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					Interactive Excel Spreadsheets:
    A Visualization Tool for
   Mathematics and Science
                 Scott A. Sinex
  Department of Physical Sciences and Engineering
        Prince George’s Community College

  Presented at MICCA 2006 Conference in Baltimore, MD on 2-4 May
                    Why Excel?
   •   Ready off-the-shelf software
   •   Found in the work-place
   •   Found on home computers too
   •   Easy to use by students

   • Can it be an interactive learning tool?

(no marcos or VBA programming, just computation via formulas) a tool in math and science
• Great for handling, graphing,
  and analyzing data                         calculations
• Easy transforming of data                   & graphs –
                                               just add
  such as taking the log                         data
• Regression and goodness-of-fit

• So a great tool for mathematical
  modeling of data and presenting graphs

        Using Excel for... Scientific Data now to Excelets!
• Excelets are interactive
  Excel spreadsheets
• A “Javaless” applet!
• A simulation of a mathematical model or
  an illustration of a simple concept
• A tool for higher-order thinking and
  illustrating science process

• and a tool that is easy to construct!!!!!
       So let’s take a tour of
          the interactive
        features available in

                    Start tour !

Click on links at the bottom of the next three slides to
            get the interactive spreadsheets
Interactive features
Find it in

Now let’s construct
 a simple Excelet!

  So let’s go into Excel
            As a learning tool...
•   Active engagement of students
•   Numerical experimentation
•   Derive the ideal mathematical model
•   “What if” scenarios
•   Science processes            science

    –   predictions              Model      Simulation
    –   graphical interpretation
    –   conclusions
    –   random and systematic error (ideal to
        real) See Investigating Types of Errors
  The “How to” resources...
    Developer's Guide to Excelets:
Dynamic and Interactive Visualization
with "Javaless" Applets or Interactive
         Excel Spreadsheets

      Tutorial, instructions, and a variety of
     interactive Excel spreadsheet examples
    Resource list for mathematics and science
            More info...
• Scott Sinex –
• See course webpages and publications
• Webpages embedded in PowerPoint –
  get LiveWeb

    ...and THANKS for coming today!!!

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