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									Web-based and Mobile Solutions for Collaborative Work
 Environment with Logistics and Maritime Applications


Strategic Objectives Addressed: – Applications and Services for the Mobile User and Worker
2.3.6 – General Accompanying Actions

Co-ordinator :
Dr. Eberhard Bluemel
Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, Germany

Scientific Co-ordinator :
Prof. Leonid Novitsky
Riga Technical University, Latvia

                    •    IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05        •

The eLOGMAR-M CA is the instrument to co-ordinate organisations, programmes and
projects in the area of innovative Web-based and mobile solutions with logistics and
maritime applications.

The project is initiated by the major partner group under the co-ordination of the
Fraunhofer IFF with the aim:
• to create an international network of scientists and experts,
• to improve transport logistics and harbour processes,
• by using IT-solutions

Previous Projects of the major partner group:

                   •   IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05       •
                                       Collaboration from 1994 to 2004

           AMCAI                        DAMAC-HP                    BALTPORTS-IT                 eLOGMAR-M
         1995 - 1997                    1998 - 2000                  2001 - 2003                  2004 - 2006

Fraunhofer IFF GER
Magdeburg University GER
Riga Technical University LV
Latvian Intelligent Systems LV
Charles University Prague CZ
                                           +                               +                            +
TNO Apeldoorn NL
                               Baltic Container Terminal LV
Latvian Maritime Systems LV
                               Riga Freeport Authority LV     IDC Information Techn. LV   M & S chain Solutions UK
                               Ventspils Freeport Auth. LV    KSSA LT                     TREDIT GR
                               BALVA LV                       Warsaw University PL        China Harvest Dev. CN
                               Latvian Railways LV            University of Ulster UK     Beijing HOPE Software CN
                                                              JSC Ventamonjaks LV         Thessaloniki Port Auth. GR
                                                              Kaunas University LT        Logitrans Consult EE
                                                              Port of Gdansk Auth. PL     Hafen HH Marketing GER
                                                              BI-Info EST                 SONEX LT
                                                                                          RTSB GmbH GER
                                                                                          Port of Kokkola FI
                                                                                          Interbalt EE

                              •    IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05                      •
The 17 partner organisations complement each other at different levels:

 Industrial Enterprises, Universities and Research Institutes, Transport
  Logistics, It-Solutions Companies:

    •   Fraunhofer IFF(Germany); Warszaw University of Technology (Poland), Riga
        Technical University (Latvia);
    •   KSSA(Lithuania), PKA(Finland), RTSB(Germany), HHM(Germany), ThPA
        (Greece), IB (Estonia)
    •   IDC Information Technologies, Latvian Intelligent Systems (LV); Sonex (LT);
        HOPE (China)
    •   M&SS (UK), TRD (GR), CHD (CN), LTR (EE)

 Different geographical regions along the selected freight route:

    •   China
    •   Mediterrania (Greece)
    •   Western Europe (Germany, U.K)
    •   Baltic Sea (Finland, Poland, Lithuania,Latvia, Estonia)

                •    IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05         •
                                             Major Goal
• Create a dynamic, collaborative partner pool uniting organisations from one Asian and
eight different European countries.
• Incorporate the different partners operating along the selected maritime freight route by
the way of uniting their information management systems, databases, Internet Web-sites and
• Provide services and new work methods for the mobile actors (traders, shippers,               brokers,
consignees, forwarders, railways, etc.)
           Deep sea ports                      Feeder ports               Railway container terminals

       Hamburg         Germany              Tallinn       Estonia

       Shanghai         China           Riga, Ventspils    Latvia
                                           Klaipeda       Lithuania
                                           Gdansk          Poland

                                           Kokkola        Finland

                                         Thessaloniki     Greece

      Deep sea shipping lines            Feeder shipping lines                   Trains       

                        Multilevel logistics and transport business process.

                         •      IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05            •
                     Baltic Sea


Provide services and new work methods for the mobile actors
(traders, shippers, brokers, consignees, forwarders, railways,

    •   IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05      •

 Creating a Web-portal for information providing to transport services’ consumers;
 Demonstration of mobile access to Web-portal for different categories of transport
  services’ consumers;
 Organisation of conferences and regional workshops for dissemination of research
 Further development of the Baltic Regional Competence Centre in the field of
 advanced IT-solutions and maritime eLogistics in Riga and its branch office in
 Development of recommendations for application of Collaborative Work
  Environment with mobile access to it in the form of the project handbook.

                  •   IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05     •
                                      Work plan – general structure

The CA consists of three stages
                Identification                               Integration                              Demonstration

                 Internet-based interactive Web-site as supporting tool                             eLOGMAR-M outcome

                                    Study and        Study and          Study and        Creating the
                                   analysis of     analysis of m-      analysis of       opportunities
                                  logistics and     services, e-     legislation and    for the training
          Identification            maritime           work,           regulations       of specialists
                                    transport       information
                                   processes       and simulation

                                 Generalisation of studies and analysis of results, assessment criteria
           Integration            and customers requirements by using an Interactive Web-site of a
                                                dynamic, collaborative, virtual society

                                 Setting up of demonstrators of       Setting up of demonstrators of
         Demonstration           an Internet based Collaborative      mobile access to Collaborative
                                        Work Environment                    Work Environment

                             •     IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05                                    •
                                     Logistics Solution
The Main Objective of eLOGMAR-M Project from logistics point of view is to estimate
a start-to-finish transportation rate of cargo and to select logistics supply chain by
providing information for choosing basic carrier who meets the required criteria.

 Two major target groups:

 1) Transportation group:
 ·      Shipping lines (deep sea and feeder lines, ship-owners);
       Container terminal operators;
        Block train operators;
       Forwarding companies;
       Multimodal transportation operators.
       Freight brokers

 2) Cargo group:
       Cargo owners;
       Forwarding companies as representatives of goods’ owners (manufacturers
         or buyers);
       Traders.
                    •   IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05      •
                                             Demonstration scheme
                                                                   Web-portal                             Central DB
                 Cargo group

           Transportation group                only



Mobile actor 1         PDA                                                                     Mobile phone       Mobile actor 2
                                     Wi-Fi             Internet                 GPRS



                       •       IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05                                           •
                                      Project Network

                                           Web-based and Mobile
        EC-BRIDGE                         Solutions for Collaborative         LOGIS-mobile
              CA                           Work Environment with
                                           Logistics and Maritime                    SSA
 EU-Chinese forum on eWork,                                                 Logistics Training mobile
 eLogistics, Research networks                                                      solutions
  and Broadband solutions for                 Fraunhofer IFF
    mobile user and worker                      Magdeburg                         LIS Latvia
     Schlumberger Sema

      Mobile Worker Support                                                       IST4BALT
Environments: Aligning Innovation
     in Mobile Technologies,                                                          CA
 Applications and Workplaces for
                                                   SIMS                      Information Society
Location-Independent Cooperation                    SSA                 Technologies Promotion in Baltic
         and Networking                   Supporting Innovation of                  States
      Salford University                 SMEs in the Mobile Services               EDNES
                                           and Application Supply
      Telematica Intituut                         Business

                            •    IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05         •
Thank you for your Attention!

•   IST4Balt project WS, Riga, 6-7/04/05   •

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