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                Biography Information Collection Grid

Technology Project Description:
Students will research, using the collection grid, famous inventors and
inventions and choose the one they consider has had the greatest impact on

Students will research a famous person using the Internet to answer
questions about an inventor and their invention.

Teacher Project Directions:
  1. Gather information and research websites the children will be using
     for information on their inventor.
  2. Open the template named BiographyGrid_template. (It will open in
  3. Fill in the desired information for the selected subject.
  4. To create your own template after making changes: Go File to Save
     As. Click the arrow to the “Save as type” and choose document
     template. Navigate to where you want to save the template.

Student Project Directions:
  1. Open the teacher directed template. Save it in your home directory.
  2. Enter information on the Biography Collection Grid about your
     inventor and their invention.
  3. Copy a picture from the Internet, insert a picture from clipart or after
     printing draw a picture of your inventor and their invention.
  4. Also, copy and paste the URL where the picture from the Internet
     where the picture was found under the Credit section.
  5. Save and print your Information Collection Grid.

Web Resources
  Database: Kids Infobits
Microsoft PowerPoint: Quick and Easy Elementary Projects   2

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