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									Who are you?
Can you ask your self , any time any where are any place if now then thing about you and we
need to think again and again on this because of this we can make some thing that we want to
make it.
Well all this we need to find every part of life we are just a thing that so think and who are you
Thing who are you
If not then thing my friend because you need to thing on this all .With is we can change our life
and make as how we are or what we are? Help other because if you help other they will help you
and if not no one we help you and one will care about you this is another fact of life

Can we change our life?
Yes just become a good and you can see every thing become good for you , help other give them
what they need and never ask any thing if you feel poor on them .
One day all the thing will god make you happy and give you any thing you want and all of us get
what we want and there is no Not for us this what a good man can get for other . be happy
become happy and stay happy this wil change your life for life time.
Well there is an other part of life which is evil and or bad , if your bad then every thing for you is
bad so no one can like you and no one can lead you to a good part and this is the resone because
you are so bad and bad for other become good and every one like you no one like other no one
With a good life style we can change our life and help other to become good

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