Post Scaling and Root Planing Instructions

Please read and follow these procedures. They will make you more comfortable a
will help to prevent any possible complications.

Care of your mouth. Start brushing, flossing, and continuing your prescribed o
hygiene regimen immediately. Brush twice daily, floss and use a proxabrush fr
both sides once daily. You may have to go easy at first, but make every effort to ke
your mouth plaque free. We recommend rinsing your mouth several times on the d
of treatment, with warm salt water (use ¼ tsp salt to 8 oz of warm water).
chlorhexidine rinse may be prescribed and should be used twice daily until gone. Af
finishing chlorhexidine rinse, we suggest using Prevident fluoride toothpaste a
Listerine mouth rinse twice daily unless otherwise instructed.

Discomfort. Some discomfort is expected when the anesthesia wears off. Usua
acetaminophen or ibuprofen tablets will eliminate any discomfort and help with a
swelling/inflammation. Sensitivity to cold or touch may temporarily occ
Removing all plaque from the tooth surfaces and brushing with a sensitive toothpa
and/or prescription fluoride will usually reduce or eliminate sensitivity.

Eating. Refrain from chewing until anesthetic wears off (milkshakes, yogurt, a
pudding are fine). Your next meal should be soft. Avoid any hard, gritty foods su
as peanuts, popcorn, chips or hard bread for the next 3-4 days. Also, it is best to av
hot, spicy foods and alcohol for at least 24 hours.

Bleeding. Slight bleeding may continue for several hours following the procedu
This is not unusual and should stop. If bleeding persists, apply a moistened tea b
(not herbal tea) or moistened gauze to the area with firm but gentle pressure fo
minutes; let rest for 15 minutes, then repeat for a second time. If excessive bleed
continues, please call the office.

Smoking. Please refrain from smoking for 24 hours or longer after scaling and ro
planing procedures. Tobacco/Nicotine use interferes with the healing. (This would
an excellent time to quit smoking).

Exercise. Avoid any aerobic or strenuous activity for the rest of the day. Take

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