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									Access 2007 Hands-On Exercises
Session 1

You are an administrator managing a nutrition education outreach program. Your task is to create a simple
scheduling database that will track the faculty you employ and the details about the courses they are teaching.

Complete the following exercises to review table creation concepts that you learned in session one. You will
create a new database and then the structure for three tables – Faculty, Courses and the Q1-2009 Schedule.

    1. Create a new blank database named Education. (Open Access and select the “Blank Database” icon in
       the center pane. In the lower right corner of the screen change the database file name and use the
       browse icon, to the right of the file name text box, to locate where you would like the database saved on
       your computer. Click the Create button.)

    2. The new database opens in table datasheet view. You should see a blank Table 1 screen (see below).

    3. Click on the View button on the Table Tools Datasheet tab and choose Design View.

    4. When prompted, name the new table Faculty.

    5. Using the information below to create fields for this table:

             Field Name        Data Type         Description          Field Size    Format
             InstructorID      Text              Primary Key          7
             FirstName         Text                                   20
             LastName          Text                                   25
             Degree            Text                                   3
             Institution       Text                                   50
             HireDate          Date/Time                                            Short Date

    6.   Remember to click down in the Field Properties pane when creating each field to update the field size
         or format.

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    7.    Be sure you have set the Instructor ID field to be your Primary Key. It may already be set by default. A
         key icon should appear next to the field name. If it is not set, select the Instructor ID row and click the
         Primary Key button in the Table Tools Design tab.

    8. Close this table, saving the changes if prompted.

    9. Create a second table that summarizes course information. Click the Create tab on the ribbon, and
       choose the Table Design button.

Field Name            Data Type           Description              Field Size         Format
CourseNumber          Text                Primary Key              8
CourseName            Text
SkillLevel            Text                Beg/Int/Adv              3
Prerequisites         Yes/No
Cost                  Currency            Total cost of session

    10. Set the Course Number field as the primary key. Close this table, naming it Courses, when prompted.

    11. Create a third table that summarizes the current schedule for the quarter. Click the Create tab on the
        ribbon, and choose the Table Design button.

Field Name            Data Type              Description            Field Size           Format
CourseNumber          Text                   Primary Key            8
InstructorID          Text
Location              Text
StartDate             Date/Time              Primary Key                                 Long Date

    12. Set the primary keys by selecting the Course Number row and holding down the CTRL key and selecting
        the Start Date row. Click the Primary Key button on the ribbon.

    13. Close the table, naming it Q109, when prompted.

You have successfully created 3 tables. Now you can practice entering some data into one of the tables.

In the Navigation pane, which is the list of objects on the left side of the screen, double click on the
Faculty:Table icon to open this table in datasheet view. Enter information for these three faculty members.

InstructorID     FirstName     LastName       Degree       Institution                   HireDate
22-3406          Marilyn       Smith          MS           Oregon State University       3/3/2008
22-1208          Phillip       Devaney        MS           Oregon State University       9/1/2006
22-2343          Anne          Roman          MA           Purdue                        3/1/2008

Close the table. Your updates will automatically be saved in the database.

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