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									                                         ENC 1102
                        Dr. Jon W. Brooks E020 brooksj@nwfsc.edu
                    PAPER #4 (100 PTS.) DATE DUE: DECEMBER 1, 2011

Please write a 900+ word paper on one of the following topics:

1. Explain how Faith in “Young Goodman Brown,” Georgiana in “The Birthmark,” and Elizabeth
in “The Minister’s Black Veil” are used to reveal some truth about the central male characters in
each story. Describe the similarities that you see among these women characters.

2. What is known about the kind of person Hamlet was before his father’s death? Does he have
the stature of a tragic hero such as Oedipus? How does news of the murder and his mother’s
remarriage affect his behavior and view of life? Is he mad, as Polonius assumes, or is he
pretending to be mad? Is there a “method in `t” (II.ii.200)? What do we learn from Hamlet’s

3. Read the section on critical thinking (pp. 2041-44) in Chapter 53, “Critical Strategies for
Reading” in The Bedford Introduction to Literature, and then research critical commentary on
Frost’s “The Oven Bird” p. 1109. Write an essay describing the range of interpretations that you
find. Which interpretation do you think is the most convincing? Why?

4. Analyze the humor in four of Billy Collins’s poems included in The Bedford Introduction to
Literature (see also “Introduction to Poetry” [p. 764] and “Marginalia” [p. 787]. What purpose
does the humor serve? Does the humor appeal to you? Explain why or why not, giving examples.

         Use LINCC Web to access databases like Literature Resource Center or JSTOR to do
your research. I will accept only full-length, critical essays for your sources, no abstracts, book
reviews, or excerpts from critical articles. Information regarding the author’s life should be
limited. Be sure to use the texts to support your interpretations. Failure to quote from the primary
texts, the stories themselves, will result in a failing grade. This is a research paper in that you must
incorporate a minimum of three critical sources relating to your chosen literary work or works into
your 3rd person critical analysis; papers may be longer and may incorporate more than the
minimum number of sources. Please use quotation (You must quote from the primary source or
sources!) and paraphrase in your paper; you must follow the most current MLA format for handling
citations as found in The Bedford Handbook. Please consult Chapter 54 & Chapter 55 in your
literature book for further help and direction.
         Sources not available to you include Wikipedia, Sparknotes, the Bible, the Koran,
dictionaries, encyclopedias, Cliff's Notes, Monarch Notes, Masterplots or Masterplots II. The
Internet cannot be used for finding sources; use LINCC Web. If you are in doubt about the validity
of a source, please ask me. Students who plagiarize will earn themselves a zero on the paper. Be
sure to submit your paper to www.turnitin.com before class begins on December 1, 2011.

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