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									        The Power of the Red: Rigor, Responsibility, Respect, Relationships, Relevance

                                     Cypress Woods High School--English III
Dear Junior Wildcat:
Welcome to your most challenging academic year! As your English teacher, I am determined to work with you
to help you become a stronger reader and writer. The grades and scores you achieve the junior year will
be what college admissions boards consider next year.

Classroom Expectations: Always strive for perfect attendance and come to class prepared to learn. This
includes having materials (paper, pen) and completing homework by due dates. Arrive to class on time and be
ready to begin working as soon as the bell rings. All rules detailed in the C.F.I.S.D. Student Handbook apply
in my class as well.

Supplies Needed for Class:
    Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary, Level F (available for purchase at Cy Woods VIPS window)
    Sturdy pocket folder for journals                      USB flash/thumb drive
    Loose-leaf notebook paper                              Post-it notes
    Yellow, orange and green highlighters                  Pen (black or blue) and pencil

Make-Up and Late Work Policy: I strictly follow the C.F.I.S.D. policy for Make-up and Late work. Please
be aware of assignment due dates and communicate in advance any potential issues.

Tutorials: All teachers will be available for tutorials each Wednesday from 2:40-3:10 per Cy Woods policy.
I will also be available Mondays from 2:40-3:15. Other tutorial times may be arranged on an individual basis.

Reading Requirements: We will read and discuss passages in class, but you are expected to complete some
of the reading for English III at home. You will read a variety of long fiction, short fiction and non-fiction
The junior English textbook is The American Experience published by Pearson. This textbook is accessible
on the internet at Please remember to complete the enrollment process so that
you have access to the out-of-class reading assignments.

 I am excited to be a part of your junior year. Do not hesitate to contact me during the year with questions
or concerns. I look forward to meeting your parents at Open House on September 13 at 6:00 p.m. It is
extremely important that you take a moment to read and discuss the HONOR CODE on the back of this
letter with your parents. Please sign and return this page no later than Tuesday, September 6.

Mrs. Lorrie Hall Cy Woods      English III Team

I have read the above information and am aware of the expectations in English III L/K. I have read the honor code and
cheating policy and am aware of the consequences of breaking this code.

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       The Power of the Red: Rigor, Responsibility, Respect, Relationships, Relevance

                          CYPRESS WOODS HIGH SCHOOL
                                 HONOR CODE

All students are expected to adhere to the highest standards of personal honesty in their academic
work. All work presented for credit must be original. Please use the following guidelines as a guide.

PLAGIARISM is defined as stealing and presenting the words of another as one’s own, using a
created production without crediting the source.

EXAMPLES of plagiarism:
       Turning in a paper retrieved from an Internet source
       Including information that is word for word from an encyclopedia, book, textbook, web site,
        database, etc. without citation
       Copying and pasting from another source and changing a few words
       Citing information from another source without proper attribution

CHEATING is defined as using dishonest methods to gain or give an advantage. This includes
utilizing any kind of secretive means of gaining or giving information for use on quizzes, tests,
papers or homework.

VIOLATIONS of the honor code include:
       Copying responses to homework, papers, worksheets, reading guides, etc.
       Looking on another student’s test or quiz
       Letting another student look on your test or quiz or copy your work
       Using other secretive methods of giving answers on a test or quiz
       Taking information from another source without giving credit to the original writer
       Working with others on an assignment that was meant to be done by individuals
        (Students should consider all work individual unless the teacher specifies differently.)
       Letting another student access your paper to generate his or her paper
       Taking papers from the Internet, other publications, or other students
       Taking any part of a test to use or to give to others (conveying test questions to other

CONSEQUENCES for students caught cheating or copying will be severe, resulting in a failing
grade and a discipline referral. Cheating or plagiarism will impact exemptions and membership in
National Honor Society.

WHEN IN DOUBT, check with your teacher or with a good college web site such as (Go to their plagiarism link.)

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