Letter of Non-Disclosure by sNDd0a3


									                                      UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS
                                  MARINE CORPS COMBAT DEVELOPMENT COMMAND

                                        QUANTICO, VIRGINIA 22134-5001
                                                                                            IN REPLY REFER TO:

Please include requesters Name
Rank, Unit, address,
Phone number
Justification for Request and what the data will be used for.

The data and enclosures are provided For Official Use Only (FOUO). FOUO Distribution Restriction
Statement: "Distribution authorized to the U.S. Government and their contractors only; contains technical
or operational information. FOUO data will not be duplicated nor will there be secondary distribution of
the original data. Upon termination of use, all data shall be removed from computer systems." Although
every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, errors and conditions originating from
physical sources to develop the database may be reflected in the data supplied. The user must be aware of
data conditions and ultimately bear responsibility for the appropriate use of the information with respect to
possible errors, original map scale, collection methodology, currency of the data, and other conditions
specific to certain data. At the completion of your project, it is requested that the information received from
this office be removed from your system.

If you have any questions concerning the data provided, please contact Mr Jack Trophia, Geospatial
Information & Services Manager, Facilities Division, Public Works Planning & GIS office


                                                      IGI& Manager
                                                      Jack R. Trophia

I agree to and understand the above FOUO Distribution Restriction

                                                                 Signature         Date

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