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									Subject: AVG Free Edition serial number and installation instructions
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*** AVG Free Edition ***
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Thank you for downloading AVG Free Edition. This information will help you to install and use
AVG Anti-Virus.
Installing AVG Free Edition
Using Windows Explorer or some other file manager program, locate the AVG Free Edition file
that you have downloaded. The location of this file will depend on your Internet browser
The downloaded file is an executable program - please run it. This will start the Installation
Setup Wizard. In the second window you will be asked for the serial number. Please enter this
serial number exactly as you see it in this email below.
Please note it is case sensitive (if the serial number is not entered correctly, you will receive an
"Invalid Serial Number" error message). We suggest that you copy it from this email and paste it
into the appropriate field when prompted to do so.
Your serial number is: AVG-1-11212527-QBD
Enter your name and other information. Continue with the installation according to the
Installation Setup Wizard.
At the end of the installation, it will be necessary to restart your computer to complete the
First Program Run
AVG will launch automatically after you have re-started your computer. If it does not, please run
AVG manually - do so by running the file AVGW.EXE in the folder where you installed AVG.
The AVG First Run Wizard will appear and prompt you to perform several important steps:
- check for the most recent virus database base update
- create a rescue disk for your computer
- perform the first virus test (or scan) of your computer

Everyday Usage
Your behavior as you use your computer is critical to maintaining the highest level of protection
against viruses. Using AVG Anti-Virus is an important step! Your anti-virus program (the
resident shield and email scanner functionality) will continuously monitor your work on the
computer to ensure that no viruses harm you or your data, however it is up to you to be aware of
the threat of viruses. We recommend that you:
- check for virus database updates frequently
- create and maintain a rescue disk for your computer
- use AVG to perform tests of your computer on a regular basis
- maintain your computer's operating system up-to-date by installing the security updates as they
become available
- and above all, that you use common sense when accessing the internet and email messages
from unknown senders

Consult the Help menu for information concerning the operation of AVG Free, and the available
functions, features and capabilities.
Additional support for AVG Free can be found on our web page at
http://www.grisoft.com/faq/us_faqindex.php. The FAQ and other sections provide useful
information about AVG and viruses.

Buy AVG 7.0 Professional Edition
AVG Free Edition provides virus detection with basic functionality. The AVG Professional
Editions are available for those interested in additional functionality and capabilities.
AVG Anti-Virus is available in several Editions for businesses and organizations:
- AVG Professional Single Edition - added protection for a single workstation
- AVG Network Edition including the AVG Admin central management tool for multiple
computers whether or not they are connected on computer networks
- AVG Email Server Edition - protection for email servers
- AVG File Server Edition - protection for file servers
Some of the added features of the AVG Professional Editions:
* additional functionality
* multiple language support - English, German, Czech, Slovak, French, Brazilian Portuguese are
supported at the present time; additional languages are under development
* many scheduling options for updates and virus scans - including what to do when a scheduled
task was missed because the computer was off, or there was no connection to the internet
* the ability to detect a connection to the Internet for downloading an update
* technical support via email (24x7x365)
* access to guaranteed high-speed servers for downloading updates and program upgrades
* options for configuring multiple program and test settings
* the ability to create user-defined tests and schedules
* advanced options for handling infected files - healing infected files, deleting them or moving
them to the Virus Vault
* discount programs for schools, charities and other not-for-profit organizations

For more information about the various AVG 7.0 Anti-Virus Editions visit our website at
Purchase AVG 7.0 online at http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_avg_online.php

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