres of land in C[umberland] on the south side of James River known by a place called
Bollings Quarter Branch, being the land acknowledged to me in Goochland Court by my
brother, Abraham Womack. Signed - William (X his mark) Womack. Wit - Thos Bedford,
John Canifix, William Stratton. Recorded Sep 25, 1749.

(TLC Genealogy, CUMERLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS, 1749-1752 [Miami Beach: TLC
Genealogy, 1990], p. 8)

From this, it appears that Abraham Womack (1731 patent) had died by Nov 1747, and his
400 acres had been inherited by his sons. This was complicated by the fact the area
changed from Goochland to Cumberland in 1749. Need to see Goochland and Cumberland
and possibly Powhatan records to see what became of all this land. Abraham Womack "III"
remained in Cumberland for a while, because he was in the 1759 tax list:


1759 Cumberland Co, VA partial tithables list

Alexr Moss, 9
Henry Stratton, 3
Wm. Stratton, 7
Abram Womack, 5
Edwd Tabb, 11
James Moss, 6
Allin Creddle, 2
Note that Abraham Womack "III" is near two Stratton men. The land this Abraham
acknowleddged to his brother William Womack was in turn sold by William to a Thomas
Stratton of Chesterfield Co, VA.

Getting late, I will continue tomorrow...

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Virginia 1790 and 1800 Tax Lists

This site is incredible!


I will post more about this later after I find all the Womacks!

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Joel and Sarah Womack Children

Found this at the VA Archives site: http://www.lva.lib.va.us/

If you search for "Womack, Joel" (without quotes), you get about 5 results.

One is this:

Call Number 37152
Title Womack-Mills family genealogical notes.
Publication Compiled 1798, 1811.
Material 4 leaves.
Summary Includes
information on the heirs of Sarah Womack Mills (d. 1802), who was married to
Joel Womack in first marriage, and to Henry Mills in second marriage, all of
Chesterfield County, Virginia. Other surnames mentioned: Broughton and Coleman.
Format Photocopies.
Related Womack family Bible records, 1776-1780 (Acc.

This is talking about Joel Womack, son of Thomas Womack of Chesterfield Co, VA. See
Roger Womack's Will Page: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~rgwomack/wills.htm

An inventory of Joel Womack of Chesterfield Co, VA was taken in 1783. Thomas Womack
wrote his will in Chesterfield on 6 Apr 1780, naming three of Joel's children: Nancy, Betsy,
and Richard.

The other interesting item at VA Archive for Joel Womack is this:

Call Number 38521
URL (Click on link)
http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/BibleII/38521/index.html Bible Record Image
Womack family Bible record, 1776-1797.
Material 1 leaf.
Summary Area
covered is Chesterfield County, Virginia. List of birth dates of the children of
Joel Womack and Sally Womack, compiled for a 1798 Chesterfield County Chancery
Format Photocopies.
Related Womack-Mills family genealogical
notes (Acc. 37152).

This has an actual image of a handwritten list of Joel and Sarah's children. The summary
notes this was for a 1798 Chancery Case in Chesterfield. On the image, I read the following:
Ann Womack daughter of Joel Womack and Sally his wife was born March 15th 1776. 11
Elizabeth Womack daughter of the above was born October the 9th 1777. - 10
Richard Womack son of the above born March 14 [?] 1779. 8 Years died Mar. 97 -
John Womack son of the above was born Sept 13, 1780. 7 years - boarded out since [?]
Feby 98 -

The number of years after each child seems to be the age they were in 1787, but I do not
know why that was noted. Note that John was born after his grandfather Thomas Womack
wrote his will. Ann was listed in Thomas's will as Nancy; and Elizabeth as Betsy.

Thomas left land to grandson Richard, who died 1797. This probably was the cause of the
1798 chancery case, since Richard probably had no heirs besides his siblings. The other
item of note is that after Joel's death in 1783, his widow Sarah married Henry Mills, and she
died in 1802.

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Green Womack, Malissa Coore

Found a marriage record of "Greene Wammack" to Malissa Coore in some South Carolina
newspaper (reference in a SC genealogy magazine). Forgot to copy down the reference, so
working from memory. The marriage was in Moore Co, NC in 1838. Green and Malizza
Womack were in the 1850 Census of Chatham Co, NC with their children. From my analysis
of census records from Moore, Chatham, and Wake counties, I am pretty certain that Green
was the son of Brittain Womack (son of Albridgton "Brittain", son of William).

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Edward Parker, father-in-law of William Womack

Edward Parker wrote his will 3 May 1819, in Rowan Co, NC, naming many children, among
them Rebecca, wife of William Womack.

Many people, myself included, believed the William Womack in question to be the William
who was the son of Thomas Womack, who left a will in Rowan Co, NC in 1799. Some went
further to state that this William and Rebecca Womack were the William and Rebecca who
settled in Gallatin Co, IL and were the parents of Green Womack; that part I always
doubted, and I know now who THAT William was, but I'll leave that for another post...

Edward Parker came from Halifax Co, VA:

Ancient records in the Register of Deeds office of Rowan County at Salisbury, North
Caroline, reveal that Edward Parker of Halifax County, Virginia purchased from Joseph
Rowland and wife Catherine on March 19, 1796 a tract of 200 acres of land on Bear Creek
adjoining the property of Daniel Hendricks and John Rowland for the consideration of 200

Mark Womack posted this to WGN in June 1997:

I made a major breakthrough today regarding my ggg grandfather, Henry Womack b ca
1800 of Halifax Co, VA. The microfilm I borrowed from the Library of Virginia records his
death on Jun 20th, 1875. It also lists his parents names as William & Rebecca Womack. I
need to recheck my records, but I don't think I have any records of a William & Rebecca
Womack in Halifax Co. It is most likely they cam from another county. Does anyone have an
sources that list them?
Thanks, Mark

I recently ordered the Halifax Co, VA personal property tax lists for the years 1782-1821. I
was actually trying to find a Richard Womack (married to Catherine Streetman). I never
found him, but since I am interested in all Womack lines, I copied down all the others I

Halifax Co, VA was divided into Northern and Southern Districts with separate tax lists each
year for each district. There were Womacks in both districts. The Womacks in Southern
District were the "Cherry Grove" Womacks: http://www.womacknet.net/cherrygrove.htm

Much less is known about the Womacks in Northern District. An Abraham Womack was in
every year from 1782 thru 1797. He does not show up in 1798 or thereafter, so he probably
died. In 1783 and 1784, a William Womack is listed in Abraham's household, and from 1785
thru 1821, William is listed as a household head. Other Womacks begin appearing starting
in 1813: Abraham, John, Henry, etc. These are often listed in a row with William.

In the 1786 list, I found the following households in a row:

William Womack
Alexander Magginnis
Edward Parker
Abram Womack

As an aside, the "Magginnis" (McGinnis) name is interesting. I found this page:
http://www.dmitchelljones.org/mcginnis.htm. It has this Halifax Deed record:

1768-1 Nov-Daniel Hudson of Charlotte Co to Abraham Womack of Halifax 480A bounded by
Beavers CR, John Williams, William McGinniss, William Hunt, Signed Daniel (X) Hudson wit
Walter Robertson, Thomas Boaz, Samuel Calland. Recorded Nov 17, 1768. Tabitha wife of
Daniel relinquished Dower. Halifax Deed BK 7 p 267.

I was excited to find Edward Parker nearby, since I knew William Womack had a wife named
Rebecca. I looked in more tax lists for Edward Parker.

Starting in 1787, the state of Virginia required the tax lists to be "fair alphabetical",
meaning all the "A" surnames together, etc. This makes it more difficult to tell who was
neighbors with whom. However, on most of the tax lists, the tax collector wrote the date he
collected the tax. The tax collection process took three or four months, so we can deduce
that the on any given date, the persons collected from were near one another.

In 1787, on 4 Apr, the tax collector collected from Abraham Womack, William Womack, and
Edward Parker. A Francis Parker was collected from on 3 Apr.

I skipped ahead to 1791: Edward Parker on 29 Apr; Francis Parker, Abraham Wamack and
William Wamack all on 2 Apr.

In 1792: Edward Parker and David Parker (in a row) on 26 May; William Womack on 9 May;
Abraham Womack on 19 July.

In 1793: no dates: the Womacks listed were Abraham and William. The Parkers listed were
William Parker Sr, Edward Parker, David Parker, and Francis Parker.

In 1794: no dates: William Womack, Abraham Womack, Francis Parker, David Parker,
William Parker Sr, Edward Parker, "Daniel Parker (son of Edward)", William Parker Jr.

In 1795: 25 Apr: David Parker, Francis Parker, William Parker Jr. 21 May: William Womack,
"Edward Parker & son", Daniel Parker. 20 Jun: "William Parker Sr & sons". 21 Sep: Abraham

In 1796: 6 May: William Womack and Abraham Womack (in a row), Edward Parker. 9 Apr:
Thomas Parker. 7 Oct: Francis Parker, William Parker Jr.

In 1797, I could no longer find Edward Parker. This coincides with his land purchase in
Rowan Co, NC. There were other Parkers still in Northern Dist of Halifax. Note that there
also Parkers in Southern Dist in every tax list.

Each year, there were numbers for white males over 21, slaves, horses, cattle, etc, and I
copied those as well.

So, Edward Parker was in Northern Dist of Halifax Co, VA. In a few tax years he was listed
on the same day as William Womack. In 1786 (the last year the tax list was not
alphabetized), he was one line away from William Womack.

In his will, Edward Parker lists sons Daniel, David, William, Henry, Miles, Turner, and Peter.
David, Daniel, and William are in the tax lists of Halifax with Edward; in fact Danial was
specif ally noted as Edward's son. I do not know who the William Sr and Francis were,
possibly one was Edward's father and another a brother. Note that because there was a
William Parker Sr and a William Parker Jr did not mean that they were necessarily father
and son. It just means that the tax collector needed to distinguish between two men of the
same name.

Some sites list Edward Parker's Susannah as the Sussanah Parker who married Abraham
Womack (son of the Thomas Womack who made his will in Rowan Co, NC in 1799). THIS IS
WRONG!!! Edward's dau Susannah married Thomas Hughes, as Edward states in his will.
Abraham Womack, son of Thomas, married a Mrs. Susannah Parker. See

I looked for Edward Parker's son-in-laws besides William Womack in Halifax Co, VA. I did
not find any of them, but I did find other tax payers of most of their surnames: Bailey,
Purcell, Hughes, Abbott, and Nelson.

See Mark Womack's Halifax Co, VA census records:

The other Womacks in Northern Dist of Halifax were Abraham (born circa 1786), John (circa
1795), Henry (circa 1798), Edward (circa 1805), Miles (circa 1806), and William C (circa
1808). Abraham may have been William Womack's younger half-brother, but John, Henry,
Edward, Miles, and William C were very likely his sons. In fact, we know from Henry's death
record that his parents were William and Rebecca.

Note that Edward Parker named sons Henry and Miles. William Womack and his wife
Rebecca named sons Edward, Henry, and Miles.
I conclude that William Womack's wife was Rebecca Parker, daughter of Edward Parker.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More VA land patents

See Roger's page: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~rgwomack/landpatents.htm

Abraham Womack 376 34-550 Halifax

From here: http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/VAHALIFA/2001-08/0997857676

Land Office Patents No. 34, 1756 - 1765, p 550 (LVA Reel 33-34)
10 Jun 1760, to Abraham Womack
Halifax County, 376 acres on the north side of Smiths River adjoining Elkins

This matches with this deed from Henry Co, VA -

DEED pgs 27, 28
8 Feb 1777
ABRAHAM WOMACK of the province of NC in Orange County to JOHN KELLY of the couny of
Henry, state of VA, for the sum of 30 pounds sells said KELLY land in Henry County on the
north side of Henry County, by estimate 326 acres, beginning at a branch to Elkins corner

The deed probably says "376 acres" not 326, and was mis-transcribed in the book I found it

Abraham Womack who married Elizabeth Stubblefield moved from VA to Orange Co, NC, the
area which later became Caswell Co, NC.

Pittsylvania Co, VA was formed frm Halifax in 1766/1767.
Henry Co, VA was formed from Pittsylvania in 1776/1777.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Anna Womack Kirk - notes


Levi Kirk Rebecca Peel 14 Mar 1826 Jones
Louisa Kirk Alexander J. Hunt 16 Jun 1831 Jones
Lucinda Kirk Wilkinson Hunt 22 Feb 1825 Jones
William Kirk Huldah Menefer 4 Mar 1825 Monroe

1830 Census of Jones Co, GA -
Source Citation: Year: 1830; Census Place: , Jones, Georgia; Roll: 18; Page: 444.
These three in a row
Levy Kirk 0000 1 / 0001
Anna Kirk no males / 0001 0001
Sarah Cabiness 0000 1 / 0021 01

1830 Census of Monroe Co, GA -
Wilkins Hunt - 1000 1 / 1111 1

Georgia Tax Index, 1789-1799
Year: 1794
Page: 38
Anna Womack married Stephen Kirk; she was in her 50s in 1830, thus born 1770s.

Will of Abraham Womack of Monroe Co, GA:

http://howellresearch.com/d0052/g0000005.html - Stephen Kirk - good notes

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Locating VA Land Grants

I am using my DeLorme Atlas of VA to locate some Womack land grants.

See http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~rgwomack/landpatents.htm

Patent Book 18, page 383 - 22 Sept. 1739 - Richd. Womack - 400 acres - Amelia County.
Consideration: 40 Shillings. To Richard Womack, 400 acres in Amelia Co., on both sides of
Tomohitton Swamp

Modern spelling appears to be Tommeheton. I cannot find a Tommeheton Swamp, but
there is a Tommeheton Lake in modern Dinwiddie Co, VA. A Tommeheton Creek starts in
Nottoway Co, VA to the northeast of Ft Pickett Military Reservation (very near the modern
border between Nottoway and Dinwiddie), and flows through Dinwiddie Co into
Tommeheton Lake, then back out to the Nottoway River.

Amelia Co, VA was authorized in 1734 and became effective in 1735; it was created from
Prince George and Brunswick counties. Dinwiddie was created in 1752 from Prince George
Co, VA, and Nottoway was created from Amelia in 1788/1789.

I think that dams and drainage canals turned Tommeheton Swamp into Tommeheton Lake.

Given the proximity to Prince George Co, VA, the Richard Womack of this patent may be
Richard son of John Womack (Prince George will, 1725); I think this Richard was the same
who had a 1748 patent in Brunswick Co, VA.

It may also be Richard Womack (III) who later had patents in Lunenburg and Halifax, and
who later moved to NC and then GA.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Womack, Cooper, Honnell, Rogers revisited

A Cooper researcher asked a question about Jane "Jennie" Cooper Womack at the Womack
Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/wgn-

Jane Cooper married Hawkins Womack, son of David Womack and Elizabeth Hawkins. They
had several daughters and one known son, Solomon Womack, apparently named after
Jane's brother, Solomon Cooper.

Hawkins died in 1854. His will is mentioned in a Bedford Co, TN newspaper article, but the
actual will was lost along with the destructionof most Bedford Co, TN records (except for
deed records, which go all the way back).

Will of Hawkins Womack, deceased, produced for probate. W.N. Price and L. Lisenby
witnesses. April 1854.

There is a grave in Beford Co, TN (I think it is named Cumberland Springs cemetery) that
has a grave that says "Jennie Womack, 83 years" but no dates.

Jane is with her husband Hawkins Womack in the 1850 Census of Bedford Co, TN:

In the 1860 Census of Bedford Co, TN, I cannot find Jane, but I do find a May or Mary
Warmack (50, TN) living with William Cooper (85, SC or NC).

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: District 5, Bedford, Tennessee; Roll:
M653_1239; Page: 125; Image: 251.

Nearby are some Lisenby families, a Lisenby witnessed the will of Hawkins Womack.

William Cooper is listed in censuses for Bewdford Co, TN from 1830 thru 1860. In 1850, he
was listed as 74, born in NC.

In 1870, Jane Warmack (71, NC) was listed in Bedford Co, TN:

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: District 5, Bedford, Tennessee; Roll:
M593_1514; Page: 186; Image: 146.

Jane was apparently alive in 1880, but missed in the census.

Hawkins Womack was the brother of my ancestor Josiah Womack. Josiah Womack married a
Miss Rogers (first name unknown). The Rogers, Cooper, and Honnell families intermarried.
In the 1820s, the Womack, Cooper, and Rogers families left Bedford Co, TN and went to
western TN. Josiah Womack stayed, settling in Hardeman Co, TN, but the other Womacks
returned to Bedford. While in west Tennessee, Hawkins Womack got in some legal trouble,
and his brother-in-law, Solomon Cooper, helped him out. This is detailed at the following



Note that I originally thought the David Womack in the Carroll Co, TN records was David Jr,
Hawkins's brother. I have since come to believe it was David Sr, Hawkin's father. David
Womack, Jr was in Arkansas during this time.

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Some notes on John Warmack of Habersham Co, GA

http://www.paynedaniel.com/lowar2/d1.htm#g1 - mistake on this page - Jesse PUTNAM
should be Jesse PUTMAN


Jesse & Sarah Putman,

Jesse Putnam's wife was Sarah LNU whose first husband was FNU Womack/Warmack, father
of John Warmack of Franklin/Habersham Co, GA

From Jesse's brothers named in his will, Jesse was the son of James Putman who died in
Union Co, SC.

John Warmack was born in SC.

See WorldConnect for Susannah WOMICK wife of Littleton MEEKS

http://www.sharpwriters.com/genealogy/meeks.html - search for Womick

Littleton Meeks who married Susannah Womack or Warmack is mentioned in Goodspeeds
History of Mississippi

Habersham Co, GA formed 15 December 1818 from Franklin Co, GA and Indian Lands

1819 Tax List of Franklin Co, GA - John Wammack, Littleton Meeks, Jesse Putman

1820 Census of Habersham Co, GA

These 4 familes in a row
i.1 of 12, p.113, l.5 - Littleton Meeks - 100100 / 20100
i.1 of 12, p.113, l.6 - Hampton Holcombe - 300010 / 00100
i.1 of 12, p.113, l.7 - John Warmock - 310100 / 13100
i.1 of 12, p.113, l.8 - Sherod Holcombe - 111201 / 03001

i.1 of 12, p.113, l.24 - Jesse Putman - 000001 / 00001

NOTE: John Warmack is living next to Holcombe family in 1820, 1830, 1840. Hampton
Holcombe had a son named Littleton Meeks Holcombe.

Jesse Putman on 1800 Census of Union Co, SC and 1830 Census of Bedford Co, TN. Jesse
was on tax lists of Franklin Co, GA from 1807 to 1819

South Carolina Records:

Series Number:
S108093 Reel:
00339 item:

Date: 1812/01/06


Locations: UNION COUNTY/


Topics: /

Series Number:
S213184 Volume:
00305 Item:

Date: 1772/06/11




Type: PLAT/

Topics: /


Series Number:
S213184 Volume:
00495 Item:

Date: 1771/03/05




Type: PLAT/

Topics: /


Series Number:
S213190 Volume:
00066 Item:

Date: 1785/11/10



Type: PLAT/

Topics: /


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www.warmack.com web site

Found this site, www.warmack.com, which seems to advocate the "Ian McRae/Warmack"
theory, which I personally have seen no evidence for, and sounds very unlikely. Basically,
an Ian McRae from Scotland was convicted of rebellion against England and sent to Georgia,
where he changed his surname from McRae to Warmack, and got a land grant in 1752. If
someone has documentation of this land grant, I would love to see it. I have been to GA
State Archives, and could find nothing about an Ian McRae or Warmack. Also, I have seen
names change over time, but nothing like McRae to Warmack.

Anyhow, their focus appears to be the Warmack line of William Warmack of Davidson Co,
TN. I have done research which indicates this William Warmack was the son of Richard
Womack of Goochland Co, VA:

Anyhow, this site says that William Warmack may be the son of Ian McRae/Warmack,
despite the fact that Ian has been claimed as the ancestor of John Warmack of Habersham
Co, GA (also an unlikely theory), and that Ian supposedly came to Georgia, whereas William
Warmack of Davidson Co, TN was born in Virginia.
The www.warmack.com website has a guest book, which I have not been able to sign, but
apparently spammers have figured a way to do, since it is mostly full of spam junk. I have
tried to contact the site owners, but no luck so far.

I personally believe all three early Warmack lines in America come from Womack ancestors,
and that DNA tests would confirm this. Will blog more on this later.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

South Carolina Archives Search

SC Archives Search - http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/Archives/search/default.asp

Spellings found:



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Womack as a Given Name

Did a quick search on ancestry to find Womak and variations used as given names. Several
ancestry databases do not distinguish surnames from given names, but the census ones do,
and a few others.

Here are a few names:

Womack Blankenship
Womack Puckett
Womack Nunnally
Warmack Epes
Womac Parker
Womack Smith
Womack P Cartwright
Womuck Gammon
Womack Knight
Womack Arnet
Womack Giddens
Womack Hutson
Womack Dunlap
Womack Wilborn
Warmack Fulghum
Womack Pollock
Wamock Fowler
Wamack Durele

Yuck, this blog does not paste stuff on a separate lines very well. I had to go back and
separate the lines manually, pretty annoying.

Also, found a few Womack references in the censuses I had missed earlier:

Womack, 37 M Carpenter GA
Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana; Roll: M432_230;
Page: 333; Image: 181.

Womack Foster an old Tanyard not occupied
Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: , Nottoway, Virginia; Roll: M432_965; Page:
376; Image: 203.

Venable, Sam W & Wamack
Source Citation: Year: 1810; Census Place: , Prince Edward, Virginia; Roll: 70; Page: 589;
Image: 488.00.

Stephen S Archie Plantation by Warmack
Source Citation: Year: 1840; Census Place: , Holmes, Mississippi; Roll: 214; Page: 266.

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Womack who married Mary Lanier

I have done some research on Benjamin Womack who married Nancy Jones, and who was
in the 1850 Census of Gadsden Co, FL. See:

I see the proof that this Benjamin was the son of Mary Lanier and her first husband, a Mr.
Womack. I have also seen the assertions that he was Benjamin Womack (or Wommack), Sr,
but as of yet no proof that his name was Benjamin.

Frederick Womack of Effingham Co, GA was a Lt. in the Rev War, had sons William, Wiley,
Allen, Frederick, John, and possibly Jacob. Besides William, I have just bits and pieces on
the other sons, but enough to show relationships if anyone is interested.

I found this Bible record of Frederick's son William, also a Rev War vet:

Besides William's kids, it lists two daughters of Allen Womack, Betsey and Lucy. In his will
(Screven Co, GA, dated 21 Apr 1817, proved 3 Nov 1817), Benjamin Lanier lists Sally, Lucy,
Betsey, and Hannah as the daughters of his dau Mary. So, two of the names match Allen's
daughters. Also, the time period is correct.

I have seen Allen and Wiley Womack on militia lists in the 1790s for Effingham Co, GA. I
have never seen any record of a Benjamin Womack in Georgia in that time period. I have
seen a LOT of Womack records for Georgia, since I live here and have easy access to some
great libraries and the GA State Archives.

So, my hypothesis is that Mary Lanier married Allen Womack. There was no "Benjamin
Wommack, Sr" that I can find.

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Getting started

Hi, I am starting this blog on my genealogy research. I have been researching my family's
genealogy for 15 years.

My current interest is the Womack family. Womack is my grandmother's maiden name.
Womack is a southern family. My focus is on sorting and categorizing all the Womacks in
America prior to 1851. After that time, records, especially census records, are detailed
enough for most people to trace their family back rather easily to 1850. Beyond 1850,
census records sometimes do not exist, they have far less detail, and records are harder to
come by over all.

My Womack research can be found here:

More specifically, my "Womack Early Records in America" can be found here:

I want to use this blog as kind of a scratch pad to capture my thoughts and discoveries as I
research. What you find here may be pretty raw research, and sometimes just hunches or
guesses. That is how I work. I make a hypothesis and try to prove or disprove it.
More on my purpose for this blog later. Right now, I would like to post some genealogy

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              David Womack and Esther Tanner
      o ► November (1)
              Chesterfield County, Virginia Wills
      o ► October (1)
              Womack Family in America before 1850 - Classificat...
      o ▼ September (21)
              Abraham Womack of Goochland Co, VA, continued
              Iverson Womack/Wammack
              Womacks at Virgina DOT
              Goochland Co, VA Deed and Will Indexes
              Thomas Womack and Mary Farley
              The Fictional Abraham Womack
              Abraham Womack - Bolling's Quarter Branch - Follow...
              Virginia 1790 and 1800 Tax Lists
              Joel and Sarah Womack Children
              Green Womack, Malissa Coore
              Edward Parker, father-in-law of William Womack
              More VA land patents
              Anna Womack Kirk - notes
              Locating VA Land Grants
                   Womack, Cooper, Honnell, Rogers revisited
                   Some notes on John Warmack of Habersham Co, GA
                   www.warmack.com web site
                   South Carolina Archives Search
                   Womack as a Given Name
                   Womack who married Mary Lanier
                   Getting started

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