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Revised SWIS Transfer Form 2012 by 03tUBH5a


Basic Information
                                                                                             Click here to                       Click here to enter
School Name: Click here to enter text.                                     FLDOE ID# enter text.                     District:

Principal’s Name: Click here to enter text.                            Principal’s Signature:
In signing this form, you give the RtI:B Database team permission to download your SWIS data, create an account in the RtI:B Database for your
school, and transfer all historical SWIS information into the new database. When your account is established, you will be responsible for activating
all staff who wish to access your school’s RtI:B account. Instructions, training and support will be available at

 Main Contact Person (The person the RtI:B team will contact if they have questions)

 First Name:Click here to enter text.                            Last Name: Click here to enter text.

          Title:Click here to enter text.                              Phone:Click here to enter text.

        Email:Click here to enter text.

 SWIS Transfer Type (Your choice will determine if you need to review & update your SWIS rosters)

                                               Your “Big 5” Tier 1 reports will reflect all SWIS records.
                                                     This includes Referrals per Day per Month, Problem Behavior, Location, Time, & Admin Decision
 ☐       “The Big Picture”                     Some of the Annual Summary reports will reflect all SWIS records.
                                                          Only the “Referrals per Year per 100 Students,” “Annual Suspension Report,” and “Suspensions per 100
                                                           Students” will reflect all SWIS records.

                                     This option includes the reports identified in “The Big Picture,” plus all of the following:
                                               Individual Student Reports*
                                               Incident details for specific students*
                                               Tier 1 reports involving grade levels, student names, staff names, race/ethnicity, ESE status,
                                                number of historical referrals and gender*.
                                     *Information will only be available for students and staff who have properly formatted information in SWIS. Students and staff

                                     whose identifying information does not meet guidelines will appear as “Default Student” or “Default Staff.”
         “The Microscope”
                                     This choice requires you to review your SWIS student and/or staff rosters and update information
                                     for each individual for whom you would like to view historical details.
                                          - Necessary student fields include student ID number, birthdate, gender, ESE status, ethnicity and race.
                                          - Necessary staff fields include employee ID number and email address.
                                          - SWIS rosters must also be reviewed for duplicate entries and errors (mis-spelled names, nick names, etc.)

                                     If you’re interested in this option, please contact the RtI:B Database team for additional
                                     instructions & support.

 Please email us with any questions or to submit your completed form:
 You will receive a confirmation email describing the next steps for transfer, training, & account activation.

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