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Moodle 101 Handout by SY096G2


									                               Moodle 101:
       A Beginners’ Guide to Implementing Moodle in the Classroom

Anne-Carter Finch
Baylor Knott

1. Getting Started:

Your class Moodle account can be found on the following link:

“mls” stands for “moodle learning system.”
MOODLE is the acronym for “multiple object oriented dynamic learning environment”

Vestavia’s Moodle resources can be found on the wiki:
Bookmark this page for informational videos and handouts.

2. Editing your settings:

      Category: will note your school
      Full Name: teacher’s last name and name of class Moodle
      Short Name: teacher’s last name and short name of class. Make it something
       easy for students and parents to identify and locate.
      Format: choose “topic format” because it is easier to re-use your class moodle
       for the next school year. You can have a new topic box for each school week
       during the school year.
      News Items to Show: Whatever information you type in this news box will be
       sent out immediately as an email to all your enrolled (in your moodle) students.
       The news item will also remain on your moodle. Anytime you change the news
       item, message, or announcement, a new email will automatically be sent to your
       students. If you choose to have a news box in your class moodle, it will always
       be the top box. People do not need to have a news section in their moodle.
       They can just have topic boxes.
      Maximum Upload Size: 500 mg. Keep this setting. It allows you or the students
       to upload large files and videos and PowerPoints to your moodle. You Tube
       videos are usually about 5 minutes in length and 40-50 mg in size.
      Language: make sure it is set to English (en_us).
      Groups: this is a topic you’ll cover in the intermediate Moodle training.
      Ignore all other settings for now. These are the basics.
3. Setting your students up on Moodle:

        All the students in the school system are already registered on Moodle. The kids
         have to login ONE time with the username and password they use to log onto
         their school computers. After logging in, kids may be asked for an email address.
          Moodle wants everyone in Moodle to have an email address. If you need to give
         your kids fake email addresses, because they are too young to have their own,
         use this format

                                       Kalinda G. Smith


        This is a fake email, but it fulfills the requirements of Moodle. Now, if you want
         to email your students for real, you'll need to put actual, valid emails in their
         profiles online. If we use this format (, it helps Dr. Cindy Adams
         spot the fake email addresses when they pop up in the database, and she knows
         a teacher needed to use a fake email with a student.

        After all the kids log on one time to Moodle, you can go into your
         "administration" panel on the left side of the class Moodle screen, click "assign

        You can then click on "students" and add your kids. They will show up on the
         right side of the screen.

        Kids can also join your class on their own, but they need to look up the list of all
         the Moodles at your school to do that (easy for middle school and high school
         kids). After logging in, the kids just click their school’s name on the left side of
         the screen. Next, they will see a list of all the Moodles at your school and can
         click on your specific class Moodle. Showing the kids this in class is always a wise

4. Adding a Resource to your Moodle page:

1.   Click on the Turn editing on button in the upper right.
2.   Click on Add resource drop down menu and select Link to a file or web site.
3.   Fill in the Name field and click on the Choose or upload a file button.
4.   Click on the Upload a file button in the lower right.
5.   Click on the Browse button to search for the file. Select the file by double-clicking.
6.   Click on the Upload this file button.
7.   Click Choose to the right of the uploaded file
8.   Click on the Save and return to course button at the bottom of the page.
5. Adding a Forum to your Moodle page:

Go to the following website for GREAT instructions for multiple ways of setting up your

This site is brought to you courtesy of Louisiana State University.

6. Moodle Emergencies

If you are in the middle of class and need Moodle support, send an email to Dr. Cindy
Adams at the Vestavia Hills Board of Education. She is fabulous about getting back to
you promptly and providing you with the Moodle support you need.

Dr. Cindy Adams

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