Weekly/Daily Homework & Expectation Sheet by 03tUBH5a


									Weekly/Daily Homework & Expectation Sheet

Students should review their expectations and write down
homework assignments daily in their planner.

Parents should check and sign their student’s daily
homework assignments list. While our student may be able
to do homework on their own now, it is possible that they
will not be able to take on the task of studying alone yet.
Please continue to help with homework and reinforce study
skills at home.

Each 4th grade student should have a minimum homework
time of 45 minutes each weekday.

Math homework usually includes a Math Box handout, a
Study Link page and Student Reference Book pages.
Students should also practice multiplication and division
daily until facts from 0 to 12 are memorized. After that they
will need multi digit multiplication and division practice.

New Word Study program this year.

Writing, editing and grammar lessons and tests are
completed in class. Paragraph editing test will be given the
end of each week.

Reading Logs and Personal Vocabulary sheets are due the
last day of each month. Students should read a minimum of
20 pages per day, 400 pages per month. Students may record
classroom pages read as well. Students should find 1 new
vocabulary word per day, 20 words per month. Vocabulary
words may come from 4th grade curriculum textbooks or
personal reading choices.
Time for Kids magazine and handout packets go home each
Friday and are due first thing Monday morning.

Science includes Missouri Life, Earth and Physical science.

Missouri History has an entire textbook to complete.

Health includes one chapter per quarter. 1st quarter – Safety,
2nd quarter – Guarding Against Disease, 3rd quarter – Needs
and Feelings, 4th quarter – Human Body.

Chapter tests in Science, Missouri History and Health are
open book. The students should be able to go back to their
readings and use inference for high quality constructed
response answers.

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