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									             Coronado High School
                           Mrs. Winkler
                             702.799.6800 ext. 3317

Course: Introductory Computer Concepts

Course Scope:
    This one-semester course is designed to acquaint students with the
    proper techniques for personal use of the computer. Students will
    learn the basic principles of keyboarding, word processing,
    multimedia, spreadsheet, and database applications. It is designed
    specifically for students interested in meeting the computer
    competency requirement for graduation. Introductory Computer
    Concepts will fulfill either one-half computer credit or one-half
    elective credit required for high school graduation. Introductory
    Computer Concepts does not articulate with the Community College
    of Southern Nevada and does not receive Tech Prep credit.

Course Goals:
   1. To learn the keyboard using the touch method.
   2. To model ergonomic practices while using the computer.
   3. To develop beginning skills in word processing.
   4. To develop beginning skills in producing multimedia projects.
   5. To develop beginning skills in spreadsheet applications.
   6. To develop beginning skills in database applications.
   7. To incorporate proofreading and editing skills.
   8. To become aware of computer-related occupations.
   9. To develop reading, writing, and verbal communication skills.
   10. To learn computer ethics.
  1. Grades will be weighted according to the type of assignment.
       These weights are a percentage of the overall grade, and the scale is as
          Classwork …………………...….. 50%
                             Total: 100%
       Semester One
         Quarter One..…………….………….. 45%
         Quarter Two …………….…………. 45%
         Semester Test……..……………….... 10%
                              Total: 100%

  2.   The Grading Scale for all work is as follows:
       B…………80- 89%
       C…………70- 79%
       D…………60- 69%
       F……… Below 60%

  3.   Citizenship      Factors considered to determine Citizenship grades are as
       follows: (An accumulation of 5 offenses in a quarter will result in a “U” in
           a. Promptness
           b. Preparedness
           c. Politeness

  4.   Extra Credit may be assigned on some homework assignments, or found on
       some quizzes or tests, but will not be given on an individual basis.

Classroom Policies:
  1. Beginning the class period:
          a. You will be expected to enter the class in a civilized manner,
             and begin your assignment for the day.
  2. Ending the class period:
          a. You will be expected to remain in your seat until I dismiss the
          b. Crowding or gathering by the door will not be tolerated.
3. Materials:
     a. Cougar Planner
4. Classwork Policy:
     a. All work must be written legibly where I can read it or you will
        get a zero for that assignment.
     b. All work must have the following information in the upper
        right corner of the paper:
5. Make-up Tests and Quizzes:
     a. Should you have an approved absence on a quiz or test day, you
        will have 3 school days to take a make-up quiz or test. You will
        need to schedule a time with me to take the quiz or test. If you
        are absent the day before a quiz or test, you are still expected to
        take the test with the rest of the class, since you will have only
        missed the review.
6. Tardy Policy:
     a. All students will adhere to the school-wide Tardy Policy. If
        you are tardy for any reason, you must have a tardy lock out
        form when you enter the classroom. Students who are tardy 30
        minutes or more will be marked absent.
7. Classroom Behavior:
     a. Attendance is an integral part of the educational process.
        Clark County School District Attendance Policy will be
     b. Be prompt.
        You must be in your seat when the bell rings, or you will be
        marked tardy.
     c. Be Prepared.
        You must bring the required materials to class each day, and be
        ready to actively participate in the class discussions and
          d. Be Polite.
             This includes respectful behavior towards myself and your
             classmates, as well as the classroom itself. Please help keep the
             classroom clean and orderly.
          e. Theft, fighting, insubordination, the possession or use of
             narcotics or weapons will result in immediate referral to the
   8. Consequences (in order of offense)
          a.   Verbal Warning.
          b.   Phone call to parent or guardian.
          c.   Teacher Detention.
          d.   Referral to the dean.

PLAGIARISM – Plagiarism, the use of another’s ideas or words without
properly crediting your source is unethical, academically dishonest, and
illegal. At many colleges, plagiarism can result in a student being expelled
from school. Be certain you know what constitutes plagiarism. It will not
be tolerated in this class and will result in an automatic (0) zero on the
applicable assignment and a “U” in Citizenship for the quarter.

In addition to a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism, I would like to make it
clear that the following policies will prevail in our class:

Students are expected to do their own work. Any evidence of copied work
or cheating in any way will result in a (0) zero on that assignment, test, or
quiz for all parties involved and an Unsatisfactory Citizenship grade for that

The consequence of a second offence of cheating or plagiarizing is a 10%
reduction in the quarter grade as per the Coronado Honor Code policy.

It is impossible for a teacher to know the subject of a conversation which
occurs during a quiz or test; therefore, any talking which occurs during a
quiz or a test, whether related to the subject matter or not, will result in a
grade of (0) zero for all parties involved.

    All Coronado High School/CCSD policies will be followed in our
     classroom. Refer to your Cougar Planner for a complete explanation.

    No iPods, phones, or electronic devices of any kind will be allowed to
     be used in the classroom unless it is a teacher request. If I see a device,
     I will confiscate it and turn it in to the Deans’ Office. Cell phones
     should be turned off and in the student’s book bag or pocket during
     class. If a cell is visible to the teacher, it will be confiscated and taken
     to the Deans’ Office. Please note the CCSD policy regarding cell phone
     usage—before and after school and during lunch.

    You will be expected to enter the class in a civilized manner, and begin
     on your assignments for that day.

    Instruction and class activities begin when the tardy bell rings and end
     when the dismissal bell rings. Avoid “packing up” before class ends.
     Crowding or gathering by the door will not be tolerated.

    No food, beverages (except water), or gum allowed in the classroom.

    Students are to remain in class the entire period. Passes will be given
     only for legitimate and necessary situations. Passes will not be issued
     to students without their Cougar Planners.

    Students are expected to actively participate in all class activities.

    Students should remain in their assigned seats unless instructed

    No sleeping.

    Disciplinary action will be taken for inappropriate/disruptive behavior.

                 1.   Verbal warning
                 2.   Teacher / Student conference
                 3.   Parent / Guardian contact
                 4.   Dean referral
      Making this class a successful and educational experience is my

highest priority. If at any time a student has questions or needs extra help,

he or she is encouraged to contact me, and I will do my best to accommodate

his or her needs. If at any time parents or guardians have questions or

concerns, they are encouraged to call me at Coronado 702.799.6800,

extension 3317, or you may e-mail me at

Because e-mails are retrieved more frequently than phone voice mail

messages, I encourage the use of e-mail for a quicker response.

IMPORTANT: Please print and sign the last page of this syllabus

indicating you have read and understand the expectations and procedures of

this course.

                    Coronado High School
              Introductory Computer Concepts Syllabus
                        Acceptance Statement
By signing below, I am indicating that I have reviewed the course expectations and
understand its contents.

Student name (print) ______________________________________________________

Class Period ______

Student signature ________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian name (print) _______________________________________________

Parent /Guardian signature _______________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Contact Information:

Preferred method of contact (please provide the contact information on the line


E-mail address ________________________________________

Home phone # ________________________________________

Cell phone # __________________________________________

Work phone # _________________________________________

                          Parent / Guardian Contact Record

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