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					Royal College of Psychiatrists, Special Interest Group in Volunteering and International Psychiatry

Date: 19 April 2012

Venue: Board room, Royal College of Psychiatry.

Agenda Item             Notes                                                                 Action
Present                 Deji Oyebode (DO)-Chair , Peter Hughes(PH), Victor Doku(VD),
                        Mandip Jheeta (JH), Ashok Singh(AS), Daniel Wolde-Giorgis(DWG),
                        Sherva Cooray(SC), Sophie Thomson (ST),
    1. Apologies        Michael van Beinum, Mohan Chawla, Dr Sridevi Sira Mahalingaapa,
                        Anne Aboaja, Mark Roberts, Usharut Jadhav,Heather Dipple,
                        Nick Bass, Denise Bound, Guiseppe Spoto, Susie whitwell,
    2. Review of        Total of 18 people attended in Birmingham
       minutes of
       last minutes     One of aims was for meeting on anniversary of inauguration of
                        group but meeting schedule doesn’t allow this. Launch of SIG was      PH
                        June 2011.

                        Role Allocation:
                        Fiona Donnelly –UK-based volunteering
                        Trainee representatives: Sree Thamburaja-higher trainee rep
                        Core- Mandip Jheeta
                        Medical Students- Roxanne Keynejard

                        Recap of 25 January 2012 Meeting :
                        Malawi DVD and Presentation from Scotland
                        Allocation of roles
                        Discussion of volunteers and country matching.
                        Developing a volunteering in UK group
                        Medical Student rep meeting up with PH at the College: re
                        Recruitment strategy of the RCPsych.
                        Medical Student Elective Database

                        Remind Mr Naughton to Update volunteering opportunities on the
                        RCPsych website                                                     PH
Matters arising         mhGAP – add Dr Wolde-Giorgis
                        MJ – proposal for essay prize
                        Annual cost £15 a year
                        Money for prize of trophy Essay prize (Peter Hughes essay Prize) or
                        Proposal for essay prize: by Judging panel ( three nominees)
Application to the Dean of the RCPsych to approve
To be advertised in the newsletter
High Specialist Trainee: OOPE – A discussion around process to get
approval for overseas work and through deanery. Need to have
a plan of activities and supervisory arrangement (local trainer and
UK-based trainer).
Dr. SC reported that psychopharmacology module was approved
by the RCPsych. With the support of Rachel Jenkins. Cascading
down to the lower ranks of mental health professionals. Taking
into account lack of Members of RCPsych in local countries-
training of the trainers approach. Tom Barnes could be contact for
PH reported that Bangladeshi project ongoing
DP (David Percy) involved with Zambia.
Diaspora members with local language skills and competencies to
be encouraged to get involved in international work and register as
Dr. Wolde-Giorgis: referred to the WPA document as a standard
for training. Model used in Ethiopia and Sri Lanka
Sophie Thomson; The Ted Lancaster model of setting up physical
health training programme in developing countries
SC mentioned that Dinesh President elect of WPA
 UK Volunteering: Map out or audit UK volunteering opportunities;
e.g. Diaspora communities
Funding: DVLA –fees, Tracking the budget for the IAC                    ST
Charity Challenge. Cycling around London at night
SIG conference fees (£70- £40 Profit) : 5% goes to the college invite
speaker who may not ask for fees
Ideas for conference: Training and workshops
WHO model of setting up services,
Masterclass, series or modules, making sure the people come back
SC: Sustainable capacity building – a programme, how to make a
little go a long way, E.g. IPT in Uganda. Psychopharmacology,
access to evidence base.
Workshop on mhGAP
Just giving takes 10% Virgin giving no charge
THET – Health Partnership scheme- to generate a review for              PH

Ghana: no one there at the moment
India- are projects happening but not known directly to college

The challenge is to link (network) IAC discussion to work by            PH
diaspora psychiatrists-based groups

Business plan and fundraising – to be re-submitted                      PH
Getting CPD approval via the education committee
                    Circulating SIG VIP leaflets

                    Website is impressive and thanks to Veena Verdi at College for all
                    her hard work

                    Diaspora feedback: nothing new.

                    Newsletter: 3rd one has been submitted. Articles to be sent to SW

                    Malawi film to be followed up

                    Photography project-images of psychiatry in various countries
                    Psychiatry in films

                    E-groups – ongoing

                    Pharmaceutical supplies-There is NGO that can support this and
                    also old BNF and Maudsley guidelines and access to electronic
                    BJPsych old journal and other journals.

                    MOU between RCPsych and local institutions for electronic access.

                    Central point of collection for books would be needed but not
                    possible currently
Conference          Later this year, preferably on Friday, Subject, Speakers, fee £70.   ST
preparation         London-based. Conference organising committee (ST)
Fundraising ideas   Offers of fundraising expertise to be solicited
                    Donation of Speakers fee to the SIG
Newsletter          Material for next issue - September 2012 – ready.                    DWG
                    Message from the chair-running title
                    Making newsletter more interactional
                    News items
                    Activities of volunteers.                                            VV
                    Link to the college Newsletter
                    Accolades of people who have recently received honours
                    Trainee contribution.
                    Contribution by non-psychiatrists
                    Focus on stigma.
                    Reports from returnee volunteers.
                    Connecting with new generation –linking to facebook and twitter.
                    To be checked with VV                                                DWD

Feedback from       Volunteer in the Gambia
Diaspora Group
Proposal for Adult         Proposal of Package of teaching mhGAP E.g. for Ghana.
Faculty                    E.g. weekend course. To be explored further
                           Teaching skills training. mhGAP how to convey the message
                           (methodology) to the audience.
                           TOT vs Case-based discussion and role-plays
                           Masterclass in mhGAP. Formal training is 5 days.                       PH
International journals     E.g. Psychological First Aid-available on website
and articles of interest
                           Non-verbal teaching manual material for frontline workers to be
                           sent to DWG                                                            ST
Agenda items of next       Present
meeting 11,                Apologies
September 2012             Review of last minutes
                           Matters arising
                           Conference preparation
                           Funding ideas
                           Feedback from Diaspora group
                           Role of retired psychiatrists
AOB                        Discussion of participation of user reps and user groups . There are
                           organizations who can supply representatives. This is area for
                           future but not yet.

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