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									                                         Sarah Reynolds
                          96 Gipton Approach, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 6NJ
                                         Mobile: 07513 905254

I am a highly self-motivated individual seeking a challenging and rewarding position in Web
Development and Design. I possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, able to plan
and prioritise workloads. Having first class analytical and problem solving capabilities and
accustomed to working within a team environment, equally effective working independently. I have a
friendly, professional manner, coupled with a will, passion and drive to succeed in all areas.

                                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

16 March 2011 – 6 January 2012
              Senior Web Developer
              My role at Flashtalking was to work with their head developer and assist with the further
              development of their bespoke system. This was very much back-end development role using
              PHP and MySQL, the system was driven by log files and regularly processed over 500
              million records a day, so had to be efficient and deal with any failure swiftly. In addition
              there was an control system to allow less ‘tech-savvy’ users to be able to access the data
              provided to which I made many improvements and brought more up to date using HTML5,
              CSS3, jQuery and AJAX to create a more integrated and streamlined interface.

1 May 2011 – Present
              Freelance Developer
              I worked closely with the owners of the company to determine the type of site that would
              best fit their requirements, both initially and going forward, both in terms of technical ability
              and design. The site is now built using Joomla! with several additional modules, some of
              which were free, some purchased and yet others that are bespoke to the system that I
              myself created. Likewise the design was from a purchased template, mostly for speed, that
              has now had many specific modifications made to it.

25 October 2010 – 15 March 2011
              Senior Web Developer
              Blue Logic
              During my time at Blue Logic I was responsible for designing a website and integrating it into
              a PHP, MySQL based CMS system along with training the client to use the CMS system so
              they could carry out their own updates. I also created templates from purchased
              Photoshop designs using HTML5 and CSS3 to work with content management systems,
              worked on exporting data from MSSQL into MySQL and then creating a simple client search
              and interface system, made updates to a couple of clients ASP sites, integrated a new
              Wordpress blog into a customers existing website, created new web-based customer
              feedback forms for use by the technical department and ‘dressed’ the Blue Logic website for

22 September 2008 – 24 September 2010
              Web Software Developer & Designer
              Fletcher O’Brien
              Initially working on and developing the back-end engine that the company had developed
              using mostly PHP, MySQL, AJAX and JavaScript. My work progressed firstly into creating
              an independent tool that works to allow bulk updates to the back-end data. Although
              originally designed as an in-house tool it was then developed and is now being used by
              many of our clients directly, which frees our personnel from a lot of data manipulation work.
              The role then progressed to design and create the clients websites which are also driven by
              the back-end engine, which then further progressed to my creating the Site Editor Tool that
              allows some clients to make some adjustments to the sites themselves. I am also involved
              in the setting up of new sites on our servers and the installation of SSL certificates.

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June 2006 – Feb 2008
              Web Software Developer
              Meantime IT
              I started here working on many of the different sites that we are requested to do for our
              clients; however prior to leaving I was spending the majority of my time working with an
              analyst as part of the team working for our largest client. As part of this I helped to create a
              websites that has won an international award for the last two years. This role has allowed
              me to return to doing some analysis work along with my development work whilst still
              improving my skills. This role included using more AJAX and creating a project using SOAP
              along with improving my MySQL skills.

June 2004 – June 2006
              Web Developer & Designer
              Hilden Design Ltd
              Complete responsibility for the design and development of clients' sites. Some sites are
              static and simply used as showcases for clients business whilst others are full e-commerce
              sites integrated with WorldPay. I also buy and set-up domain names, e-mail accounts, etc
              for clients. All our new sites are created using table-less layouts and with accessibility and
              disabilities legislation in mind. Depending on the site they may only use HTML and CSS, or
              these along side JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Flash, which I create using Dreamweaver.
              I also carry out some SEO work upon sites where clients request it, so I have a broad base
              of skills, although I believe my main skills are in development.

2003 – 2004     Software Tester / Developer
                Net Acquisitions Ltd
                Employed primarily as a PHP developer I created database connected web pages to allow
                remote database interaction with both SQL Server and MySQL databases using
                Dreamweaver and creating and using Stored Procedures. Also as part of my employment I
                tested new pieces of software that the company was having developed by an outside
                developer. As part of my role as a tester I kept both the developer and the company
                updated on a regular basis on any issues that arose as part of the testing, created and
                maintained records of all problems, which arose. I worked as liaison between the two
                parties to resolve any issues that arose from different opinions as to how the software
                should perform in a given circumstance. I was also involved in researching new pieces of
                software to be used/purchased based upon company requirements.

2002 – 2003     Analyst Programmer
                DHP Energy Systems Ltd
                Initially employed to implement web development work utilising PHP, MySQL and HTML,
                also involved in development work on the company’s existing software products using
                Delphi. For example, one project involved the design and implementation of a piece of
                software to allow the DHP software to communicate with Microsoft produced documents,
                such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, at the .COM level. Other responsibilities
                have involved carrying out support activities including working on the Helpdesk, producing
                implementation documentation and help guides for DHP’s software, training clients on the
                use of the software and the production of the teaching materials used to carry out training

2000 – 2002     Database Design and Implementation
                K Steels Ltd – Rossendale, Lancashire
                Design and implementation of a new database system and front-end, using Access and
                VBA, to allow remittance creation and recording for the implementation of a BACS payment
                system. Another database system was also designed and implemented to enable allow
                recorded to be maintained and mail-shot letters to be sent out to customers who were
                overdue with their payments. Other responsibilities included the writing of the User Guides
                and training users in the use of the new systems.

2000 – 2002     Part-time Clerical Assistant
                K Steels Ltd – Rossendale, Lancashire
                Initially employed on a temporary basis to provide cover for maternity leave, then retained on
                a part-time basis to provide clerical assistance as required by various members of staff
                throughout the office.

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1999 – 2000    Web Developer
               S Wright – Blackburn, Lancashire
               Employed to add additional scope to an existing website through the use of PHP scripting
               and MySQL database integration, whilst maintaining the existing look and feel of the original
               web site.

1999 – 2000    Lecturer Part-Time
               Blackburn College – Blackburn, Lancashire
               Employed on a part-time basis as a Lecturer, delivering courses in Computing and NVQ

1997 – 1999    Database Design and Implementation
               McParland Finn Limited – Manchester
               This position was to design Databases to store details of members of specific groups, and
               create mail shots to send out to the client membership on specific dates. This later included
               the design and implementation of a user-friendly interface to allow non-technical users to be
               able to input data and create the mail shots.

1997 – 1999    Senior Secretary
               McParland Finn Limited – Manchester
               Employed as a Senior Secretary with this City Centre based Insurance Broker, where I
               carried out secretarial duties to the four Directors and Associate Director, and supervised
               and monitored the workloads of the junior secretaries, who carried out work for the Brokers.

1994 – 1997    Technical Assistant
               Milo Plc – Rossendale, Lancashire
               Initially employed as a Technical Assistant to the Technical Director, including reviewing
               potential new products for this soap and toiletries manufacturer. I then progressed through
               the company to take on the additional roles of Purchase Officer and finally Administration
               Assistant, for two Directors, which is the position I held on leaving the company.


1999 – 2002    Blackburn College – Blackburn, Lancashire
               BSc (Hons) in Computer Science 2:1

   2000        HNC in Computing – Merit
               Project: Website Development
               A Commercial Project; implemented using MySQL, PHP and HTML to design, advertise and
               sell jewellery.

1996 – 1998    Accrington & Rossendale College – Accrington, Lancashire
               Integrated Business Technology IBT CLAIT 2
               RSA – Word & Text Processing – Levels 1-3

1990 – 1991    St. Martins College – Lancaster
               Information Technology Certificate – (equivalent to CLAIT 1)

1983 – 1990    Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School – Waterfoot, Rossendale, Lancashire
               A Level
               Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry


I have been involved in commercial projects, which have given me a more thorough knowledge of MySQL,
PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, AJAX, XML, SOAP, Flash, Photoshop, VBA, SSADM and

These additional technical skills have been gained both through college and from my previous employment
      Adobe Acrobat, Oracle, SQL Server, Interbase, BASIC, Pascal, SQL, C++, Java, Email, Internet
 Various Spreadsheets, Graphics and Word Processing Packages including: Microsoft Office Professional,
                                     Publisher, Schedule+, Paintshop Pro
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Organisational & Management
As I have often been in the position where I was performing different roles, as well as tasks, within the
workplace I have gained ability to organise and prioritise, both my own workload and that of others. Also, I
have experience of supervising others and their workloads. I have also held meetings with suppliers directly,
and been the first point of contact for many clients, both directly, and through telephone conversations. I
have dealt with people at all levels of company structure, from the cleaners to the Managing Director of the
Nationwide Building Society.

Teaching & Training
I have taught both within a classroom environment at Blackburn college, and also within an office
environment, being involved in the training of staff at each of my various places of work, since 1995. This is
a skill that l now hope will help me to progress to a more Senior Developer role.


            Jewellery Making, Reading, Knitting, Cross-stitch, Card-making, Cookery, Gardening

                                                 PERSONAL DETAILS
Date of Birth:          22        January 1972

Marital Status:         Single

Driving Licence:        Full

Nationality:            British


                  Professional and Personal References will be furnished upon request

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Blue Logic Work

Fletcher O’Brien Work

Meantime Work - MOVEWITHME.CO.UK - Login - First Frame - Log In - Nicholas Heights - Deluxe Suite Hotel SW Turkey - NGI Travel – providing everything for your holiday in South West
Turkey - Nicholas Owners Club - NGI Holidays - Villa and Apartment Holidays plus Hotels,
South West Turkey - Hotels in Turkey - Nicholas Homes for property in South West Turkey - Nicholas Group International - JPF Flowers - - Purely Mineral specially formulated, natural make up - Get Connected : Homepage : Welcome

Hilden Design Work

These are sites that I developed and designed myself, with some design assistance from our
graphic design team.

In the list below I have removed the active link from those sites which although they may still be active are no longer
my work.
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These are sites which I worked on, but had been created previously. Mostly this work was
been development/programming, but for some it has also been some design work.

Freelance Work

This last link is to the homepage of my own site which the site its self is still under
development, but I like the graphics and thought I would include it as interestingly the effect
for the homepage is done completely through CSS; there is no javascript code -

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