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									CTS Campus Paper S.V.University, Tirupati
Company Name : CTS
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

I am Y.DATTATREYA, pursuing M.C.A from S.V.University, Tirupati. Happy to say that
now I am associated with cts…CTS came to our college on 14th may 2008 which is the
first company be visited.. Totally 124 are selected out of 380 aspirants ..32 are
from MCA, 2 from MTech and remaining are from BTech… 320+60 (top ten rankers from 6
BTech dept. are directly allowed to sit HR) Out of 320 I think nearly 160 (+60=220)
are cleared written test and finally 124 are selected.
Before written test you will be givin a HR form, which should contain the following
questions. They ask mostly Q’s from that form, so you should be very careful about
1)software orientation
2)hobbies and extracurricular activities
3)strengths and weaknesses
4)why CTS?
5)what are the qualities required for a software proffessional?Do u think that u
have.. how can u justify?

Written test pattern:
It has 3 sections covering 70Q to be answered in 70M. No negative marking but there
may be sectional cut-off.
1. Analytical section (25Q--------30M)
2.verbal section (25Q-------------20M)
3.Non-verbal section(25Q-------25M)
Analytical section:
This section was bit difficult, remaining are very easy.
This section is like this Q.No.(1-2) on venn diagrams. (3-4) on venn diagrams. (5-
9) on puzzle(seating arrangement problem) (10-15) on data sufficiency (16-20) on
binary coding (21-25) on cubes Be prepare R.S.Agarval verbal reasoning and try to
solve difficult problems.
Verbal section:
Jumbledup sentences-------5Q’s Correction of sentences-----5Q’s Incorrectio of
sentences-----5Q’s Reading passages-----------(5Q’s * 2 passages===10Q’s) NOTE:Be
careful they won’t give entire same section Q’s successively. EX: Like they won’t
give 5 finding correction of sentences Q’s successively ,they give like 2Q’s
correction of sentences, 2Q’s jumbledup sentences,2Q’s incorrection of
sentences,next passage and next time they follow some kind of pattern.
This section Q’s are slightly confusing ,so careful. 3.Attention to details: Q’s
(1-6) on syllogisms (7-17) on figures(oddman out,analogy,series) (18-20) on puzzle
R.S.Agarval Non-verbal reasoning preparation is enough.

Technical Q’s are:
Int: what are the linear data structures
Dattu: I said
Int: Can u tell differences among those
Dattu: I explained
Int: Diff. between C and C++
Dattu: I explained
Int: what is OOPS?
Dattu: I explained
Int: what is polymorphism and types of polymorphism
Dattu: I said
Int: what is SDLC and have you implemented this?
Dattu: I explained very clearly like it is a systematic, sequential process.It is a
six step process 1------,2------,3-----,4-----,5-----,6-----.. I said I have no
real time experience, but just studied in my academic(Be honest when u are
HR Q’s:
Int: tell me about yourself (very important,be prepare atleast 2-3 minutes)
Dattu: I
Int: what are u’r hobbies.
Dattu: I told,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..
Int: what are u’r strengths?.
Dattu: I said and justified with concrete examples.
Int: what u’r greatest weakness and how you are going to overcome?
Dattu: I said I have a small weakness and also said how i’m going to Overcome.
Int: tell about family background.
Dattu: I told.
Int: What can you do for COGNIZANT?
Dattu: I said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.(Know about company, it is very important)
Int: have u any relocation problem.
Dattu: I said NO. I left the room by giving firm handshake. REMEMBER: àBe bold,
smily and always be confident. àIt is just like lab vive, so don’t be hesitate. àBe
honest while giving answers àFor written test prepare R.S.Agarval verbal and non-
verbal reasoning and solve complex problems Hope to see all of you in COGNIZANT.

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