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									    The choice between shared hosting and
  dedicated servers is a crucial one that most
 people can't make. It's important to look at the
 server hosting facilities; since the website is an
important part of your lifestyle. With shared web
    hosting several websites share the same
             resource-i.e. the server.

Virtual Server Hosting
The sharing entails the speed, the memory, the bandwidth and such On
the other hand, dedicated web hosting implies that, your web is dedicated
and serviced by a single server You have sole control and use over the
memory, speed, and bandwidth of the server You should look at
dedicated hosts if you don't want to share the resources of your website
for other people's use
 There are different rates for dedicated servers, albeit some more
expensive than others But the added cost can be more than worth it
when you consider the number of benefits you can get with a dedicated
hosting server Because shared hosting is so cheap and widely used, it's
inevitable for the service to have problems For instance, there is only
one IP address per website
 There is usually the problem of being blacklisted if the web engages in
some unethical activities such as spamming and the likes You can get
blacklisted if your IP address is shared with a guy doing illegal acts prior
The other reason why, it is advisable to shift to the dedicated web hosting
from the shared web hosting is due to the response time taken for any
application The influx of data could meet a bottleneck if the connection is
slow and unreliable
 Because of this fact the shared webhost provider can get delayed
responses Users on the same server share the same bandwidth, which
is why with shared hosting you'll never get the maximum capacity your
computer can take At a particular period your response can be duly sent
to you
 There is also the common habit of having the server crash due to the
excess work overload In the dedicated web hosting, everyone seems to
be in a world if their own without any congestions or delays This
especially should make many choose to have dedicated web hosting g
rather than the shared Virtual Server Hosting one
 Since you have exclusive use of the server, you have complete control
over what to do with it Bandwidth limits are likewise no longer a problem
The dedicated web hosting is normally more secure than thee shared
web hosting
 The general performance is far much better and fast You should switch
to dedicated server hosting, in line with the benefits mentioned earlier
Virtual Server Hosting

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