rd Sunday after Pentecost

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					    Mass Schedule & Devotions
 FIRST FRIDAY                            5:30PM begins the Holy Hour with Rosary,
                                                                                          Saint Thomas More Chapel
                                         Confessions, and Benediction, followed by the
 of the month                            Mass at 6:30PM                                    SOCIETY OF SAINT PIUS X
                                                                                                   GREGORIAN LATIN MASS
 FIRST SATURDAY                          Meditation on the Rosary at 7:30AM,
                                         7:45AM begins Rosary, Confessions and
 of the month                            Benediction, followed by 8:30AM Mass

                                         Confessions at 8:00AM
 SUNDAY                                  Rosary at 8:30AM
                                         High Mass at 9:00AM
 Devotions to Our Lady of Per-
 petual Help
                                         Saturdays along with Rosary
 Prayer Crusade for Priests Holy 1st Thursday of each Month at 5:00PM,
 Hour                            followed by Mass at 6:00PM

          For further details on additional Masses and their times,
            please see Weekly Schedule inside of this bulletin

         Blessing of Religious Articles will be done on the 2nd Sunday of the
         month. Please bring your objects to be blessed to the communion rail
         at the end of Mass.

Cell Phones & Pagers are Not Permitted in the Church. They are un-
suitable for the Holy Place.
Proper Church Attire Out of respect for Our Lord and for the edification of our
neighbor, we beg all to appear in Church modestly dressed. For men and boys,
shorts and T-shirts do not meet the norms of modesty. For women and girls, they
are not met by slacks, shorts, sleeveless and low-cut dresses. According to apostolic
custom and Church law, women and girls are further requested to cover their heads                       June 17th, 2012
in Church. However, no one has the right to question dress, especially that of visi-
tors. It belongs to the Pastor alone to instruct others when their dress is below ex-                  THIRD SUNDAY
pectations.                                                                                           after PENTECOST
                                                                                              550 Riverview Avenue, Sanford, FL 32771
                                                                                             Church Information Number: 407-872-1007
                                                                                             E-mail Contact List:
Prior: Fr. Marc Vernoy   Fr. Louis Alessio      Fr. Rainer Becher   Fr. Edouard Fesquet            Fr. Marc Vernoy, Publisher
                                                                                                    Mrs. Jennifer Vega, Editor
           Announcements                                                                   It Takes Sacrifice to Be a Good Shepherd

             Happy Fathers’ Day...
                                                                                              Jacob was a pastor and his brothers were pastors. Moses was
                                                                                      a pastor, and David also was a pastor. So Amos was a pastor. These
                                                                                      all were pastors who fed the sheep and led them well.
                                   to all the Fathers of the parish!
                                                                                             Now, why, dear friends, did these pastors first feed the sheep,
                                                                                      and were then chosen to be pastor of men? Clearly, that they might
The Ordination of Br. Elias Campbell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Craig
                                                                                      learn how a pastor cares for his sheep, and is watchful and toils in
Campbell, to the Priesthood, was this past Friday, June 15th. Deo
Gratias!                                                                              behalf of his sheep. And when they had learned the manners of
                                                                                      pastors, they were chosen for the pastoral office.
Third Order of the Society will meet again TODAY.                                            Jacob fed the sheep of Laban and toiled and was vigilant and
                                                                                      led them well; and then he tended and guided well his sons, and
Please pray for the recovery of Fr. Fesquet, who has been ordered by
                                                                                      taught them the pattern of pastoral work. And Joseph used to tend
the Doctor to take a 30 day period of rest. We expect him to return to
preach the Women’s Ignatian Retreat in July.                                          the sheep along with his brethren; and in Egypt he became guide to
                                                                                      a numerous people, and led them back, as a good pastor does his
The Next Cleaning week will begin on Monday, June 18th. We                            flock. Moses fed the sheep of Jethro his father-in-law, and he was
always need volunteers! Please contact Teresa Wright at 407-                          chosen to tend his people. So “with upright heart he tended them and
422-0102.                                                                             guided them with skillful hand” (Psalm 78, 72).
                                                                                                And when David numbered the flock of his sheep, wrath
Eucharistic Crusaders will meet again on Sunday, June 24th.                           came upon them, and they began to be destroyed. Then David de-
                                                                                      livered himself over on behalf of his sheep, when he prayed, “O
Breakfast for the 4th Sunday of the Month (June 24th) We ask all
persons to please bring a dish to share for the 4th Sunday of every
                                                                                      Lord God, I have sinned in that I have numbered Israel. Let Thy hand be on
month. We also need everyone to help clean after the breakfast eve-                   me and on my father’s house. These innocent sheep, in what have they
ry Sunday.                                                                            sinned?” (Sam. 24, 17). In the same way all the diligent pastors used
                                                                                      to give themselves on behalf of their sheep.
2nd Collection on the 4th Sunday of each month, will be for our School,
Saint Thomas More Academy. The next collection will be taken on June
                                                                                                                              Aphrahat, Demonstration on Pastors, 2

Men’s Ignatian Retreat will be from Wednesday, June 27th(8AM) through
Sunday, July 1st (6PM). The cost is $215 for each retreatant. If you would
                                                                                             Sanctuary Lamp Dedication
like to enroll, $50 will reserve your space. Please contact the Priory at 407-
872-1007 or                                                 This week’s Sanctuary Lamp is lit for the eternal re-
                                                                                            pose of the soul of Victor Escorpizo by Brenda
Women’s Ignatian Retreat will be from Monday, July 2nd (Noon) until Saturday,
July 7th (Noon). The cost is $215 for each retreatant. If you would like to enroll,         Escorpizo.
$50 will reserve your space. Please contact the Priory at 407-872-1007 or                   **Please see Teresa Wright if you are interested in lighting the Sanctuary Lamp for a special inten-                                                             tion. Donations are $15.00, and dedication slots are available.
Visits to the Sick and Homebound - We are seeking volunteers who
would like to visit sick and homebound persons, who frequently call                                 8th Annual St. Thomas More Pig Roast is scheduled for
our Parish requesting that someone come to visit. This volunteer work                               Sunday, July 8th, after Mass, and will be held on the church
is for both ladies and gentlemen. If you are interested in this holy                                grounds. We ask all person attending to bring a side dish
work, please see Mr. John Tucker.                                                                   and a dessert.
Garage Sale Items Wanted - We are in need of items for our on-going garage sale,        The Rosary Crusade ended May 27th, 2012. The totals for our
including furniture. If you have items to donate, please bring them to the church, or
contact Mrs. Rene Ranieri.                                                              Chapel were: May (2939), June (2843), July (3625), Aug (2512) Sept
                                                                                        (4986) Oct (3629) Nov (3380) Dec (4329) Jan (2541) Feb (6264)
All Saints Day/Souls Day Pilgrimage from October 29th, 2012 to November 7th,
                                                                                        March (3272) April (4122) May (4091)
2012. Visiting Ecuador-Peru-Columbia. Spiritual Director Father Jean Morel. For
more information please contact: or call 386-439-1427.
                                                                                        Donations are needed - At the altar rail we are installing grille work in between
St. Thomas More Academy - For information, please contact Mr. Jus-                      the pillars, and installing a gate between the rails for entrance to the sanctuary.
tin Sauer at            Sponsors for STM                   The total cost of the project is $3,050.00. If you would like to make a donation
Academy Students are needed. If you would like to contribute toward                     for this project, please mark your envelope or check “Altar Rail Donation.”
a students tuition, please contact Mr. Justin Sauer at thomasmoreacad-                                                                          Screen Room for the Fathers - We are looking for donations to
                                                                                        roof and screen in a room for the Fathers. The approximate cost
Weekly Choir Practice will be held every Wednesday evening at 8:00PM. Call Justin       is $2,000. So far, we have collected $850.00. Please see Mr. Antho-
or Rhonda at (407) 321-8067 with any questions.                                         ny Garcia if you would like to donate.
Rosary Apostolate will meet today at 1:15PM at The Heritage’s chapel
to recite a 5 decade Rosary with the assisted living residents. Are you
interested in joining? Please see John Tucker or Peter Paonessa for fur-
ther information.
Weekly collections are made for the following purposes: 1st Collection is for the       Rosary Novena for Br. Elias began on
day-to-day expenses of the church and Altar Flowers; 2nd Collection is for reducing
the debt of our new church.                                                                       May 15, 2012
Please pray for Parishioner, Mrs. Patricia Winter, whose recent tests                                                  (Benedictine),
                                                                                                         Brother Elias (Benedictine) Son of Mr. and Mrs. Craig
have discovered stage four sarcoma lung cancer.                                                          Campbell, of our parish, who was ordained to the Priest-
                                                                                                         hood, on Friday, June 15th, 2012. As of May 15th, 2012, we
Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mr. Vic Escorpizo, who died on Thursday,                       ask all Parishioners to offer each day: the Veni Creator
January 12th, 2012. †Requiescat in Pace†                                                                 (Come Holy Ghost), one decade of the Rosary, and a
                                                                                                         hymn to Our Lady. Since this is a Rosary Novena, it
Please pray for all of our sick and homebound parishioners; especially                                   consists of 30 days of petition, followed by 30 days of
for Craig Campbell, Alan Prezioso, Marisa Watkins, Michael Will Ur-                                      thanksgiving. This Rosary Novena will begin on May
dinola Monica Marques, Nora Bennick, Alfred Gonzalez, Antro Salga-                                       15th, 2012 and end on July 15th, 2012.
do, Patricia Winter, Leslie McKernan, Fred Blich, Gabriel Martin Es-
pitia Morales, Margaret Mixon, Jason Meierstein, Tony Garcia, Abel                          Donations for Br. Elias’ Chalice - For those who would like to donate
Guerra, Angelo Bootsey, Bruce Rhea, Benigno Vega, Jr., Ramona Sal-                          to the purchase of the Chalice for Br. Elias, who was ordained on June
gado, Allen Manassa, Michael Raeburn, Annunziato Piperno, Tadde-                            15th, 2012, please give your donation to Mrs. Bernadette Campbell.
usz Arent, James Raeburn, Julie Raeburn, Joanne Dubois, Joan Piper-
no, Walter Bobka, Matilde Gumabon, Mary Paonessa, Donna Blich,
Tom Massett, Carol Cantelmo, and Allen Hogan.
                                                                                            ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS TWO PAGES FORWARD
             Priory Schedule for this Week
                                                         8:00AM - Confessions
          SUNDAY, June 17th, 2012                        8:30AM - Rosary
    Third Sunday after Pentecost - Green (II)            9:00AM - Mass
     St. Gregory Barbarigo, Bishop, Confessor            Meetings: Third Order of the Society
               FATHERS’ DAY                              -----------------------------------------
                                                         5:00PM - Vespers & Benediction for Peace

          MONDAY, June 18th, 2012
                                                         7:30AM - Mass
St. Ephrem, Deacon, Confessor, Doctor - White (III)
                                                         5:30PM - Rosary
 St. Mark & Marcellian, Martyrs - Red (Comm.)

           TUESDAY, June 19th, 2012
                                                         5:30PM - Rosary
    St. Juliana Falconieri, Virgin - White (III)
                                                         6:00PM - Mass
 St. Gervase & Protase, Martyrs - Red (Comm.)
         WEDNESDAY, June 20th, 2012
                                                         5:30PM - Rosary
                Ferial - Green (IV)
                                                         6:00PM - Mass
    St. Silverius, Pope, Martyr - Red (Comm.)

         THURSDAY, June 21st, 2012                       7:30AM - Mass
  St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Confessor - White (III)          5:30PM - Rosary

          FRIDAY, June 22nd, 2012                        5:30PM - Rosary & Confessions
   St. Paulinus, Bishop, Confessor - White (III)         6:00PM - Mass

                                                         7:45AM - Benediction, Rosary & Confessions, and Devotions
         SATURDAY, June 23rd, 2012
                                                         to Our Lady of Perpetual Help
     Vigil of St. John the Baptist - Violet (II)
                                                         8:30AM - Mass

                                                         8:00AM - Confessions
           SUNDAY, June 24th, 2012                       8:30AM - Rosary
           NATIVITY OF ST. JOHN                          9:00AM - Mass
          THE BAPTIST - White (I)                        Meetings: Eucharistic Crusaders
          Fourth Sunday after Pentecost                  -----------------------------------------
                                                         5:00PM - Vespers & Benediction for Peace

   On duty and available for consultation,               Also Monday - Saturday:
   confession, blessings, etc:                           6:45 am: Prime and meditation
   Tuesday 5-6pm: Fr. Becher                             7:30 am: Mass
   Wednesday 5-6pm: Fr. Fesquet                          12:15 am: Sexte
   Thursday 5-6 pm: Fr. Alessio                          5:30 pm: Rosary
   Friday 5-6: Fr. Vernoy                                8:30: Compline and Great Silence
   Saturday: 9-11am: Fr. Vernoy                          First Thursday: Recollection and Silence
   Please try to avoid calling the Priory before 10 am
   and during meals.

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