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									SQL Server® Fast Track Data Warehouse
                                        SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse
                                        accelerates your data warehouse roadmap with new
                                        scalable reference architectures for SQL Server
                                        2008 Enterprise. Reduce costs, save time and
                                        reduce risk with reliable, pre-tested hardware and
                                        best practices for warehousing.

                                            scalability and pricing to suit
                                                                              Scale up your warehouse on SQL
                                            your business needs
                                                                              Server 2008 Enterprise with SQL
                                                                             Server Fast Track Data
                                            ake advantage of rigorously       Warehouse. Deploy a high
                                            developed best practices          performance, enterprise-class
KEY FEATURES                                                                  warehouse – up to 32 terabytes –
                                                                              without the high cost of
                                       A
                                                                              traditional systems.
    ccelerate your data warehouse
    roadmap with pre-tested
    hardware configurations                                                   Reduce data warehousing costs
                                                                              while improving performance out-of-
                                       V                                     the box. A SQL Server Fast Track
    irtually eliminate hardware                                               Data Warehouse consists of:
    testing and reduce tuning with
    better Data Warehouse                                                        Pre-configured servers, storage
    performance out-of-the-box                                                    and networking, specifically
                                       S                                         balanced and optimized for
    cale from 4 up to 32 terabytes                                                warehousing
    using compression capabilities                                               SQL Server 2008 Enterprise for
    in SQL Server 2008 Enterprise                                                 a scalable enterprise data
                                                                                  warehouse platform
                                       E
    njoy a lower cost of ownership                                            FASTER TIME TO VALUE
    through better price
    performance, rapid deployment                                             Deploy a high-performance
    and industry-standard                                                     warehouse faster. Fast Track Data
    hardware                                                                  Warehouse hardware is
                                                                              methodically tested and tuned,
                                       C                                     which eliminates guesswork and is
    hoose from industry-standard                                              designed to save you months of
    hardware from Dell, HP, Bull                                              configuration, setup, testing and
    and other leading vendors                                                 tuning.
                                       C
    hoose the right performance,

SQL Server® Fast Track Data Warehouse
•          Buy all the hardware you                           online transaction processing (OLTP)        An updated best-practices
      need from just one vendor –                             database is that all components –           methodology provides implementers
      servers, storage and networking                         from CPU to disk - are balanced             with step-by-step technical guidance
•          Speed up creation or                               and tuned for online analytical             to lay data out for improved
      migration of data warehouses                            processing (OLAP), with a primary           performance. This new Fast Track
•          Enable business units to                           emphasis on eliminating potential           methodology improves the data
      build dedicated symmetric multi-                        performance bottlenecks.                    warehouse team’s agility and
      processing (SMP) data                                                                               responsiveness by enabling rapid
      warehouses on a standard                                Optimized for sequential IO rather          deployment and advanced tuning
      platform                                                than random IO, each Fast Track             techniques.
                                                              Data Warehouse is designed to
ENTERPRISE DATA                                               provide up to 200 MB/s per CPU                  Customize to suit your unique
WAREHOUSING AT LOW COST                                       core. This offers similar                        workload and performance
                                                              performance at less than a fifth of              requirements
Fast Track Data Warehouses                                    the price of other leading Vendors.         •        Enhance performance,
enable you to build Enterprise Data                                                                            scalability and manageability
Warehouses at low cost, thanks to                             Using Microsoft’s technical guidance             through data warehousing
SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and                                and best practices, Data Warehouse               enhancements in SQL Server
industry-standard hardware.                                   managers and DBAs can expect                     2008 Enterprise
Deployment is accelerated and the                             their data warehouses to deploy             •        Build, tune and deploy with
level of maintenance effort is                                smoothly and perform consistently                confidence using established
predictable.                                                  and predictably.                                 data warehouse best practices

     Select from different levels of                         A BETTER APPROACH TO DATA                   LOOKING AHEAD
      performance, scalability and                            WAREHOUSING
      price to suit specific business                                                                     Fast Track Data Warehouses offer a
      needs.                                                  Fast Track Data Warehouse                   solid roadmap to large-scale
     Choose from two, four or eight                          solutions are designed, tested and          enterprise data warehousing on
      processor configurations                                deployed with a rigorous, holistic          SQL Server. Data warehouses built
     Implement an enterprise-class                           approach to data warehousing.               on Fast Track configurations today
      solution for less than one-third                        Using best practices on Windows®            can be fully integrated SMP
      the price of a comparable                               configuration and SQL Server                “spokes” in a hub-and-spoke
      Oracle system                                           database management they help               architecture. As your data grows to
                                                              customers to build Data                     hundreds of terabytes, your Fast
RAISING THE BAR ON                                            Warehouses that offer predictable           Track data warehouse can become
PERFORMANCE AND                                               performance.                                part of a scale-out solution on SQL
SCALABILITY                                                                                               Server Project codename “Madison”.
                                                              The Fast Track approach derives its
                                                              strength not only from consistent,
Fast Track Data Warehouse
                                                              reliable hardware, but also from the        Additional Information
customers enjoy better performance
                                                              advanced data warehouse                     For more information about the SQL
out-of-the-box with less effort
                                                              enhancements included in SQL                Server Fast Track Data Warehouse,
because solutions are optimized for
                                                              Server 2008 Enterprise such as              visit
Data Warehousing.
                                                              compression, parallel partitioning
                                                              and star join query optimization.
What distinguishes a Fast Track
Data Warehouse from a typical

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