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									                                                           Omar Ira Young
                                                     937 Baypointe Dr. . Newport Beach . CA . 92660
                                                  . 435-729-0225


A challenging, stimulating position where I would get to work with other people who are as passionate about what they do as I am.


      Programming & Document Languages:

          HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, XSD, XSLT, C# / ASP.NET, MVC3, PHP...

      Relational Databases:

          SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle

      Operating Systems:

          Windows (98, NT, 2000 XP, 7, Server 2003/2008), Mac (OS-X), Ubuntu/Debian Linux, Unix / Sun Solaris


          Visual Studio, SVN, IIS, Apache, Bind, Postfix, Eclipse, VIM, Virtualbox, Vmware...


          Networking & Computer Construction


  Corinthian Colleges Inc, Santa Ana, CA. (               )
     Software Engineer                                                                                                       Jan 2010–present

           Saw the need for & implemented code standards for all front-end developers to follow

           Developed dynamic Student Portal used by 3 brands of schools (150 schools across the US & Canada. One code-base.)

 | |
           Designed & Implemented Alfresco CMS for Student Portals, an open source, Java based CMS, backed by any SQL Database.

           Audited and retrofitted preexisting intranet applications to be cross-browser compatible

           Refactored preexisting spaghetti code, cutting down a 4000+ line file to a small interface, an abstract class, and several specific classes,

          making it much more scalable, and object oriented.

           Digitized all paper enrollment forms and created the online enrollment application

          Technical Environment: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, C#,, MVC3 (razor)…

  Omar Young Design ( | )

     Owner, Developer, DBA                                                                                                   2009–present

           Branded Omar Young Design, a full service a web development business which I do in my free time

     Sys Admin, Developer, DBA                                                                                               Summer, 2006

           Became curious why I had to use a hosting company to host all my websites.

           Taught myself Linux through reading books and online research

           Configured a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) in my basement, running Ubuntu

           Setup and configured BIND for hosting DNS & Postfix for mail serving
           Hosted 6 websites for clients, that I developed in Vim with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX and HTML
  The ReadyStore, Salt Lake City, UT (                      )
    Web Developer & Network Administrator                                                                                 Oct 2009–Dec 2009

          Redesigned site navigation making it simple to find any product in 2 clicks

          Created & implemented retail pricing interface, making it more efficient to do price/cost analysis, without having to use Magento

         Technical Environment: HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Magento...

  Duke University, Durham NC ( )

    Programmer & Database Administrator                                                                                   June 2009–Oct 2009

          Developed website and custom content management system for the Duke Global Health Institute

          Developed an intercept survey and database to analyze usage and statistics of Philip Morris' QuitAssist® website

         Technical Environment: HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Linux, PHP, MySQL...

  Guilford College, Greensboro NC (                 )
    Web Developer                                                                                                         Aug 2007–May 2009

          Responsible for website updates and enhancements to Guilford's website
          Took the initiative and developed PHP wiki to organize technical documents, promoting user accessibility

          Responsible for troubleshooting students', faculty's & staff's computer issues over the phone and in person if needed

         Technical Environment: Java, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, jQuery, Flash...

    Web Developer & Database Administrator                                                                                May 2008–Aug. 2008

          Streamlined and redesigned the Guilford College homepage:

          Created user-friendly PHP interface / MySQL database enabling non-technical users' ability to change pictures and text

            on homepage, enriching content & making it more dynamic

          Migrated 40 MS Access Databases to MySQL and modified the website's code to support it

         Technical Environment: HTML, JavaScript, Java, PHP, MySQL, Cold Fusion, jQuery, Flash...

  Executive Programs, Oxnard, CA. (                         )
    Programmer & Web Developer                                                                                            June 2006–Aug.2007

          Responsible for all internally & externally facing PHP development for a base of 1000 customers / students and 50 employees to use

          Modified in-house PHP intranet applications as bugs were found & users requested new features

          Developed & maintained an in-house GUI application in PHP to allow our customers / students to communicate with our administrators &

         instructors. I based my design on GMail's interface.

          Created and maintained MySQL database to run in-house communicate system

         Technical Environment: HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, Actionscript, Java, PHP, MySQL, CURL, Python

  Personal Project

    Created a 3D Spaceship Game                                                                                           2006

          This was a project that I spent a significant amount of time on. The finished product had multiple levels and modes and turned out to be like

         a 3D mix of “Space Invaders”, “Asteroids”, and a lot of my own imagination.

         Technical Environment: C++, OpenGL


  Board of Directors – Newport Beach Jaycees ( )                                           July 2012–present

EDUCATION: Guilford College Greensboro, NC: B.S. Computer Science, Minor: Physics

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