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					TWELFTH NIGHT         SCENE SHEETS                                                          KIM HURLEY
Act Scene Pages     Location                Characters                  Narrative/Notes
  1     1 1768-1769 Orsino's house          Orsino, Curio, Valentine    Introduction to Orsino, audience finds out he's in
                                                                        love with Olivia
  1     2 1769-1770 coast of Illyria        Viola, Captain              Olivia arrives in Illyria. She plans to disguise herself
                                                                        as a man
  1     3 1771-1773 Olivia's house          Sir Toby, Maria,            Sir Andrew meets Maria, she lectures them on drinking
                                            Sir Andrew
  1     4 1773-1774 Orsino's palace         Valentine, Viola/Cesario,   Orsino instructs Viola to speak to Olivia on his behalf,
                                            Duke, Curio, attendants     Viola reveals her feelings toward Orsino to the audience
  1     5 1774-1781 Olivia's house          Maria, Feste, Olivia,       Verbal sparring between Maria & Feste, Olivia, Malvolio.
                                            Malvolio, attendants, Sir   Olivia introduced to Viola (as Cesario), she falls in love
                                            Toby, Viola/Cesario
  2     1      1781 near the coast of       Antonio, Sebastian          Sebastian and Antonio land in Illyria
  2     2      1782 between Olivia's house Viola/Cesario, Malvolio      Malvolio gives Viola/Cesario Olivia's ring
                    and Orsino's palace
  2     3 1782-1786 Olivia's house         Sir Toby, Sir Andrew,       Andrew, Toby, Feste spar verbally. Malvolio expresses
                                           Feste, Maria, Malvolio      his disapproval. Toby, Andrew, Maria plan their prank
                                                                       on Malvolio
  2     4 1786-1789 Orsino's palace         Orsino, Viola/Cesario,     Orsino and Viola/Cesario discuss love. Orsino sends
                                            Curio, Feste, others       Viola back to Olivia. Feste sings.
  2     5 1789-1793 Olivia's garden         Sir Toby, Fabian, Sir      Sir Toby et. al. spy on Malvolio. Malvolio receives false
                                            Andrew, Maria, Malvolio letter from 'Olivia'
  3     1 1793-1797 Olivia's garden         Viola/Cesario, Feste, Sir More exchanging of wits. Olivia reveals her feelings to
                                            Toby, Sir Andrew, Olivia, Viola/Cesario.
  3     2 1797-1798 Olivia's house          Sir Toby, Sir Andrew,      Sir Andrew upset over Olivia's lack of interest in him
                                            Fabian, Maria
  3     3 1798-1799 the street              Sebastian, Antonio         Sebastian and Antonio agree to separate in Illyria
  3     4 1800-1807 Olivia's garden         Olivia, Maria, Malvolio,   Malvolio makes a fool of himself to Olivia. Toby et. al.
                                            servant, Sir Toby, Fabian, ridicule him. Sir Toby mistakes Viola for Sebastian,
                                            Sir Andrew, Viola/Cesario, challenges him to fight.
                                            First Officer, Second
                                            Officer, Antonio
4   1 1807-1809 near Olivia's house     Sebastian, Feste, Sir         Sebastian begins to fight Sirs Toby & Andrew. Olivia
                                        Andrew, Sir Toby, Fabian,     finds Sebastian and brings him with her.
4   2 1809-1811 Olivia's house          Maria, Feste, Sir Toby,       Feste, Maria, et. al. trick Malvolio into thinking he's
                                        Malvolio                      crazy.
4   3      1812 near Olivia's house     Sebastian, Olivia, Priest     Sebastian and Olivia marry
5   1 1812-1821 before Olivia's house   Feste, Fabian, Orsino,        Feste coaxes money from Orsino. Sebastian/Viola mixup
                                        Viola/Cesario, Curio,         climaxes. Viola reveals herself; Orsino decides to marry
                                        lords, Antonio, officers,     her. Malvolio learns he has been tricked.
                                        Olivia, attendants, Priest,
                                        Sir Andrew, Sir Toby,
                                        Sebastian, Malvolio

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