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									                                  Terms of Reference MIS Specialist

Years of regional instability underpinned by decades of poor governance have shaped the crisis
unraveling in the North West border areas of Pakistan. Marginalization and inequity are sustained in
FATA by underdevelopment. Militants in Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) have exploited
frustrations resulting from decades of weak governance, corruption and wide-ranging socio-economic
deficits: this has resulted in the most acute aggravating high levels of vulnerability. To assist in tackling
this, the Government of Pakistan requested support with the preparation of a Post-Crisis Needs
Assessment (PCNA) resulting in a peace building strategy for FATA.
The goal of the PCNA is to produce a helpful, pragmatic, coherent and sequenced peace building strategy
that delivers an agreed vision within 10 years. The vision is the distillation of inputs from wide-ranging
consultations with affected communities in the region and with groups representing various sections of
the broader Pakistani civil society (media, NGOs, maliks, etc.) and public services (military, bureaucrats,
police, etc.). These consultations also established the drivers of the crisis, that were then translated into
four strategic objectives that are achieved through a series of concurrent and mutually supporting
interventions. The strategic objectives comprise of: (i) Build responsiveness and effectiveness of the State
to restore citizen trust (ii) Stimulate employment and livelihood opportunities (iii) Ensure the delivery of
basic services (iv) Counter radicalization and foster reconciliation.

Rationale For Hiring MIS Specialist

Capacity is weak across all sectors of the PCNA and weak capacity has contributed to the crisis.
Increasing capacity is therefore essential for peace-building to be effective. Of critical importance with
regards to capacity development is the issue of the implementation modality for the PCNA itself. FATA
Secretariat has decided to establish PCNA Implementation Support Unit at the Planning and Development
Department. The PCNA Implementation Support Unit, amongst others, needs services of a MIS Specialist
primarily to ensure delivery of effective implementation of the recommendations of PCNA to ensure
lasting peace in FATA; and to undertake other duties as designated by the Coordinator to improve
operational efficiency of the project.

Scope Of Work And Activities To Be Undertaken
MIS Specialist will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities;
   Assist and advice the PCNA Coordinator in the design of Annual Work Plan within the structure of Strategic
    Transitional Results Framework (STRF) of PCNA and its relevant strategic objective(s) in consultation with the
   The specialist will support in the establishment of database system
   The specialist will design and develop a website
   Provide MIS expertise to assist in the design and management of the database
   Identifying MIS needs of the database users via coordination with agencies involved in the project i.e.
    World Bank
   Assist in plans for procuring hardware/software and other IT equipments
   Providing other programming/data analysis support as necessary
   Deploy the infrastructure and programs for fast and effective communication
   Will keep equipments in his custody and will check for maintenance if required
   Will ensure the availability of services for audio/video conferences for meetings/presentations
   Will involve in procurement process of the equipments and accessories etc. for quality assurance and
   Will identify the needs and suggestions for future requirements
   Other duties to be performed as per requirement of PCNA process;

Working Arrangements:
It is recognized that activities may undergo frequent changes in view of PCNA’s dynamic environment
and implementation operational realities. The MIS Specialist is therefore expected to be flexible and
adapt to requirements of the PCNA process.
Reporting Arrangements:
The MIS Specialist shall report to the Coordinator PCNA, Implementation Support Unit, and request for
leave to be agreed in advance by the Coordinator.
He/she will report to PCNA Coordinator for all matters.
Qualification And Experience:
   Masters degree in IT/Computer Science/MIS
   5-7 years experience in IT related activities
   Ability to handle Web Databases, Web, Servers ,operating systems, programming, networking
   Ability to prioritize and manage time efficiently. Can handle multiple tasks effectively and coordinate
    a team to meet deadlines highest standards of personal integrity.
   Demonstrated interpersonal and diplomatic skills.
   Proven ability to work in a collaborative, team environment.
   Written and oral fluency in Urdu, Pashto and English.
   Report writing skills are also desired
   FATA domicile applicants meeting the essential requirements will be given preference with even
    higher weightage for FATA women candidates

        Salary And Benefits
Market competitive salary (lump-sum with no other benefits) based on qualification and experience will be offered.
Appointment will initially be for 1 year extendable up to 3 years based on satisfactory performance.

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