ks3 textiles by dbmMp7v


									KS3 Textiles Technology

In year 7, pupils develop and learn new skills through focused practical tasks and
research and designing activities. Pupils design and
Make a textiles picture which includes appliqué, hand-embroidery and machine stitching.

In year 8, pupils continue to develop their skills and make a bag with a printed panel
inspired by the art work of Henri Matisse. Pupils also analyse existing products, suitable
fabrics and printing techniques.

In year 9, pupils design and make a hat with a CAD CAM embroidered logo. Pupils develop
their skills through experiments with 3D paper prototypes, testing, investigating modern
materials and developing an understanding of industrial processes.

Throughout KS3 textiles pupils learn and develop a wide range of practical skills and
broaden their knowledge and understanding of the subject. This prepares them for
GCSE Textiles in Year 10, which is optional.


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