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									                       Library Resources

                Databases for Research 2006-07

User ID Bergen
Password Crusader

On the first screen choose EBSCO WEBHOST. The next
screen allows you to choose databases. The most useful is
Master File Premier. This database has both general
references from 1975, biographies and primary source
documents. It is recommended that you use the “Advanced
Search” tab on the top of the page as this allows for better
search refining. Inside the box under the search term note the
choices to limit “hits” such as “Full Text” and “Peer
Reviewed”. An alphabetical list of all publications is available.
Another feature of this site is that it is possible to e mail
articles from this site.

click on “Connect to Proquest” button
Password WELCOME

This is the location for multiple publications. On the opening
page look for the “connect To Your Proquest Database”
button. Left click on it and enter account name and password.
Note the “Database” field under the search box. The pull down
menu has the “Historical New York Times.” A full print access
to all issues dating back to 1851 is available for you to search.
At the bottom of the page there are options to view abstracts,
full print articles and peer reviewed articles. All these features
are designed to help narrow your search.

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