Lab Perl by 03tUBH5a


									                      Introduction to Bioinformatics

                         Processing Files using Perl

This lab is designed for you to practice on extracting information from a given file using

1. Create a folder and name it Perl_Lab4
2. Retrieve the yeast proteome from following web site:
      a. Go to the ftp site:

      b. Save the file YEAST.dat into the folder named Perl_Lab4

3. Use WordPad to see that your file YEAST.dat includes the descriptions of all the
   proteins in yeast.

4. Write a perl program to process the file and extract the following information:
      a. Number of proteins involved in the biological process: iron ion homeostasis.
          The Gene ontology number associated to this biological process is:
      b. Report the length distribution of these protein sequences.
      c. Save the sequences into a file in fasta form. Name the file
          Yeast_Proteins_GO6879.fasta. Save the file in the folder Perl_Lab4.

5. Search yeast genome database to find the definition of the GO term: GO:0006879:
   iron ion homeostasis.
       a. What is the definition?
       b. Anything else you found about this GO term?

6. Lab report
   Every group should submit the perl source code and a report to report the findings of
   this lab.

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