Our friends by zinatbibi


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In our life we all need friend , Yes this is true and with out them ilfe is so lonly and heard to pass
any moment, If they care about you then you are the most happest person of the world and
most luckest person of the univer's because friend are the most important part of life, we they
give you beautiful smile and when they fight with you, Some time they help you and some
thime you help them life become so beautiful with them and we never thought to go any were
with out them and this is only because we love them, They love you too..

Making Friend's
We make friend in our life form childhood to oldman , first in school and collage and where
we go and where we live me make friend this is way we are human and like some are good
and some are bad and some so bad

so make friend but with is learn to know about them too, are you happy to make friend and
this is so beautifull thing but when what happend when you get wrong friend ..

hole life will change and always take care af the and never angry on them because you we
live with them or we crouss our some part of life with them

One Best Friend
There is one best friend is come in our life , how change our life and he/her are the one how
help ous in every moment we need them every time they are ready to helps us and with them
you are thing that you are the hero because he say "Yes" on your any order

I have too and i know you have too so take care of them because you are more important for
them and they are more important for you

SO love your FRIEND'S and I Do....


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